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SNL: Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger was very good. No surprise, he’s a performer. Not just a musician. Note: actor does not always equal performer these days. However, none of the sketches stood out as good or bad.

The clip of the show is, no surprise, Stefon.

The Hulu Playlist.

I might lose your respect, but I didn’t know it was Kirsten Wiig’s last show. The good-bye segment was very sad. I’m not surprised, she’s a big deal now, even if I didn’t think Bridesmaids was very funny. I’m not sure how they replace her, she seemed to be able to do anything.

It’s getting close to time for a whole new cast. There seems to be a bunch who have been on for a while: Samberg (05), Hader (05), Sudeikis (05), Kenan (03), Armisen (02), Meyers (01). All of them have to be thinking about going. Except Kenan, I think he’d stay forever if they let him (but they shouldn’t much longer). I didn’t realize how long Seth Meyers has been around, how has he not written at least 3 hilarious movies during the last decade?

I still don’t know why SNL breaks for the summer as a traditional show. Spend the summer doing a few episodes with whatever cast is around. Showcase some potential new talent. Don’t waste the chance of the spotlight with all the news stories that break.


Bubble Soccer on Fallon

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  • I haven’t seen anything funny from Fallon’s monologue or interviews. But random bits and songs … awesome.
  • Colbert + Fallon = always gold.
  • In the week after Meet the Press being the origin of THE story of the week, David Gregory does this? How awesome. He could have easily left Fallon a message, ‘Look Jimmy, not sure if you noticed, but I just arrived as host of Meet The Press. I know I’ve been doing it for a while, but now I’m a big shot. So I won’t be able to do your bobble soccer bit.’ (He’s big enough to purposely get the name of the bit wrong.)
  • Can I number inside of bullets? Cause I’m about to.
    1. Where can I get these?
    2. Is there a better ‘field’ than these elevator doors for goals?
      1. Were people upset that a few elevators were out of service for a bit?
      2. What would you do if your elevator door opened to a bubble soccer game? You’d think you’d landed on an alien planet, right?

SNL: Will Ferrell

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My favorite clip from the show doesn’t even include Will Ferrell. Not too surprising after watching, he felt sort of absent most of the show.

All of Weekend Update was solid, I thought Seth hit on every one of his jokes. There was a lot of good stuff throughout the episode: The 100th Digital Short, The Loud Sneezing Ad, Funkytown Debate (which I thought was half as good as it could have been, but the idea made up for that half), and the return of Greg Stink for some ESPN Classic.

Saturday is the finale with Mick Jagger. I have no idea how that will go but they usually have some strong material in the finale.

Show Playlist


Dinner in Scotland

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Isn’t the question of who you’d want to have dinner with a college application staple? I never had to answer it, but in case I ever do need to, now I have an answer: David Sedaris, Rashida Jones, Craig Ferguson, and whoever that other person is (she has a reality show of some sort about Alaska on Discovery).

The only lack of amazement comes from this going exactly as I would have expected. David Sedaris with very inappropriate topics during dinner, Craig helping continue those topics, and Rashida being disgusted and curious all at the same time. Even the Alaskan helped out by not knowing anything and having David explain things in further detail.

Craig is in Scotland this week. It only reinforces the fact that I need a job so I can visit Scotland. I think it might be on the top of my list.

Also in the episode, was a great interview with Mila Kunis, in a graveyard. That seems like enough explanation. I don’t ever watch Craig, but I enjoy the randomness I saw in this episode. I’ll be TiVo’ing the rest of this week.


Is a professional photographer traveling with them?

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After some late night On Demand browsing last week I decided to check out Best Friends Forever. I had heard some good things but hadn’t caught it on TV. Probably because NBC cancelled it almost as soon as it started. I think they only made 6 episodes and only 4 aired before getting cancelled. Those 4 episodes are On Demand and on Hulu (3 of them don’t need Hulu Plus right now).

The entire show is pretty much like this. It would be tiring if it weren’t so great.


My least favorite part of SNL

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Every week, without fail, this image drives me crazy.

IMG 0004

It’s just an image they use each week heading into an early commercial break. It starts out ok, then they blur the image. That’s when the image looks like this and it says WONDER WHFFL. Before the blur, you see WONDER WHEEL just fine. I get the artistic blur effect, but when E’s turn into F’s, that’s too much blur!

I haven’t a clue why it drives me so crazy, but it does.

I was watching this week’s show on my iPad via Slingbox so I was finally able to get a screen cap without too much effort.

btw, this week’s show, with Sofia Vergara was pretty bad. I think I laughed more at the Lindsey Lohan one.


Kimmel – April Fools YT Challenge

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It’s getting boring how consistently awesome these are. This time around it was a nice addition of the kids who are now aware that when their parents are messing with them, it was probably because of Kimmel.

Even if Kimmel isn’t still on in 15 years, they better have specials of these kids reacting to these videos being played at their teenage birthday parties.


Triumph at the Golden Collars

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There are awards for dogs? (I mean dogs in entertainment, I’m aware of dog shows.)

So happy to have a great Triumph bit.


Kimmel’s Christmas Parents Prank

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Not as good as Halloween, but still great.

I thought he should have waited a little closer to Christmas, but the kids seem to have bought it. I could say he should be careful not to overdo this, but if you just get a handful of them, you can do them again every year. The worry isn’t the kids knowing, cause they won’t, its the parents who want to get their kids on TV like the Halloween kids. Although it will be fun when it’s scripted by the parents and the kids get on the show and spill the beans.


For real, Stanley?

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I’m so confused. The Office does lots of weird online clips but for some reason this one seems outside of that. But it can’t be real, can it? Watch (at least a little) …

There it is. His real name is Leslie David Baker but you know him as Stanley Hudson on The Office. I don’t see any mention of a musical past on his Wikipedia. I would have expected this from Creed, at least he is known for being in a band.

I’m hoping this is a creation of The Office writers, and I hope they stop doing things like this until they put their efforts into making the actual show good again.

The tags for this post should be ‘Music?, TV?, What?’.

Found on AbsolutePunk.


The League: Season 2 on Netflix

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Highly recommended. I struggled to catch up before Season 3 started because only Season 1 was on Netflix. After you are caught up, then let me know, because I have so few people to talk with about new episodes.