About the author : I am a 2005 graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State. I am currently out in Seattle working defense programs at Boeing. They pay me so on the weekends I can get outside and climb, hike, run, ski, snowshoe, spelunk...and generally flirt with danger!

Top 5 People Who Annoy The CRAP Out Of Me At Work!

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1) People who slurp coffee/soup/etc. at their desks.

2) Anyone who calls me sweetie, darling, honey, kid, asks my age, etc…

3) The guy who wedges himself in the corner seat in our weekly board meeting, props his head up on the corner-walls, falls asleep, and farts

4) Creepy old men

5) Printer nazis

The Top 5 are the highlights, I could go on all day around here…

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