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The TV Seasons are done. I’m left with Sopranos, Entourage, and Studio 60. That should mean I fill my time with other things. Will those things lead to me having more to talk about? We’ll see. I might just play more video games in my freed up TV time. Anyway, here’s what I have from this week.

Headlines of the Day
Pigeons targeted for birth control

Keyshawn Johnson to retire, pursue TV career
Apparently no one at ESPN watched their own draft coverage.

Other Links
Eye of the Sports Guy with Paul Shirley
A great episode. It was weird hearing Paul Shirley talk for the first time. Although not as weird as hearing Bill Simmons talk for the first time. One item they discussed was why networks don’t pick people who get along to broadcast games together. This is similar to a discussion in IDM 6. Evan and I talked about how we’d probably great if we broadcasted games together.

The Penn State football team has been misbehaving again this off season. JoePa says he’s going to have them clean the stadium after games this year. Will this also apply to road games?

Quotes from The Office. Possibly every line ever spoken on the show.

The Dangerous Summer – Free mp3: The Permanent Rain

Smashing Pumpkins – Listen to the new single: Tarantula

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