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Top Five coolest jobs ever that I wish I had thought to do…

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What are the top five careers you would want?  Not to include your current job.  I don’t mean what else did you want to be growing up, but what are some awesome jobs that you wish you had thought of.

5) Zoo/aquarium animal caretaker – when i was in Brisbane Australia, we went to see Steve Irwin’s zoo.  There were a couple of trainers playing with baby tigers (kittens?).  Thats a job that would be awesome!

4) Mythbuster – I would give anything to be on that show!

3) National Geographic photographer – I’ve always liked photography and travel.  Maybe if i worked for them i could go to Antarctica and play with the Penguins!

2) Navy Seal – They get all sorts of cool toys!  I wanted to be one for awhile, but i’m neither male nor buff.

1) Fighter pilot – This was my older brother’s dream, and I didn’t want to copy him, but now i kinda wish i did.  I don’t know if i have the stomach for it though.

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