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Back in the olden days, prior to Inter-Dis Material there was The Janke Chronicles. I had been wanting to do some sort of show for a long time but having a solid idea and people willing to help wasn’t easy to find. Finally, I just figured I’d try something out and see if it worked.

The idea was to talk to a different one of my friends each week. We would discuss any recent events and then anything that was on our minds. That actually still sounds like a pretty good idea. Perhaps the Chronicles will need to be revived or the format incorporated into IDM more often.

I am telling you this because I finally added the shows to Borderline Fantastic. You can find them all in the new section for The Janke Chronicles.

The first two shows as well as the end of the third show features Evan, my co-host on IDM and sometime contributor to Borderline Fantastic.

The sound quality on these isn’t the best. No one had a decent headset at the time. Most everyone was on a cell phone while I was on my computer. This also caused some delay.

I went back and listened to a bit of shows and I’m a little shocked that we were already on top of our game at that time. Ok maybe not. We have gotten a lot better over all the shows. Still, from these first shows you could tell we had some skill.

On of the staples of TJC was having rulings on the show. Someone would have an issue they they weren’t sure what to do about. I would discuss with my co-host and, in some cases, make a ruling. The topics ranged from relationship issues to etiquette on the golf course.

Have a listen to these five shows. They were done at the end of last summer and led right into Inter-Dis Material.

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