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Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Championship Week Edition

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Justin: Florabamageddon
Daron: Yeah,  I dunno who to pick there.  I want UF. because, ya know, Bama will be obnoxious if they win it all
Justin: well
Daron: But I’m not sure
Justin: are they gonna not be if they lose?
Daron: true but I think Tebow could pull this off, if he had the receivers he had last year. He does not
Justin: yeah, though alabama’s offense wasn’t especially inspiring in the iron bowl
Daron: he’s going to have to carry this game. True.  I read what Dan Mullen said about his strategy
Justin: Rolando McClain might eat one or two runningbacks
Daron: and it was “make tebow beat you on the ground”. Because he, unlike demps, is not a big play threat on the ground and it almost worked for MSU
Justin: yeah
Daron: and I think it will for Bama
Justin: yes you have not so much hidden your agenda here. i saw you on halloween, you alabama fan
Daron: hahahaha
Justin: This game does feature two of the best return guys in the country, which is intriguing in a game that I don’t figure to be very high scoring I would venture a guess that if Brandon James or Javier Arenas gets loose, that team could win!
Justin: right??? I think the team that scores more…will win!
Daron: Similarly, the team that forces the other team to score less has a good shot at winning.
Justin: yeah i think it’ss really gonna be the combo of the two that does the loser in
Daron: Most likely Sidebar: Mangino out
Justin: Good, i like that you included it.  that way we can totally embed the Top Gun Mangino photoshop


Daron: yes totes
Justin: totes mcgotes even Back to florida
Daron: yes
Justin: it might be possible that mclain could be overwhelmed
Daron: I think bama. True, Meyer is a schemer
Justin: by the fact that there are so many dudes for him to cover.  This could be the game where they miss Deonte Hightower
Daron: true
Daron: ohhhhhhhh yeah
Justin: score?
Daron: Yes.  Side bar II: this beer is old, and not good
Justin: hahah
Daron: Score: Bama – 30,  UF – 27
Justin: wow high scoring
Daron: it’s going to be an excruciating last drive
Justin: im gonna go with 20-17
Daron: sexy
Justin: floRIDa.  OK big terrible twelve
Justin: eh I feel for ya
Daron: CHAOS
Justin: but i don’t want nebraska in a real game
Daron: don’t like this Texas team much
Justin: because then Nebraska gets thrown to the wolves
Daron: I think texas wins comfortably
Justin: i as well
Daron: this Nebraska team has a good defense, but it’ll be exhausted by the third quarter
Justin: i refuse to think that any conference champion should be challenged by a team that turned the ball over to ISU 8 times
Daron: hahahaha to be fair, it’s the Big XII and an upset in the title game is not unprecedented
Justin: true.  its a periodic event, a stupid, stupid event, that gives us all kinds of disasters
Daron: yepper: aTm in 98, UT in 99, I guess CU over Texas…
Justin: B12=STUPID
Daron: oh dear, such language
Justin: yeah, OSU was the only team i liked out of this group and they let me down by sucking so i hate them all so i wanted to hear as little as possible about that
Daron: hahahaha fair enough.  it’s not a conference I have a lot of love for
Justin: id rather have 12 non-AQs than 2 Big 12
Daron: it’s like a twisted big ten/sec bastard child with a southwest twang, elements of the midwest, elements of the south, and texas
Justin: yeah, Texas wins this one
Daron: I think Texas 31 Nebraska 21
Justin: and if not, ill be disgusted
Daron: and it doesn’t seem that close
Justin: 45-24
Daron: oh wow, I hope not, yes. I’d hate that. ANYWAYS, NEXT
Justin: weeee?  i mean cincinatti vs. pitt?
Daron: If Craig James isn’t careful, he’s gonna get me hammered  I have to drink whenever he says something dumb
Justin: you have to be a former player or broadcast journalist to do this?
Daron: Right?  We could totally do this. You read the rules at BHGP? I got Oregon
Justin: nope
Daron: and thus Craig James.  Ugh, Anyways.  Pitt-Cincy: Cincy has no defense.  Pitt’s offense is “Pro-Style”… literally
Justin: But the offense is Piketacular
Daron: it’s sterile, conservative, and unspectacular in every way
Justin: Yes
Daron: save that Dion Lewis is good and Baldwin is a freak
Justin: yeah Big East! Does Cincy have a hope of getting in at large with a close loss?
Daron: I think Cincy wins by 14 to 17.  And no, I don’t think so.  I do think that Pitt’s D stops them more than their used to, but the O can’t score enough.
Justin: yeah but more than they are used to is 35 points
Daron: yeah your take on the game?
Justin: i think Cincy wins 28-24
Daron: I’ve got Cincy, 34-20
Justin: ohhh fancy
Daron: Ok last game: Clemson GT.  Big question:  Who’s watching?!
Justin: not me, in all likelihood
Daron: All the other games feature national title contenders, theoretically.  You’ve gotta 2-loss GT team and a what, 3 loss Clemson? 4 loss?MEHGT should win…but, that doesn’t mean much to them particularly to their defense
Justin: yea, i was talking about this game today, i really would love to pick GT but i don’t think i can
Daron: yeah
Justin: i think Clemson has the D-Line to win and that’s what it takes to beat GT
Daron: yeah Clemson almost beat ’em the first time after spotting them a bit of a leap
Justin: yeah for serious
Daron: I think GT wins
Justin: haha i like your sneak attack
Daron: but I think the effect is that no one notices.  And Yeah, I know.  I build with opposites.
Justin: haha the Corso!
Daron: NSFMF!
Justin: okay, you gots a score?
Daron: GT 35, Clemson 20, No one notices.  GT maintains a lead of 7-14 through most of the game
Justin: ahha i think Clemson wins and gives us an awesome 4 loss BCS team.  27-20
Daron: ahhh, the old Pitt in the Fiesta bowl style of game
Justin: gross
Daron: they head to the Orange bowl, where they’re disemboweled by some version of the TCU/BSU/Cincy vengeance machine

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – RAPID FYYYYRE

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Justin: since there’s not a whole lot else interesting, lets change this up. And do a rapid fire?

Daron: okay. Rapidfire…Orrrr, RAPIDFYYYRE!

Justin: works for me. back and forth, 3 each

Daron: Um, ok

Justin: OK. PSU-MSU

Daron: PSU, but not pretty, or by much…28-24….ooooookkkkkk….any questions? or just games?

Justin: i would go with games, but it’s up to you…go nuts

Daron: ok: Worse fall – Mizzou or KU?

Justin: oh Kansas for sure. You ruined Todd REEEEEEESING’s senior year, there’s a Mangino disaster, and they get Texas this week. Mizzou has at least Gabbert (though some don’t like him) and weren’t supposed to be awesome anyway.

Daron: good answer

Justin: Word up. OK: more hilarious: Syracuse football or Louisville football?

Daron: Oh God. Probably the VILLE, because, well, look at that steep fall. Also, Cuse knew they were gonna be bad. UL’s HAPPENED…immediemente, and well, they’re both just horrible now. UL has fewer excuses, too. it’s at least near decent recruiting turf…Cuse is less so

Justin: I like Syracuse’s assumption: “You know? .500 ball isn’t for us, so let’s bring in GERG”

Daron: hahahaha…ohhhh, Paul Pasqualoni, where art thou

Justin: laughing, somewhere. Laughing hysterically.

Daron: yeah, saying, “Shoulda let me run the freeze option”

Justin: haha word. Ok next topic.

Daron: Oregon State: How?! HOW?!?! HOW?!?!?!?! (do they manage to win 9-10 games a year)

Justin: I think Mike Reilly is pretty excellent at getting the most out of his talent and its pretty damn good at bringing in skill guys and some defense (though less this year since they managed to give up 42 to USC). I’m gonna ask you the easiest question ever to close this week: Name the five greatest tacklers in the history of college football

Daron: please: It’s DIZON, DIZON, DIZON, DIZON, AND DI-ZON! Because he spits hot fire


Justin: BOOM Ok last question, go!

Daron: Ul-Mon vs. UL Laf GO!

Justin: A true clash of the heavyweights!

Daron: Hell to the yes! 7 pm!

Justin: These teams are easily in the top 6 schools in Louisiana. Only LSU, Tulane, La Tech and the Lake Charles School for the Deaf can claim to be as good as these squads

Daron: So very true!

Justin: So my guess is that they will play a triple OT game and decide that their football is too evenly matched and that the world isn’t ready for someone to win this game. And it will be declared a Tie!

Daron: it’s an intriguing notion! I like that!

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Oregon vs. Arizona

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Daron: Oregon Zona?

Justin: okay…The Nick Foles-Mike Stoops Experience!

Daron: Masoli Ravioli E. Coli vs. Sunshine! (Justin Note DAMN YOU LACK OF EMBED)

Justin: its beautiful. They smell roses! I smell Luke Ridnour? +2 for the rhymes , -1 for the .300 average line…But overall, its some good fan work…Which is good, because I don’t really have a lot to say about this game. And this helps

Daron: hahahaha

Justin: +25 for Eggos reference

Daron: Nick Foles has been good

Justin: better than Kirk Cousins for sure (ohhhhh here’s to the 0 people who will get that reference outside of this conversation)

Daron: Except for when he played last week…And well played, but yeah

Justin: i mean

Daron: Oregon can be gashed

Justin: I miss Willie Tuitama?

Daron: their D is not impervious

Justin: of course

Daron: but, ya know, Arizona has gotten by on not having to do much and I don’t see that happening here

Justin: I don’t either

Daron: well, at least not having to FACE much

Justin: I’m thinking something in the neighborhood of 31-17

Daron: I have a problem with that…In that when Oregon gets it going, of late, they tend to not take their foot off of the gas. If O wins

Justin: hmm, true

Daron: and I think they win, it’s more like 45-24

Justin: okay, fair enough

Daron: I’d like otherwise

Justin: oh i know

Daron: but won’t happen, I don’t think. I want Chaos

Justin: chaosititude!

Daron: and I want it bad…baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Justin: that’s cute of you

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – LSU @ Ole Miss

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Daron: Sooooo, Ole Miss – LSU

Justin: OKay

Daron: Ya know, we’re almost done with the season, I have no idea what the hell Ole Miss is

Justin: yeah

Daron: Or I know exactly what it is… a moderately talented team that plays hard at times

Justin: Jevan Snead, you know, less than consistent

Daron: but whatevs

Justin: the running backs continue to be pretty impressive, what with their dismantling of UT, or I suppose their RB-like people

Daron: yeah, McCluster defies position. I hear it’s the same when he has sex.  It’s just an odd jumble of body parts

Justin: heyo!

Daron: Jevan Snead isn’t great, and his line isn’t either

Justin: the consistency of the two losses seems to be a defense

Daron: LSU plays defense, most of the time

Justin: as nobody they’ve beaten stands out in that regard, which is rough. But at the same time, LSU has no offense, hence 24 points against LT

Daron: yeah…the Jarrett Lee… experience?

Justin: turns out, no addition by subtraction here from Scott and Jefferson

Daron: Otherwise known as “Misery”

Justin: Yeah. It’s NAG1. Incidentally, it probably says something about Russell Shepard that he has 250 yards rushing, yet hasn’t thrown a pass. I would fully expect for him to change that this weekend

Daron: You know. I’d agree with you, except that it should have changed about two weeks ago

Justin: saving it for the big game?

Daron: when Mr. Jefferson went down. Dunno…P’raps not really that great a QB? <shudders with blasphemous implications>

Justin: I don’t think he’ll throw more than a few passes. And no, I saw, he was a good recruit. And no recruit has ever been misevaluated

Daron: Truth

Justin: Anyway, at the end of the day, I don’t think that LSU has the offense to win the game

Daron: Really? I don’t think Ole Miss does either. I am so thoroughly unimpressed with the Ole Miss squad at this point. There is a ridiculous amount of talent scattered around that squad. It’s a shame more of it isn’t concentrated on the O-Line

Justin: true. But i think it’s more of a case that its really not going to take a lot of offense to win this game, and I like the options on the Ole Miss side more than Jarrett Lee.

Daron: I can see that

Justin: i think we an NFL game here and Ole Miss wins it 17-10

Daron: ugh. 24-21 LSU. it’s a rivalry game, must be close. that’s how rivalries work

Justin: surely!

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Utah vs. TCU

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Justin: NEXT! That other ranked game. Utah-TCU You know, the best kind of ranked game. The kind with a 20 points spread

Daron: To be fair, the Iowa spread is horrible as well

Justin: oh i know

Daron: I saw 13.5-17.5

Justin: this is a shitty week

Daron: yeah. Utah, an effective team, that has done little yet, very little.

Justin: well they have a win over Louisville!!!

Daron: other than lose to Oregon

Daron: w00t

Justin: And a win at the unfriendly confines of CSU AND UNLV! Yeeeeeee!!!

Daron: Don’t go into Ft. Collins expecting a win! Well, at least that was true 8 or so years ago.

ANYWAYS, TCU is the new flavor of the week

Justin: TCU, on the other hand has the ever more valuable win at Clemson, a win at UVA, and their closest game, a tangle with AF

Daron: yeah. their defense has the fast and a lot of it. And can tackle

Justin: yeah, Utah’s offense is meh. With not much goin’ on through the air, but a decent running attack

Daron: eh, the norm for them

Justin: yeah

Daron: TCU by 10

Justin: sure

Daron: defense makes eat of them, not a pretty game, though

Justin: TCU also, by 17. No Cover.  27-10 or so

Daron: 20-10, maybe 27-10.  Real mehness

Also see: MWC looking to MAKE MOVES?

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – tOSU vs. Iowa

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Justin: Iowa-fOSU

Daron: ohhh, bastards. Well

Justin: Yeah

Daron: Rittenberg calls it the Vandenberg vs. Silver Bullets game

Justin: There’s that whole no offense thing, on both sides

Daron: which is his cute name for the OSU defense

Justin: adorables!

Daron: yeah

Justin: Well the truth of the matter is, the offense who wins this game only needs to score maybe 10-13 points

Daron: yeah. I mean, I guess there’s a chance for some big plays

Justin: Sure

Daron: what with that being how both teams score

Justin: Pryor is the biggest big-play runner in the big 11 at this point

Daron: Yeah, I saw that. Disappointing

Justin: right?

Daron: he and Ralph Bolden

Justin: Yeah. 18 points against the Purdue defense in their loss, is uninspiring

Daron: truth. Granted, they’ve been different, since then

Justin: True

Daron: ie. Winning and less giving of possession to others

Justin: yeah, but, even with a 17 point win over PSU, just 8-17 for 125 and 2 TDs and he threw in 50 on the ground (on only 5 carries)

Daron: yeah

Justin: Meanwhile, Saine and Harron combined for 36 carries for 126 yards.

Daron: that’s really all it takes, because let’s look at what Iowa’s offense is going to do:

Very little

Justin: yes. Yeah so this game plays way to into Tressel’s wheelhouse

Daron: their ground game has slowed down some, and you figure that’ll continue against the bullets of silverness

Justin: He needs to do absolutely nothing to win this game. so, I think they succeed with it

Daron: same with a QB who looks talented, but not quite on the same page as the receivers

Justin: Sure, i.e. 62 yards and a score for Posey, but nothing else for any of the WRs. Anyway, I think this game is just about 13-7, fOSU

Daron: I could see 20-14, something like that tOSU

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Oregon vs. USC

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Justin: Trojan Ducks
Daron: well, the big story in the MSM is the absence of USC’s defense from its previous two games. Namely against the other team from Oregon
Justin: right. one thing, however, is to note something about those defensive lapses: they were against extremely balanced teams
Daron: they were large and silly?
Justin: That tend even towards pass heavy. The Ducks: not so much. They are a run first team. Masoli, obvi, is a fullback, who throws occasionally
Daron: yeah
Justin: he’s got 905 yards, good for 8th in the Pac 10
Daron: which is, you know, not the greatest.
Justin: UCLA and Washington State’s QBs are the only one’s worse. And well, we know those issues. So i think that USC’s defense may not be as vulnerable to Oregon as they’ve looked recently
Daron: Reasonable
Justin: likewise, Oregon’s D has been nice (JF Note: Read that article and see how BAD Oregon’s D has been)
Daron: it’s been unreal
Justin: 10 picks in 7 games, pretty solid
Daron: it has sacked quite a few folk as well
Justin: yeah. They terrorized Locker: to the tune of 2 picks, 4 sacks and ~50% completions.
and 7 carries for -16 isn’t what he had in mind. They gave up 100 to Polk, which isn’t the best. USC’s defense, though against the run, has been ridic still. Less than 100 yards per game
Daron: yeah
Justin: Oregon is, btw, last in the PAC 10 in passing as a team
Daron: hahahahaI
Justin: and, somehow
Daron: I’m not seeing this as a USC loss, because it is just too obvious to pick
Justin: is scoring 34 points per game…yet, converting on just 32 % of 3rd downs
Daron: bahahaha
Justin: thanks partly to a 1-10 effort against Boise St, but still.
Daron: SoCal
Justin: score?
Daron: 31-20. Dunno how SC gets there
Justin: i’m going Oregon Duckaroos. I think they score enough…24-14
Daron: Nice! I want them to win
Justin: I think we see Mitch Mustain.  Chaosity (Justin edit, post conversation: I don’t actually think this anymore, I’m an idiot)
Daron: wow
Justin: this is the best defense they’ve seen not from Ohio
Daron: true
Justin: so yeah, that’s my story.

There’s no reason to put this here, I just wanted to.

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Texas vs. Oklahoma State

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Daron: Texas-OSU. Cowboys missing most of their ballers

Justin: yeah

Daron: but have been effective nonetheless

Justin: Where is Kendall Hunter, btw?   injured?

Daron: I believe so

Justin: ah yes.  Going into the season they had one of…scratch that the best return returning triad in the country

Daron: yeah,   it’s down to a triad of one

Justin: yeah

Daron: Kind of like the US Army used to be! Now it’s just Strong

Justin: to be fair, they don’t really lose a TON when they go to Toston

Daron: yeah, I mean, I think they’re gonna get some points

Justin: dude’s got 606 yards on 111 carries

Daron: It’s really a matter, to me, of how porous their defense decides to be

Justin: yeah, and how much Colt McCoy can get in the groove

Daron: yeah, and how open Shipley is or the newfound glory of Marquis Goodwin

Justin: OSU managed to give up 31 to A&M, but managed to contain mizzou pretty well

Daron: hey, A&M has an offense

Justin: Ok,Ok.

Daron: when not playing juggernaut’s like KSU

Justin: ill alter my arguments

Daron: <scoffs>

<vomits dinner>

Justin: Rice put up a season high against OSU, and not in garbage time.

Daron: well that’s just sad

Justin: yes, so.

Daron: As Vandy curbstomped Rice

Justin: OSU hasn’t not proven consistent


Justin: most people do


Justin: i can sense the anger

Daron: So, are you thinking a barnburner like the last few years? Texas hanging on by the skin of Bevo’s tail?

Justin: Texas turned on their biggest performance of the season last week

Daron: I think, p’raps

Justin: beating the figurative doodoo out of Missouri

Daron: hot

Justin: right?

Daron: now, Mizzou has looked impressive only in spells and Gabbert is a first year starter taking on the Muschamp defense

Justin: true

Daron: I just don’t buy the Tejas offense. Not yet

Justin: Robinson didn’t excel last year against Texas, but they were able to run, to the tune of 220 yards or so.  This is a run first spread, even when Bryant’s around.

Lesson: Dont Ever Talk to Primetime
Lesson: Don't Ever Talk to Primetime

Daron: yeah

Justin: but OSU gave up 400 yards to McCoy

Daron: who had more weapons (ie. a second receiver)

Justin: True. I just don’t see this happening, though

Daron: I don’t either

Justin: Oklahoma State’s gonna give up points

Daron: I just don’t like that everyone is gonna think Tejas is good because of it, though

Justin: and i’m not sure they’ll score enough. i hear you

Daron: nor I

Justin: This is Texas’s last chance (possibly even with the b12 title game) to put on a show and if they get up for any game, it’s this one. I sense something in the range of 42-24

Daron: you think? I’m thankin’ 31-37, 30-35

Justin: close huh

Daron: -ish.  May not seem that way.  A late score that is almost a come-ish back type scenario

but, you know, realistically there’s just not enough time, etc

Justin: gotcha, understood

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Oregon State @ USC

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Daron: NEEEEXXXT (note three x’s there) (this is adult content) (for adults) (and such)
Justin: (I agree to proceed)
Daron: beavers vs. trojans
Justin: There’s a reason for all those warnings!
Daron: right?
Justin: The Quizzzzz versus Pete Carroll and the Defenestrators
Daron: two offenses that so far are about the same. And one defense, that, by PA, is almost twice as good as the other. Interesting fact? OSU is undefeated on the road this season
Justin: interesting. Canfield has been uneven, but Quizzzzzz has been nice to the tune of 13 tds
Daron: and he catches a great deal
Justin: yeah he has 38 catches on top of 128 carries. Good for near 1000 yards of offense so far but that said
Daron: yeah
Justin: Armando Allen: 51 yards
Daron: USC’s defense…the hotness
Justin: Javhid Best: 47 yards. Some guy named tardy at WSU: 44 yards…not looking good
Daron: yeah
Justin: but what the hell do i know. He pulled 186 yards out of his nether regions last year against USC
Daron: Quizz happened to be the only one to do it last year.
Justin: I think USC’s defense will have some serious revenge on its mind though and may just try to decapitate Quizzz
Daron: it’s a 21 point spread, apparently. well, 19.5-21
Justin: i don’t think that USC has the offense for that
Daron: nor I think its 21-18
Justin: OSU did slow down Cincinnati
Daron: both teams can play defense
Justin: eh
Daron: -ish
Justin: Oregon state gave up 28 points to the fighting harbaughs and 37 to the wrong stoops
Daron: all good points. I revise my statement 28-13; 31-14?
Justin: actually, I think USC covers. 35-13

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: TCU @ BYU

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Justin: And now some non-major love…BYU vs. Dem Frogs
Daron: yeah
Justin: Best Defense in the MWC vs Best Offense in the MWC
Daron: My heart says TCU, my head says Max Hall slings it. TCU is riding high
Justin: True. TCU stopped Clemson
Daron: truth
Justin: and UVA, but that was in September, before the Grohmentum
Daron: dude, the exhbition season doesn’t count. Al Groh knows this, particularly because he plays in the ACC, and frankly, who can’t find 6-8 wins in that conference? Nut that aside
Justin: (Maryland…DAMNIT…They are dogs to Duke) okay back on subject
Daron: yeah so
Justin: Andy Dalton hasn’t been particularly impressive but they have 4 guys over 220 yards at TCU (including dalton)
Daron: yeah they can run
Justin: BYU has been pretty good against the run. 2nd in the conference, behind TCU
Daron: yeah, I mean, this is, for all intents and purposes, a heavyweight fight
Justin: but holy hell Max Hall has thrown 10 picks
Daron: yeah. he’s a gunslinger
Justin: A true slanger of gun
Daron: just having a good time, really enjoying himself out there, you can see the joy on his face…in his play
Justin: and his lovin? oh wait. Provo
Daron: oh, it’s fantastic. in the MIIIIIIIIND. Anyways, I’ve come around. TCU ugly as it always is with them.
Justin: True Story. to be a contrarian, I’m gonna say that TCU drops this one. BYU puts it together and puts up 28
Daron: See, I want to say that
Justin: holds TCU to 24
Daron: but BYU’s team is le shaky, in too many places (OL, Secondary) that are important
Justin: yeah those are important. OL against a Gary Patterson team…not where you want to be lacking
Daron: ughhh amen. Jerry Hughes will eat your children
Justin: And enjoy it! but i stay with my call
Daron: fair
Justin: 28-24, Fighting N.A. Beers
Daron: hahaha 21-10, TCizzle. maybe even 17-10, if it’s REAALLLLY sexy

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks: Texas @ Missouri

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Justin: NEXT. UT-Mizzou. Does the Blaine Gabbert slide continue
Daron: probably…UT’s Defense is turning on
Justin: Yes sir
Daron: now, their offense isn’t
Justin: yeah not so much
Daron: but I don’t think it’s gonna matter…I think they eat Gabby alive
Justin: yeah and i don’t think Derrick Washington will be able to get going
Daron: no
Justin: so, Gabbert has to win it himself, and well…
Daron: not yet
Justin: that probably doesn’t work
Daron: maybe next year
Justin: Mizzou couldn’t get to Robinson, but did slow down Toston and Okie State, minus Bryant but yeah, I just don’t see this going well
Daron: samesies. 34-17? 34-14? 34-20? somewhere in that area
Justin: Agreed! 37-14 my answer