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SNL – Sports Show

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I finished watching last week’s SNL. I found this sketch to be hilarious. I have no idea why. It’s very, very dumb. Is there something wrong with me?


A Decent SNL?

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I catch SNL every week on the DVR. I find it’s worth the few gems I see. I also feel like the poor ones are in some way teaching me something about comedy. Although, for that to work, I should probably take notes.

I can’t really think of anything from this week that really blew me away, but overall it was a good effort. Often those episodes that have the one YouTube phenomenon are pretty terrible otherwise.

These Jonas Brothers have been everywhere this week. They were on Letterman and Conan and didn’t even perform. I was thoroughly confused. I can’t even name you one of their songs, and I get teeny bopper songs stuck in my head all the time. They were actually mildly entertaining on the talk shows and I thought they did a nice job here.

They popped up again in a non-musical act way in a Digital Short. I loved the not having a VCR to play the VHS, even if I did see the joke coming a mile away. The videos were pretty hilarious. I’ve got to imagine the Jonas kids were repeatedly asking, ‘Did 80s music videos really look like this?’ Oh yes, they did.

Easily my favorite skit of the show. Where is Sir Mix-a-lot? Did he have any other songs?

The one other skit that doesn’t appear to be on Hulu was Vincent Price’s Valentine’s Day Special. I’m a sucker for Bill Hader’s goofy impressions/accents (Vinny Vedecci is my favorite).


BCS Song from SNL

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During Weekend Update on this week’s SNL Will Forte sang a song about the BCS. It’s one of his favorite things and his song talks about many of his other favorite things.

It’s the best system ever devised, neck and neck with the electoral college.