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Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: California @ Oregon

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Justin: Cal vs Oregon
Daron: ah yes. this, I think Cal wins. I think Oregon’s lack of offensive line play is killing. And will continue to
Justin: yea, though they did have some running game at utah. ill give em that
Daron: the defense isn’t bad
Justin: i think cal got a game from a fired up Minnesota club and that they bounce back. Start the PAC 10 with a bang here, making a statement
Daron: yeah, I think Best continues his assault on the rushing td record, 4 this time. Masoli continues to fail at throwing the ball, as his devolution into a Fullback continues
Justin: hahaha so true
Daron: Kevin Riley stays consistent. I think Cal wins 38-24
Justin: yeah ill buy that too. damn, we needs to stop agreeing. its not good
Daron: hahaha
Justin: for le drama

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Texas Tech @ Houston

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Daron: Houston – TTU
Justin: so, a lot of passing yards eh?
Daron: which, frankly, I believe the reader must be referred to the Chris Brown bit on EDSBS. For the slight variations between air-raid offenses
Justin: the football nerd needs it!
Daron: emphasizing that Houston utilizes more motion. Whereas TTU prefers not to, so everyone has their routes n’ such down rote but yeah. The Cougs can play some defense, as well. I’d say the same of TTU, referring to the Texas game, but, Texas hasn’t been impressive yet.
Justin: the cougs did give up 35 to osu, but that offense is good.
Daron: So, I take the cougs. Silly, maybe
Justin: continuing to rain terror on the big 12?
Daron: yes
Justin: ill agree! they are solid
Daron: they’ll get tripped up in C-USA, but yeah
Justin: and could give C-USA a trip to BCS!
Daron: Firsties!

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Miami @ Virginia Tech

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Daron: MIA vs. VT
Justin: Miami is scary. They remind me of florida in 06. Young, dangerous
Daron: dangerous
Justin: but play in the ACC, so they can easily finish in 12-1
Daron: um yes. I’m telling you, Miami vs. Cincy, National Title! Anyways, this game. Harris slingin’ all over the place
me: they prolly wont even try to run. The canes dont so much know how to do that
Daron: I mean, on occasion, maybe, but yeah. It’s gonna be the Harris air show and the WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WHEN VT HAS THE DAMN BALL show
Justin: yeah
Daron: as they’ve been not good with the ball.
Justin: running. Probably into the defense.
Daron: in either game against real opponents
Justin: i don’t think Miami is exceptional against the pass, but, shouldn’t matter
Daron: yeah. Taylor isn’t gonna go all Blue Angels on them
Justin: yeah, itll be more like the iraqi airforce

Tyrod Taylor Drops Fire All over the Place
So that's where they hid the VT Offense...

Daron: hahaha not even good enough to be Hungary, flying Gripen’s for rent
Justin: indeed, and noone will get that
Daron: that’s fine
Justin: yeah. I think miami gets a bit of a game, it’s in Lane after all
Daron: yes
Justin: lunch pails and shit
Daron: yeah, Bud Foster can coach a defense
Justin: obvi
Daron: yeah. I think VT keeps it close. I think they have a chance to win, at the end. I just don’t think their offense can do that. I think 21-18
Justin: yeah. i think its close for a while, but ends up at like 31-17

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Iowa @ Penn State

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Justin:So Pwned St. The White Out. The 8 o clock white out, AKA the crowd is blacked out

The Honorable BGHP
The Honorable BGHP

Daron: Now, normally I’d be quick to make a point about youthful rbs vs. Sean Lee and Navarro Bowman. This seems like less of a point now.
Justin:both of they seem to be banged izup
Daron: Yeah, Apparently Bowman has a better shot at playing though.
Justin:And Greg Paulus aside (HA), Swingin Dick Stanzi is the first qb they’ve played
Daron: but, I imagine PSU will be seeing Stupar and Bani Gbadyu (sp?) for more than they’d like
Justin:Iowa’s banged up too
Daron: truth. Bulaga, and some others, I believe
Justin: DJK
Daron: jewel hampton, obvi
Justin:we’ll find out in a hurry if PSU’s gonna be able to run against Angerer, and a solid D-Line, or so i’m told
Daron: Angerer, Edds (he of the pink cowboy hat), and good d-line. Ballard, Clayborn
Justin:so i’m not getting the feeling that it’s gonna be an overly high scoring affair
what with the o/u of 40
Daron: hahaha yeah. Another reason for few points? Iowa’s secondary is/should be GOOOOOOOD
Justin:well neither offense hasn’t really shown much. Neither’s been bad, but, all have left to be desired
Daron: true. but all PSU can do is throw, and Tyler Sash, and Mr. Spievey, and Mr Prater would love that to happen
Daron: so a pick. I think Iowa does it. I think Iowa does it to the tune of 17-14. maybe not that low. maybe 24-17? barely break the over
Justin:Well, to the non-delight of the PSU readership of this website, i will agree. I was going to say something to the tune of 20-13. but an unhappy valley
Daron: yeah. I think the big ten is sliding towards multipolarity

Further Reading: 10 Reasons that Iowa will lose to PSU

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Florida State @ BYU

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Justin: oh oh BYU vs. FSU
Daron: Oh oh and you’re mary tyler moore! or did you want to talk the game?
Justin: the game
Daron: Ahhhh, well…I thought we were singing a song. But that aside, I think BYU has all the pressure here (which is obvious), and I think FSU doesn’t have a secondary (also obvious)
Justin: true story
Daron: I also think BYU’s line vs. whatever Mickey Andrews does to get at Max Hall is the key
Justin: Max Hall is a Beast
Daron: I mean, Hall and BYU proved they can win sans running aginst a VERY good A) defensive front and B) Defensive coach. So clearly, the answer is: Get to Hall.
Justin: Yeah. Easier said than done, as Gerald McCoy might tell you. And I think FSU’s gonna have trouble with the defense. Granted, I don’t know anything about the BYU defense minus they beat up OU and held them to 13 and knocked out Bradford
Daron: yeah. It’s a good defense, And while Ponder had a good game against Miami, there are two issues to me: One: Can Ponder be consistently good? He should be well protected, as he has a Veteran line (unlike OU) and Twosies) What about the receivers? This is a posiition group that’s suffered some attrition, and you could argue their talent level was on display against Miami (there were a few drops, most notably the would-be game winner) I mean, BYU will be good on D, but I doubt they get pressure on Ponder like they did on Bradford.
Justin: And by attrition = arrests. And booting from the team. Yeah, well FSU certainly can’t turn the ball over or they will be Le Screwed.
Daron: yeah. And they CANNOT give up yards on the ground. You let the Cougs play balanced ball, and you’re in trouble
Justin: So do you think FSU’s got a redemption upset in the cards?
Daron: I could see it. Frankly, it’s the easy call to make here. High profile athletes vs. Overachievers (it’s how most see it, whether consciously or no), lightning striking twice, etc It’s hard to admit that BYU may be good enough to actually compete at this level regularly. BUT if you think they’re AT LEAST a BCS contender (not that anyone will see this game), you have to logically assume that they can navigate this game I do think they’re good enough. And I think the Cougs win, by about 10
Justin: Ok. I’m also gonna go with the Cougs, and I think it’s more than 10. I think it’s Cougs and not that close…34-17 or 42-21ish. I don’t have a whole lot of justification, just a statement game from BYU
Daron: yeah. I want to say a margin like that, but the relative newness of the Y’s o-line plus their slow start against Tulane make me cautious. soooo, I’m gonna say 24-14

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Tennessee @ Florida

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Justin: Over-under on how long it Lane Kiffin looks exasperated on the sideline from humiliation?
Daron: 12 mins left, 2nd quarter

Oh Lane Kiffin, you silly little bastard
Oh Lane Kiffin, you silly little bastard

Justin: hahah. Yeah so i think Florida utterly demolishes them
Daron: I mean, that defense will keep it looking ok until exhaustion. IE around the beginning of the second quarter
Justin: well to be fair: the Florida Defense might just score some points, so the defense might last until the middle of the second quarter
Daron: this is true. Here’s the thing, and tell me if I’m off base here, but does Urban Meyer decide that he has more to gain by not stepping on Kiffin’s throat?
Justin: well
Daron: that he get’s some column inches for UF in the, “WHOA! Look at the sportsmanship displayed by Meyer” type thing?
Justin: haha
Daron: Or does he do what he did to UGa
Justin: I will say this, im curious to see what Monte Kiffin comes up with
Daron: You read Smart Football?
Justin: Workin on that now
Daron: Talking about how his Tampa 2 generally funnels play inside, but because that’s the strength of the O, he may actually reverse it to make UF’s OUTSIDE guys beat UT. Which will happen, but no one has really effectively done that yet
Justin: theres a few things you can do. They could match their best player up against Florida’s best player and let Berry basically man up Tebow (what I would want to see as a CFB Fan)
Daron: Chris Brown thinks Monte goes the Colts route, and lets Berry run around in the Bob Sanders role, which is sexual and violent and mildly terrifying
Justin: Yeah. That’s true. You could play in nickel most of the game to match speed, but keep Berry in the box. And reading the smartfootball thing, exactly what he said. The concept of using Berry in the “Robber” Position was fresh in my mind because of the description of Taylor Mays doing that too against Pryor (Not that he had to, with the game called by Tressel)
Daron: Yeah. I read Team Speed Kills. One of those gents opined that to really make a statement, rather than running up the score, Meyer will go for the shut out.
Justin: also sexual and violent
Daron: hahaha, very true. So, I think Meyer, goes up about 45-0 by mid 3rd quarter, and pulls first teams… but doesn’t call off the dogs. Still makes aggressive playcalls, and tells Charlie Strong to continue to dial up the pressure on Crompton/Stephens/Giant Catfish, whatever is playing QB at that point, and I think the Vols get in the endzone.
Justin: Boomsies
Daron: Bryce Brown (may his career as a football player wither away to nothing) gets loose, or Marsalis Teague, or perhaps ol’ NuKeese Richardson
Justin: Richardson would just be too poetic. I’m thinking in the 52-13 range
Daron: yeah
Justin: so, Slaughter
Daron: I was thinking 48-6, or 48-7. Death. Take that UT, I revel in your downfall

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Michigan State @ Notre Dame

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Justin: ND-MSU I believe is another game we were gonna pick.
Daron: I take it that’s the one you’d like to speak of? *of which you’d like to speak? (no dangling prepositions here, bitches)

Googly Eyes is not impressed by one of you as a rival
Googly Eyes is not impressed by one of you as a rival

Justin: Little Brother’s probably gonna be pissed
Daron: Um yes
Justin: ND’s probably gonna be pissed too
Daron: Um double yes
Justin: As, you know, they gots beat
Daron: I do. They both did. By mid-tier bowl teams from the glove state. <OH SNAP>
Justin: And MSU has pwned ND as of late. I don’t know much about MSU’s offense other than Mark Dell and Kirk Cousins, so I’ll just assume that Jehru Caulcrick will still be chuggin along
Daron: and their use of a plethora of running backs. What was it, 7 for 20 yards or more in the opener?
Justin: yeah
Daron: they only had two earn more than 18 yards against CMU. Caulton Ray (16 for 51), and Larry Capers (6-33) for 3.2 and 5.5 ypc, respectively. Why are those attempts not reversed?

Justin: well, Maybe Larry didn’t wear a tie to the game? (Uncle Mark…I kid I kid)
Daron: Granted, Mr. Capers skewed his with a long run of 16, while Caulton only scampered for a long of eleven. In short, Mr. Dantonio’s ground based team sucked at being ground based and they didn’t really light it up through the air, either. This is NOT a good offense. I know. I’m a Vandy fan. I’m adept at ID’ing inept offenses (HOORAY ANTONYMS). ND has an offense
and MSU is gonna need more than the three offensive td’s they got.
Justin: this offense is not stellar. Cousins is apparently establishing himself as the starter
Daron: You dare refute the stats from the Montana St game?
Justin: IF MSU can run a lot, and control the ball for ~37 minutes, they have a shot here of course.
Daron: obviously
Justin: ND did not stop the run wonderfully last week
Daron: true
Justin: So
Daron: however, I don’t think of CMU as a power defense
Justin: True story
Daron: and yet, those numbers
Justin: but Montana State is certainly a power defense. So the picks. I’ll go first for once. In a somewhat saucy pick, i’m gonna say a second nail goes into Captain Front Butt’s XXXXL coffin and that MSU takes it…31-24
Daron: I’ve been thinking: I’d like to be bold in this. But, that’s not in the cards
that performance against CMU, statistically, speaking, was unendearing
I did like that all but one of MSU’s scoring drives started on their own side of the 50
Justin: Hmm Ok come on. Just pull the trigger, like any good super model.
Daron: I don’t have another show for months. No need for that drastic a response! I think ND 34, MSU 17 close at the half, though perhaps 14-10, either way?

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Georgia Tech @ Miami

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Justin: In the name of full disclosure, I have a massive man-crush on Paul Johnson

Did you know that Buzz is the Tooth Fairy and speaks with the voice of the pedophile from Family Guy?
Did you know that Buzz is the Tooth Fairy and speaks with the voice of the alien from Family Guy?*

Daron: This is an established fact, your love of the flexbone.
Justin: that’s what she said?
Daron: hahaha well, GT put up 301 yards on the ground against a Clemson defense with a talented line. But here’s a fun fact. Drives in the second half: punt, punt, punt, INT, FG, FG. And this is all while Clemson is coming or has come back, so it’s not a “foot off the gas” situation
Justin: Having watched some of this game, GT’s offense looked bad
Daron: it’s a “fail for a half” sitch.
Justin: I mean, the first half was not all glory either
Daron: It was really just the first quarter. The big run by Allen, the punt return, and the fake fg. Soooooo
Justin: Yes
Daron: One offensive TD. All game. Miami, also features a nasty line (maybe not Bowers/Sapp nasty, but still) and some fast linebackers (Sean Spence et al) and, they’ll be out for blood based on the beatdown which GT bestowed upon them in the previous year
Justin: Keep in mind, however, that Buzz’s colorful gang of runningbacks put a hurting unmatched by anyone else on Miami last year
Daron: Oh, it be all up in my mind n’ shit. And you best believe it’s in Miami’s mind as well. Now, whether their offense can do anything about it, I dunno
Justin: And remember this: Whats the key to stopping the flex?
Daron: A strong kiss in the mouth?
Justin: Answer: Discipline, which, maybe Randy Shannon aside, hasn’t really been the buzzword for Miami teams
Daron: true true, but I feel like that’s a stereo type we roll with probably more than is accurate these days
Justin: its true
Daron: it’s not that last year’s team was undisciplined at it’s core. It was ridiculously young. Which I feel probably led to more discipline concerns on assignments, gaps, etc
I guess I’m saying the discipline wasn’t the root of the issue, rather the youth which led to it so, it MIGHT be rectified somewhat. I dunno, I could also just be talking out of my ass here
Justin: Score?
Daron: I’m not sold on GT. Two very lack luster performances to date. But Miami… one very much overhyped win. I pick GT by 21 hahahaha
Justin: Seems…logical?
Daron: 35-14, somewhere in there. Miami can’t run and GT has an experienced secondary. Is NOT free shoes’ secondary.
Justin: and that one bull they got on the line is F’n ridiculous. Watson?
Daron: oh, Morgan, I believe.
Justin: yes. I’m callin it ugly, 17-13. Miami.
Daron: Ugh. I’ve had enough of those things. If I want that I’ll watch the NFL

* Video of alien from Family Guy

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: USC @ OSU

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Justin: Any way that this thing can go to OSU?

Daron: well, yes.  Barkley = frosh

Justin: I think some fucktardedness from a true freshman is likely the mostly situation

Daron:  Maybe a less experienced defense than last year’s lets something get by them? Special teams, perhaps?

Justin: also true

Daron: I mean, it’s not out of the realm of possibility, this tOSU winning thing. It’s just unlikely

Justin: If i’m OSU I absolutely blow up the L.O.S. Stop the run at all costs

Daron: Oh god yes.  Force Barkley to beat you

Justin: 8-9 in the box.  Always

Daron: Barkley, and his one receiver, whom you bracket

Justin: take the Virginia tech approach

Daron: I think if you’re USC, you get creative to avoid that sorta thing. I think you put Joe McKnight out wide at times

Justin: true

Daron: you use play action with a vengeance. Not for first downs, but for kill shots

Justin: yeah that OSU gave up an 85 yard pass to NAVY

Daron: yep

Justin: i think repeated deep balls is a good way to go

Daron: and you know what

if you can engineer it in a week’s time

I think you work a wildcat/triple option package in

Justin: they could have some of that in there

Daron: I look for USC to get to the corners. Exercise some speed

Justin: try to pull the ole SEC?

Daron: yeah. Also, the Trojan pass rush is going to be important

Justin: Pryor will in fact do some stupid things, like take 20 yard sacks

Daron: Pryor can be monumentally stupid when under pressure, albeit untackleable

Daron: yes, but, he’s also near impossible to sack for anything LB sized or smaller

Justin: yes his 235ness is intimidating

Justin: methinks for OSU to win, their linebackers are gonna have to be real good.

Daron: I think, as a given, OSU’s defense is going to have to turn in a helluva performance, across the board to win. The LBs and S’s not biting on playaction being the key in my book.

Justin: Score?

Daron:  not sure on this one.  I don’t see it as a defensive struggle.  Certainly not a Bama/VT game.  I’m trying to create the game in my head a little bit… maybe something like 14-10 tOSU at halftime, but 30-21 USC final? Something like that?

Justin: i could see that

Daron: you?

Justin: well lord knows i’m not going to pick Ohio.  I’m thinking something close at halftime, with USC pulling away slightly towards the end. 31-17

Daron: I revise my prediction to 31-24, possibly 31-27; still Spoiled Children, though

Justin: duly noted

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: The Other USC @ Georgia

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Justin: So the Joe Cox Non-Gunslinging experience vs. Stephen Garcia. Talk about your exciting offensive show down

Daron: yeah.  Although, oddly, one team is at least sorta happy with how it’s week ended and oddly, it was the team that scored fewer points. Both look to have pretty legit defenses.

Justin: SEC defense continues to be the story

Daron: yeah.   I think the big shocker for each offense wasn’t the play of the QB.  I mean, both knew there was some erraticism possible

Justin: yeah. Well I don’t know that there was a lot of surprise in Carolina, nobody really thought that offense’d be competent.  But (sight unseen for me, admittedly) Georgia was just bad against a defense that was equally bad last year

Daron: UGa gave up on the ground game in a hurry

Justin: Two things are safe to say: 1. Sturdivant’s got some bad luck and 2. AJ Green needs some damn help

Daron: UGA had 95 yards on 30 carries and 15-30 passing for 5.4 yards an attempt. Mooooore blech

Justin: yeah that’s not shining. Nor does it bode well for Georgia’s run for New Years Day.  Though to be fair, they may not need to be that good in the East this year, it seems

Daron: yea, UGa’s points both came on their opening drives of each half

Justin: yeah, I had heard that the scoring drives were impressive.  But, only  2 of them

Daron: last two drives illustrate this: Pass complete ( for a first down), Pass complete 4 yards, pass incomplete, pass incomplete, punt, and drive the second: Pass Complete (for a first down), rush for five, pass incomplete, pass incomplete, interception (on fourth down).  No balance and absolutely no success

Justin: yeah. So this week then, with a non-flu-ridden Cox and the chance to get Green on some true Freshmen in the secondary

Daron: Normally, UGa wins this by eking something out

Justin: and they need to probably only get 17 points?

Daron: and that seems how it’ll happen

Justin: yea im thinking something like 17-7,  21-10 maybe

Daron: prob less than that. Realistically 10-7, 10-6, 13-7, 13-10 are the lines I’m thinking

Justin: Yeah. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see a defensive TD from either squad

Daron: nope

Justin: Norwood destruction of Cox. Or somebody getting a gift from Mr. Garcia

Daron: Norwood and Matthews are going to be extra special sans a healthy LT.

Matthews was chasing down Russell Wilson last week, and Cox is no Wilson.

Justin: Yeah not the pair you want in that sitch

Daron: I think UGa pulls this out, but won’t be proud of it

Justin: Yea i’ll agree with that

Daron: To the tune of the scores I mentioned above, although with a defensive score it’ll shift into the realm which you predicted other fun stat? SC had 6 sacks last week: 2 by norwood, 2 by Matthews

Justin: scary pair those,  freaks

Daron: dear Joe Cox, it’s been lovely. I think this is a battle of who can be less inept.  Or get lucky on defense

Justin: yeah

Georgia seems logically more likely to be less inept

Daron:  I’m sticking with UGa. By three, but with no more than 17 points to their name

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: UCLA @ Tennessee

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Justin: Do you believe Tennessee’s offense?

Daron: No I don’t

Justin: yeah. I saw the first quarter of that game.  And the offense was still utterly incompetent. Comical bad.  But! I will say this: they have a huge line and Montario Hardesty seems to be an animal

Daron:  Well, we’ve always known that.  He terrified me far more than Arian foster in previous years mostly because he lacked Foster’s talent for timely (or untimely, if you’re a UT fan) giveaways.

Justin: yeah he’s like Foster, without the penchant for the goalline jitters

Daron: or the “big moment” jitters.  Foster was lights out on fourth and short when it came to fumbling. God, I’ll miss him

Justin: The man made it his job to fuck up their drives

Daron: and did it with gusto! and consistency! no higher praise is there.

Justin: True story

Daron: now

Justin: This game is gonna be fuckin’ hideous

Daron: UCLA struggled with SDSU,  falling behind 14-3.

Justin: indeed,  Prince had 179 yards 1 td, 2 picks. But most importantly, got out of the game with his knees in tact! A moral victory for UCLA QBs!

Daron: That’s an actual victory.

Justin: UCLA did roll up 150 yards on the ground, Which is quite encouraging given how bad they were last year.

Daron: yeah, that’s solid

Justin: they averaged 84 ypg last year.  84!!!!!

Daron:  OH WOW.  That’s, um, desultory,   at best

Justin: also a Special Teams TD.  I foresee defense and ST scoring ringing up and in a game that involves the probable best defensive player in the country

Daron: I can see that

Justin: that leads me to say Tennessee is going to win this game

Daron: also, while the ground game improved, it still has some ugly on it

Justin: oh sure

Daron: it took 38 carries for those 144 yards

Justin: well 35 for 159 with sacksos still not good

im thinking…24-10 Tennesee with at least one defensive score

Daron: yeah

I think Eric Berry gets his

Justin: err non-offense score

Daron: 21-17.  Bastardfaces over the bruins blech. It grosses me out to say that

Justin: yes i know

Daron: Also.  I’m just gonna say this for the record:  I could see this one spiraling a little bit, via bad play after bad play by both squads

Justin: so like last year?

Daron: and ending up 35-27, or some such.