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Parks and Recreation is back!

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So so so excited for Parks & Rec to be back tonight. The Season 2 premiere was jaw droppingly good. Yes, jaw dropping. Cause Season 1 wasn’t very good. So when the Season 2 premiere was good I was confused. Luckily Megan had the same reaction so I didn’t feel crazy.

Need to get ready? Here is Aziz’s remix of the opening credits …

Aziz Ansari Presents: Parks and Recreation – CollegeHumor video.


Getting hooked on Tosh.0

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I didn’t cave to the Tosh.0 sensation until the season 3 premiere last week. I wasn’t completely hooked until this week’s episode. This bit killed me. After terrifying me. So that’s your warning that it starts off a bit crazy, but the funny does arrive eventually.

Watermelon Thigh Squeeze – Tosh.0 – Video Clip | Comedy Central.


Hulu – Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: Andy and Pee-Wee’s Night Out

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I had heard about this all morning before I got a chance to watch SNL on my DVR. I worry with the digital shorts because I find most of them to be pretty dumb.

Pee-Wee and Anderson Cooper? Sold. I wanted to see Pee-Wee on Broadway around Christmas but my sister wasn’t a fan of the idea. How can you not love Pee-Wee? What’s that? Ok, fair point. But he’s still hilarious.

How was there no secret word? Why hasn’t Pee-Wee hosted SNL? Meaning now, since his show has been a hit. Based on what they usually throw up there, it would have to be a better show. I looked it up, he did host in 1985.

Hulu – Saturday Night Live: Digital Short: Andy and Pee-Wee’s Night Out.


Watch: NOVA – Secrets Beneath the Ice

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When I got back from break, the only things left on my DVR were things I had recorded on PBS the past few months. That included a handful of NOVAs (and the other two Sherlock episodes I’ve been dying to watch).

This was the last episode of the year. It followed the ANDRILL program as they were investigating cores from various areas of Antarctica. The landscape of Antarctica varies greatly and no one really knows how each area will react to increases in temperature.

I especially enjoyed this episode because every time I said, ‘but what about …?’ they answered the question. Many times when I say that (it’s not weird that I talk to NOVA, right?) they will just skip along so they can finish covering everything before the hour is over.

If you are a science-y geek with 50-some minutes to kill, enjoy the embed. (Actually, the embed might not be the whole thing, so if you like the tease, I think you can see the whole thing here.)

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

NOVA | Secrets Beneath the Ice.


SNL: Jim Carrey

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I had high hopes. My favorite SNL of all time was when he hosted and it included the hot tub lifeguard skit, a family favorite.

None of the skits killed me, there were laughs here and there. I am curious how much, if at all, they let him write or make up during the week.

This bit from Weekend Update, with Cameron the Blackbird did kill me. Whenever Andy Samburg comes on WU dressed in a ridiculous costume, I’m all in. Sometimes I hate myself for it, but it always gets a laugh.

I died as soon as I heard the accent. Pile on the bad puns and the fish. It’s called the surface! All in. Should have made this the whole show, just this. All 90 minutes. I’m sure they could be the musical guests as well.


There must be a god because I don’t know how things work

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Tides, sun rises and sets … magic!

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Bill O’Reilly Proves God’s Existence – Neil deGrasse Tyson
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> March to Keep Fear Alive

I got way way too excited when Neil Degrasse Tyson came out.


30 for 30

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I’ve finally seen all of the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN. Thanks to the marathon on Sunday I was able to catch the last two. Thanks to Fios On Demand, where they look to have all of them, I was able to finally see Birth of Big Air over the weekend as well. Here are a couple of my favorites from the series.

Winning Time
I don’t care about the Knicks, Packers, Reggie Miller, or Spike Lee. With all that, this was the most fun of the bunch. It’s been 15 years and everyone remembers every detail of this rivalry and it still gets them fired up.

Four Days in October
A bit biased because I was firmly on that Red Sox bandwagon that October. The amount of time I spent watching baseball that month was the reason for my only poor semester in college. Not being a full time Red Sox fan, I hadn’t really watched a full review over their amazing run since it happened.

The Best that Never Was
I knew nothing about the story of Marcus Dupree going in. Two parts made this one amazing. First, just how incredible he was. Second, how completely content he is with his life now. You really couldn’t blame him if he was a little bitter.

Once Brothers
Much different than the others. It followed Vlade Divac and basketball in Yugoslavia. I didn’t know about any of the political issues involved. Vlade’s leading of the story kept me interested.

The Birth of Big Air
This one I couldn’t get to see until this week. I knew I’d love it. The Tremaine crew. That’s all I need. The stories of the beginnings of all the sports now in the X Games all go the same way. But the crazy stuff that Mat Hoffman pulled back then, that makes it all stand out.

The U/Pony Excess
I’ll limit the similarities to these being about programs. They were questionable in their own ways. The dynamics of the players, coaches, city, and boosters give these stories so many characters it’s almost hard to keep track. It’s almost too much to squeeze in to the two hours. Both did a nice job getting to as much of the story as they could. Longer would have allowed them to dig deeper, but also would have been, well, longer.


Mom’s on Facebook

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Somehow I forgot to put this one up after SNL last week. This was a big hit when I sent it to the family. My mom is good at not being obnoxious on fb, but we’ve heard about plenty of other parents who don’t ‘get it’.


The Delaware Report

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Colbert has been excellent. So many clips I’ve wanted to share. However, almost a week later, this clip keeps popping in to my head.

In SD, with a white board! Perfect all around.


Black Noise Machine

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I’ll stick to white noise, but good to know there are options.


Better Off Ted is on Netflix!

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The reason I was so excited about this is because the last two episodes that never aired are there, in addition to the all the episodes from the only two seasons. I just wanted them and they are just as fantastic as the rest of the show. I’m still so disappointed that no one watched this show. I’m upset that it got canceled, but I can’t really be. I don’t know anyone who watched that did so without me telling them to. Now’s your chance if you have Netflix. With 26 total episodes, you’ll burn through this is no time.

I think Scrubs had some unaired episodes this past season. I look forward to seeing them as well. I actually liked the new cast. I thought starting the season with Zach Braff still around really screwed up things. After he was gone, it actually got good, but everyone had already given up.