About the author : I am a 2005 graduate in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State. I am currently out in Seattle working defense programs at Boeing. They pay me so on the weekends I can get outside and climb, hike, run, ski, snowshoe, spelunk...and generally flirt with danger!

The Top Five Things I Love About Living in ____________.

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I decided to break away from the usual Valerie ranting and raving and go with a positive one this time. Plus, last week we covered where we’ve been, and where we’d like to go, now I want to know…

The Top Five Things I Love About Living in ____________. (Insert wherever you are currently living)

Seattle, WA

5) You can take a ferry boat for 30 minutes and feel like you’ve completely escaped.

4) Sporting events end before my bedtime.

3) I don’t have to scrape ice off of my windshield every morning for 4 months straight (normally).

2) It has GORGEOUS mountains (and volcanos).

1) Dr. McDreamy!!!!!! (HA!)

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