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Unbiased Picks: Championship Week Edition

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Justin: Florabamageddon
Daron: Yeah,  I dunno who to pick there.  I want UF. because, ya know, Bama will be obnoxious if they win it all
Justin: well
Daron: But I’m not sure
Justin: are they gonna not be if they lose?
Daron: true but I think Tebow could pull this off, if he had the receivers he had last year. He does not
Justin: yeah, though alabama’s offense wasn’t especially inspiring in the iron bowl
Daron: he’s going to have to carry this game. True.  I read what Dan Mullen said about his strategy
Justin: Rolando McClain might eat one or two runningbacks
Daron: and it was “make tebow beat you on the ground”. Because he, unlike demps, is not a big play threat on the ground and it almost worked for MSU
Justin: yeah
Daron: and I think it will for Bama
Justin: yes you have not so much hidden your agenda here. i saw you on halloween, you alabama fan
Daron: hahahaha
Justin: This game does feature two of the best return guys in the country, which is intriguing in a game that I don’t figure to be very high scoring I would venture a guess that if Brandon James or Javier Arenas gets loose, that team could win!
Justin: right??? I think the team that scores more…will win!
Daron: Similarly, the team that forces the other team to score less has a good shot at winning.
Justin: yeah i think it’ss really gonna be the combo of the two that does the loser in
Daron: Most likely Sidebar: Mangino out
Justin: Good, i like that you included it.  that way we can totally embed the Top Gun Mangino photoshop


Daron: yes totes
Justin: totes mcgotes even Back to florida
Daron: yes
Justin: it might be possible that mclain could be overwhelmed
Daron: I think bama. True, Meyer is a schemer
Justin: by the fact that there are so many dudes for him to cover.  This could be the game where they miss Deonte Hightower
Daron: true
Daron: ohhhhhhhh yeah
Justin: score?
Daron: Yes.  Side bar II: this beer is old, and not good
Justin: hahah
Daron: Score: Bama – 30,  UF – 27
Justin: wow high scoring
Daron: it’s going to be an excruciating last drive
Justin: im gonna go with 20-17
Daron: sexy
Justin: floRIDa.  OK big terrible twelve
Justin: eh I feel for ya
Daron: CHAOS
Justin: but i don’t want nebraska in a real game
Daron: don’t like this Texas team much
Justin: because then Nebraska gets thrown to the wolves
Daron: I think texas wins comfortably
Justin: i as well
Daron: this Nebraska team has a good defense, but it’ll be exhausted by the third quarter
Justin: i refuse to think that any conference champion should be challenged by a team that turned the ball over to ISU 8 times
Daron: hahahaha to be fair, it’s the Big XII and an upset in the title game is not unprecedented
Justin: true.  its a periodic event, a stupid, stupid event, that gives us all kinds of disasters
Daron: yepper: aTm in 98, UT in 99, I guess CU over Texas…
Justin: B12=STUPID
Daron: oh dear, such language
Justin: yeah, OSU was the only team i liked out of this group and they let me down by sucking so i hate them all so i wanted to hear as little as possible about that
Daron: hahahaha fair enough.  it’s not a conference I have a lot of love for
Justin: id rather have 12 non-AQs than 2 Big 12
Daron: it’s like a twisted big ten/sec bastard child with a southwest twang, elements of the midwest, elements of the south, and texas
Justin: yeah, Texas wins this one
Daron: I think Texas 31 Nebraska 21
Justin: and if not, ill be disgusted
Daron: and it doesn’t seem that close
Justin: 45-24
Daron: oh wow, I hope not, yes. I’d hate that. ANYWAYS, NEXT
Justin: weeee?  i mean cincinatti vs. pitt?
Daron: If Craig James isn’t careful, he’s gonna get me hammered  I have to drink whenever he says something dumb
Justin: you have to be a former player or broadcast journalist to do this?
Daron: Right?  We could totally do this. You read the rules at BHGP? I got Oregon
Justin: nope
Daron: and thus Craig James.  Ugh, Anyways.  Pitt-Cincy: Cincy has no defense.  Pitt’s offense is “Pro-Style”… literally
Justin: But the offense is Piketacular
Daron: it’s sterile, conservative, and unspectacular in every way
Justin: Yes
Daron: save that Dion Lewis is good and Baldwin is a freak
Justin: yeah Big East! Does Cincy have a hope of getting in at large with a close loss?
Daron: I think Cincy wins by 14 to 17.  And no, I don’t think so.  I do think that Pitt’s D stops them more than their used to, but the O can’t score enough.
Justin: yeah but more than they are used to is 35 points
Daron: yeah your take on the game?
Justin: i think Cincy wins 28-24
Daron: I’ve got Cincy, 34-20
Justin: ohhh fancy
Daron: Ok last game: Clemson GT.  Big question:  Who’s watching?!
Justin: not me, in all likelihood
Daron: All the other games feature national title contenders, theoretically.  You’ve gotta 2-loss GT team and a what, 3 loss Clemson? 4 loss?MEHGT should win…but, that doesn’t mean much to them particularly to their defense
Justin: yea, i was talking about this game today, i really would love to pick GT but i don’t think i can
Daron: yeah
Justin: i think Clemson has the D-Line to win and that’s what it takes to beat GT
Daron: yeah Clemson almost beat ’em the first time after spotting them a bit of a leap
Justin: yeah for serious
Daron: I think GT wins
Justin: haha i like your sneak attack
Daron: but I think the effect is that no one notices.  And Yeah, I know.  I build with opposites.
Justin: haha the Corso!
Daron: NSFMF!
Justin: okay, you gots a score?
Daron: GT 35, Clemson 20, No one notices.  GT maintains a lead of 7-14 through most of the game
Justin: ahha i think Clemson wins and gives us an awesome 4 loss BCS team.  27-20
Daron: ahhh, the old Pitt in the Fiesta bowl style of game
Justin: gross
Daron: they head to the Orange bowl, where they’re disemboweled by some version of the TCU/BSU/Cincy vengeance machine

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