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This Week on TV

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To save myself from Summer TV withdraw I’ve decided to plan my week’s in advance. I’m going to do some research to make sure I don’t miss any specials that tend to sneak by in the Summer. Oh, and Sports.

This week will be especially difficult with all the talk shows on break.


Stanley Cup Finals: Monday (Versus), Wednesday (Versus), Saturday (NBC)

French Open: ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel – Comcast is giving us The Tennis Channel for free for this. Trying to tempt me into purchasing the Sports Package. Little do they know I’m planning on getting it when the college football season starts. That is, if I can hold old during the college baseball regionals.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out the whole week … (more…)


The Past Week

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The TV Seasons are done. I’m left with Sopranos, Entourage, and Studio 60. That should mean I fill my time with other things. Will those things lead to me having more to talk about? We’ll see. I might just play more video games in my freed up TV time. Anyway, here’s what I have from this week.

Headlines of the Day
Pigeons targeted for birth control

Keyshawn Johnson to retire, pursue TV career
Apparently no one at ESPN watched their own draft coverage.

Other Links
Eye of the Sports Guy with Paul Shirley
A great episode. It was weird hearing Paul Shirley talk for the first time. Although not as weird as hearing Bill Simmons talk for the first time. One item they discussed was why networks don’t pick people who get along to broadcast games together. This is similar to a discussion in IDM 6. Evan and I talked about how we’d probably great if we broadcasted games together.

The Penn State football team has been misbehaving again this off season. JoePa says he’s going to have them clean the stadium after games this year. Will this also apply to road games?

Quotes from The Office. Possibly every line ever spoken on the show.

The Dangerous Summer – Free mp3: The Permanent Rain

Smashing Pumpkins – Listen to the new single: Tarantula


Boo Most Commercials, Hooray Some!

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I’m no fan of commercials. The #1 reason for purchasing a ReplayTV all those years ago was to easily record things so I could skip the commercials. Turned out the real beauty of DVRs is not being tied to the TV schedule, but that’s off topic.

Still, I’m always intrigued by good commercials. Its just they are so few and far between. Even less often is there a campaign that I just love. I discovered a new one this week. Off the top of my head here are two of my favorite ad campaigns ever, plus a new favorite that I think has a ton of potential.

I don’t even need to really talk about these. There have been so many classics over the years. Even now they will still bust out a solid one. I loved the one with Jorge Posada and David Ortiz where Ortiz puts on the Yankees hat (even though it may have been against the rules).

EPSN Commercial Archive

Emerald Nuts
These were just off the wall when they first came out. It was during the 2004 World Series. This is pre-Goulet, those debuted during the 2007 Super Bowl. There were a bunch of them so you didn’t get tired of any and they were available online so I could show people I wasn’t insane.

From the first set: Encouraging Norwegians (also includes Evil Navigators). If I remember correctly, Egomaniacal Normans was my favorite of this group, but I couldn’t find a video.

Then the came back with the really long phrases that spelled out Emerald Nuts.
My favorite from this group: Engrossed Manicurists Eventually Relay Advice Like Do Not Untie That String

Red Stripe
Finally caught these this week during PTI. First I saw the Sweater one and was impressed. What put me over the top was the evil room. I found some of the others online and this campaign only has the ceiling of the number of places Red Stripe is advertised, which I’ve only ever seen during PTI. This one is good enough to be on everywhere.

iFilm page of Red Stripe Commercials

See some that I’ve mentioned after the jump. (more…)

Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 27

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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 23:18
Evan and Mike

We took a two month hiatus as the baseball season got started. Oh well if we missed another Gator championship. Evan had a pretty scary accident that could have been really bad. He also got to chaperone seventh graders in the Florida Keys. Mike wants to stop giving and receiving gifts. In sports, ESPN continues to get worse. Mike has another great sports idea: more horse racing.

Evan’s Near Accident on the Interstate
Evan’s School Trip to the Keys
Getting out of the Gift Business
ESPN’s SportsCenter Rundown
More Horse Racing
Sports Guy’s Podcast = Us with a production budget


Sporting Goods Overload

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A strange thing happens whenever I find myself wandering around a sporting goods store. I decide to take up at least a dozen new sports and activities. Everything I see I think ‘I need that’ or ‘that would be fun to try.’ So far I’ve always been able to resist. Someday though I will come home with a car full of new equipment and a dream.

This weekend in Modell’s I found myself in the boxing section. I’m fairly certain I’ve never been in a boxing section before, otherwise I’d be a boxer right now. First I saw the boxing gloves. $20 for a pair of your standard boxing gloves. At that price you don’t really have a choice. Further into the section there are the speed bags and punching bags. I need all of this. During the weigh in of the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight I wondered why I hadn’t become a boxer. I think I’m that size, which a little effort I could punch someone and I have pretty good balance. Problem is I guess, that I break easily. One punch and I’d be done. Still, it’d be a blast to have the gloves and something to punch that wouldn’t punch back.

Further travels found me in the tennis section. I always seem to wind up there. Thinking that tennis looks like fun to actually try and get good at. I love watching it on TV. I’m just lacking a court and someone to play against (who would be willing to put up with me sucking for a while). Unfortunately they are pretty important parts to playing tennis. Good thing I’m not hooked on doubles.

This was just Modell’s at a Sports Authority or Dick’s I could spent all day dreaming of activities. Baseball bats, hockey equipment, roller blades (is that still a relevant term?), swimming goggles, lacrosse sticks, wakeboards, and golf. Seriously stop me if I’m ever about to drop a fortune on some clubs. For some reason buying golf clubs always seems like a good idea at the time. If I in the store long enough the camping, fishing, and hunting gear all starts to look interesting to me. When I start pricing tents or kayaks I know its time to leave.

For now I will have to keep myself entertained with Wii Sports. I don’t need a buddy to play that. Of course even when I do have a buddy around we’ll just play Wii instead of going outside and doing the real thing.


One $hining Moment

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Pretty soon the Previously on 24 clips are going to make up half the show.

At Best Buy today the hot item was Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360. I’m very tempted. Very tempted.

While I think its ridiculous that CBS is only putting One Shining Moment in iTunes for $1.99 its really cool that they have them all going back to 1987. Still, these should all be free on their site.

Take Me Out to the Twins Game
I really like The Hold Steady but I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think the Twins are going to play this at their games. I really like the changes in there for the Twins. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone try and do anything different with Take Me Out to the Ballgame, so the attempt in itself is pretty cool.


I’m not impressed by college students spelling a 4-letter state

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Welcome to the Gil Meche Era. This Royals team could be a lot of fun. At least offensively, their 5th starter is Brandon Duckworth.

Do the Phillies ever win on Opening Day? We’re done. Season’s over. Pack it up.

The Rangers changed the name of their stadium to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Apparently for the past three years its been called Ameriquest Field in Arlington. I love the name Ballpark in Arlington, probably why I apparently ignored the sponsor. I guess I can live with having Rangers in the front of it, people get confused.

Everywhere I’m reading how Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is some sort of genius, firing his coach and taking over the team. Last year he did it midseason. This year with three games left in the season. I think he’s some sort of genius too. Not because he makes these ‘bold’ moves. He’s a genius because he gets to coach the Devils in the playoffs each year without going through a whole season then getting to coach at the best time of the year. If it doesn’t work out? Not the coaches fault, he just started. Blame the GM, but everyone is fooled.

Billy Packer doesn’t think players should foul out in basketball because it doesn’t happen in any other sport. Imagine if Billy would have found football all those years ago, I think he’d be a lot happier.

Ok Gators, time for someone else to have some fun.


The Windup

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Happy Opening Day!

I will not be discussing the following
Opening Night on ESPN2 and Women’s College Basketball on ESPN
The new ESPN score bug; the bottom line
Tony LaRussa being drunk when he put Yadier Molina in the 5 hole
The K Zone having a sponsor

Things I’m willing to discuss
Is Peter Gammons creeping out fans in the stands again this season?
Is there a better baseball call than ‘That is So Taguchi’? It doesn’t even have to be a call related to So, I’d still be for it.
Is the Kit-Kat Blizzard any good?
Is Google the greatest company ever?
My latest addition to my favorite alarm clock ideas.
Which Oregon hat do I want?

I’m just as excited for the baseball season this year. Just not as excited about the Phillies chances. I’m trying some reverse psychology this year. Last year I tried to do the same thing. Then Gavin Floyd tore it up in Spring Training and I thought we’d be unstoppable. It turned out to be the same as the last few years. Weak start. Just when its time to give up they get hot and get all the way back into contention. Then you’re holding on, chewing your fingernails, until the last weekend, then there is disappointment. I fear this year we will start off hot but then fizzle out. Hopefully I’ll be wrong (or exactly right).

I’ve almost forgotten what its like to have the Phillies in the playoffs. Its only happened twice in my life, and the first one doesn’t really count, since I wasn’t even 1 yet. I just remember the entire city going nuts. Billy Penn had a Phillies hat on, there were stores that opened up all over just to sell Phillies shirts. I’m not sure it could be the same as it was then. I’m ready to find out.

I do have some extra reason for optimism. The biggest problems with our lineup have been Burrell, Lieberthal, and Bell. Two of them are gone and Burrell having fun gives me hope. More hope than any other other middle finger has before.

Some things still concern me with the pitching. I have little confidence in Lieber, Moyer, and Eaton (confidence drops off steeply in that order). I’m also worried that Tom Gordon’s arm may fall off. I’m not even talking in September, it could happen sometime in May.

Red Means Go.


Its not just about the basketball

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I love the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. Even more than the World Series, and baseball is my first love, making this a huge statement. It doesn’t stop there though. Evan and I discussed on Inter-Dis Material 26 if we were more excited the day before the tourney or Christmas. If I didn’t have to work the morning of the first day I think the tourney might win (I took off the afternoon of the first day and all day for day 2). Then you can go back to when I was little and I would draw my own brackets on graph paper because there was no internet and I couldn’t wait for the newspaper to come the next day.

The games are always rapid fire excitement. The first round there are just so many games a few of them are bound to be close and the upsets are even more shocking (except of course for this year where there was only mild round one excitement). The second round the teams are closer in ability so every one could come down to the end (like they did on Saturday).

Besides the games themselves there is everything that goes with watching it. And that is what I miss most: Watching it with my friends at school and witnessing all of this …

Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 26

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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 26:53
Hosts: Evan and Mike

More excited on Tourney Eve or Christmas Eve?
Sneeze like a horse
Giving blood
At the stadium for the National Anthem, but not in your seat
College Basketball

Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 25

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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 25:56
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Going to the doctor and having a Med Student examine you
College Basketball