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For Philly …

The Onion? They are everywhere. I enjoyed the first SportsDome and have the second on the DVR. Onion News Network starts this week on IFC. As for Onion Philly … I’m on board.

Phillies video board goes HD. Maybe I’m the only one who was really upset by this but traveling around to baseball stadiums it was obvious how weak the Phillies board was.

For those annoying people who put two spaces after periods … So happy to come across this. This really bothers me. It looks bad. It’s unnecessary key presses. Now, I did give people some slack, because I thought it was correct. I was taught to use two spaces when we first had to take keyboarding in middle school. Turns out that was only on typewriters. So from now on, unless I see you using a typewriter, you get hit if I see two spaces.

Listen … New Yellowcard. I have to say just a few seconds in I completely agreed with the first commenter that I felt like I was 13. Ok, maybe 19. Which is probably around when I first heard Yellowcard.

Watch … Finally, a clip. So glad Real Time’s new season started. Martin Short was on at the end of the premiere and killed during his first few minutes.

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