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Unbiased Picks: Florida State @ BYU

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Justin: oh oh BYU vs. FSU
Daron: Oh oh and you’re mary tyler moore! or did you want to talk the game?
Justin: the game
Daron: Ahhhh, well…I thought we were singing a song. But that aside, I think BYU has all the pressure here (which is obvious), and I think FSU doesn’t have a secondary (also obvious)
Justin: true story
Daron: I also think BYU’s line vs. whatever Mickey Andrews does to get at Max Hall is the key
Justin: Max Hall is a Beast
Daron: I mean, Hall and BYU proved they can win sans running aginst a VERY good A) defensive front and B) Defensive coach. So clearly, the answer is: Get to Hall.
Justin: Yeah. Easier said than done, as Gerald McCoy might tell you. And I think FSU’s gonna have trouble with the defense. Granted, I don’t know anything about the BYU defense minus they beat up OU and held them to 13 and knocked out Bradford
Daron: yeah. It’s a good defense, And while Ponder had a good game against Miami, there are two issues to me: One: Can Ponder be consistently good? He should be well protected, as he has a Veteran line (unlike OU) and Twosies) What about the receivers? This is a posiition group that’s suffered some attrition, and you could argue their talent level was on display against Miami (there were a few drops, most notably the would-be game winner) I mean, BYU will be good on D, but I doubt they get pressure on Ponder like they did on Bradford.
Justin: And by attrition = arrests. And booting from the team. Yeah, well FSU certainly can’t turn the ball over or they will be Le Screwed.
Daron: yeah. And they CANNOT give up yards on the ground. You let the Cougs play balanced ball, and you’re in trouble
Justin: So do you think FSU’s got a redemption upset in the cards?
Daron: I could see it. Frankly, it’s the easy call to make here. High profile athletes vs. Overachievers (it’s how most see it, whether consciously or no), lightning striking twice, etc It’s hard to admit that BYU may be good enough to actually compete at this level regularly. BUT if you think they’re AT LEAST a BCS contender (not that anyone will see this game), you have to logically assume that they can navigate this game I do think they’re good enough. And I think the Cougs win, by about 10
Justin: Ok. I’m also gonna go with the Cougs, and I think it’s more than 10. I think it’s Cougs and not that close…34-17 or 42-21ish. I don’t have a whole lot of justification, just a statement game from BYU
Daron: yeah. I want to say a margin like that, but the relative newness of the Y’s o-line plus their slow start against Tulane make me cautious. soooo, I’m gonna say 24-14

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