The Airborne Toxic Event on Letterman

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This was on last week (or maybe the week before?). I was already a fan of this song, it popped up on Sirius a few times. I didn’t think too many other people had heard of them, which is why I thought this performance was extra special. Usually Letterman will have on popular bands. Bands which most people already have an opinion on. I usually just skip over the musical guest because even if I’m a fan, a live performance on a talk show isn’t all that special. I think I watched this one because I hadn’t heard the song enough and I wanted to see how the band performed. It turned out to be pretty amazing. The sort of performance that instantly makes everyone who saw it fans. Letterman even seemed impressed at the end.

They performed Sometime Around Midnight. Still the only song I’ve heard by them. I’m curious about the rest of their stuff because it could go either way. That’s why I’m holding off buying the album until I’m more certain.

CBS put the video up, but disabled embedding. (why???)

So here is a version from YouTube …

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