Top 5 Concerts Attended

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5) Lucky Boys Confusion – Free concert at school. Ouside, they played at 2pm. It was pouring. I think there were 25 people watching them, 3 of which knew the songs. It was awesome.

4) Oasis – Because it was my first, maybe 1998. Cornershop opened. You might remember Cornershop from their song Brim Full of Asha. Apparently that was their only English song. I swear one of their songs went on for 45 minutes. Oasis put on a great show and they were my favorite band at the time.

3) Fall Out Boy – I first saw them Fall of 2003. They were the first of 4 bands, Rufio being the headliner. It was on a Sunday and the place was half empty.

2) Good Charlotte – This was free at school. The room was not made for concerts. The place was packed and everyone was going nuts. This was my Freshman Year, 2001. Way before Good Charlotte was too popular and too not good anymore.

1) Blink 182/Green Day – Wound up in the 2nd row behind the pit for Green Day. This was before American Idiot. They played all of their hits. Sadly, Blink 182 followed them. I love Blink but they should not follow Green Day.

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