Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: LSU @ Georgia

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Justin: LSU-Georgai
Daron: that makes Georgia sound like a tribe conquered by Rome. I like it, but that aside
Justin: indeed
Daron: LSU has lived by producing turnovers. UGA has lived in spite of their absurd amount of turnovers… soooooooooooo Is this a tailor made sitch for ol’ Les Miles?
Justin: yea i think the Ginger ninja’s really gonna have to do something
Daron: or, is UGa gonna quit screwing around and finally hold on to the ball
Justin: what? 5 Picks in 4 games isn’t good enough???
Daron: yeah, and the fumbling…don’t forget the fumbling
Justin: 7 fumbles in 4 games. 12 turnovers in 4 games…that ain’t gonna fly
Daron: Messrs King and Samuels are not fans of ball control. And LSU is nothing if not opportunistic
Justin: yeah
Daron: frankly, to this point, that’s really ALL it’s been…they can’t run the ball
for reasons passing understanding
Justin: yeah, because Charles Scott is an animal. They are winning by the fact that they have 7 picks. Wich is not good for Cox. Though, Cox has AJ Green, which is not good for LSU
Daron: Charles Scott is an inefficienct and thus far uneffective animal
Justin: true tory
Daron: I have to believe LSU’s secondary is the best UGa has played yet. SC’s isn’t bad,
but purely based on physical talent, I’m not sure it’s equal to LSU’s…as few teams have anywhere near the talent LSU has
Justin: true
Daron: anyways, I think LSU catches UGA up. LSU will save their big mess up till later. I think LSU 30, UGa 26.666666666
Justin: I will say that the top 5 teams falling trend continues: Georgia wins, 31-17

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