Top Five TV Shows Currently On

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I’m limiting this to shows on the Fall schedule. 24 and Scrubs won’t be on my list but would be right up at the top if they were on right now.

1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Heroes
4. Veronica Mars
5. How I Met Your Mother

The Office is far and away the front runner here. Not only is it the funniest show on right now, I’ve even been on board for the romantic parts of the show that some people seem to hate. Needless to say, I’m pumped for the new love triangle.

I liked Lost a lot better watching them straight through on DVD. Still its an incredibly well done show that I couldn’t give up on even if it started to get really bad.

Heroes shot into the list quickly this season, its leveled off but I’m expecting big things the rest of the way.

Veronica Mars continues to be solid and I don’t know anyone besides my sister and I that watch the show. There is something very wrong with that. I don’t think anyone has watched the show, because I only think it takes one to get hooked.

I missed the first season of How I Met Your Mother and I’m kicking myself. Its been hilarious every week.

Studio 60 is inconsistent so far. One week its the best episode of the TV season and the next its blah. I think it has huge potential and am really happy that it got a whole season.
Grey’s Anatomy came into the season with high hopes. I have a love-hate relationship with the show but right now I hate it because its boring not because the characters are being evil.

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