Two TED Talks That I Should Have Done

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Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code

I’ve been saying everyone should learn a little about coding. I posted about it over a year ago when there was an online Computer Science 101 class. Not sure what happened with that class, I signed up and got one email that it was running behind schedule.

Still, even in the simple example used in the video, it gets kids to start thinking with a basic idea of a variable (and maybe a data type) and if statements.

Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day

This guy’s idea was to take a second of video everyday and stitch it all together. He was thinking that he forgot too many experiences. I’ve always had a similar problem. In college I always said I wanted to hire a stenographer to follow me around because I always forgot really smart things I said during the day.

The bonus to this video concept is that in order to remember, you should have some video worth remembering. So it forces him to try and do something each day that is worthwhile. A chunk comes from his 3 month cross country roadtrip. Which is weird cause I’ve wanted to do that for a long long time and was just thinking about it a few days before watching this.

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