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Now on Netflix Instant: Thor

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Such a big deal, that Netflix even made a blog post about it. Well, just that Thor is the first of a few super hero movies Netflix has lined up for the summer. That includes some Transformers, Captain America, Conan, and Immortals (which I haven’t heard of).


Don’t get too excited, I didn’t like Thor very much. I’m not recommending this for your Saturday night. This is all I had to say about it a little while after seeing it.



Now on Netflix Instant: The Hammer

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Netflix The Hammer
How have you not seen The Hammer yet? Do you not listen to me? Now it’s on Netflix Instant. So you’ve run out of excuses.

What else do you need than Netflix categorizing the movie as ‘Inspiring’?


The League: Season 2 on Netflix

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Highly recommended. I struggled to catch up before Season 3 started because only Season 1 was on Netflix. After you are caught up, then let me know, because I have so few people to talk with about new episodes.



Twenty on Netflix

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The Pearl Jam Twenty documentary has seemingly been everywhere the past few months. I caught it on PBS. I’m not a Pearl Jam diehard. I appreciate them but I don’t listen to them regularly. I have some friends who are diehards, so I know what it means to be truly committed. I’m saying that you can just like them a little bit and still be drawn into this doc.

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Breaking Bad on Netflix

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Saw so many tweets about this yesterday after Netflix announced this. You can catch up on the 1st 3 seasons of Breaking Bad (season 4 is airing now). I just bought these on blu-ray last month. No bother, I’d rather have the blu-rays. Really this needs to be mentioned because you all now have no excuse now to not watch the show.

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Netflix: The Benson Interruption

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Netflix needs a way to share things on Instant Streaming. I’m not saying a video embed, but some sort of FB/Tweet/Blog button to quickly share links. I’d say half my friends have Netflix, and that might be a low estimate. I’ll just have to drop in a Tweet.

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The Benson Interruption was on Comedy Central a few months ago and it was really great. You’ll like it too, if you can deal with the premise, of Doug interrupting his stand-up friends. The main reason it works is that Doug has a lot of funny friends. The better friends he is with someone, the better the set.


When did Netflix last update their Top 100?

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Seems like the Top 100 on Netflix would be somewhat interesting. To see what people are selecting. To find something popular you might not have thought of.

Instead, it just sits there. It’s such an odd list that I’m not even sure when or how it was calculated. Just look …

The movies here range from 2005-2009. I’ve seen all of them except The Hurt Locker (which you can see is in my queue). The only ones I’d actually call good are The Blind Side and Gran Torino. At least Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes are the sort of blockbusters that I would expect to be highly ranked on a Netflix list, most everyone at least checks them out. Of course, that popularity would have faded. Iron Man 2 isn’t even in the Top 100.

Forget it, no more analyzing. Just observe the ridiculousness.


Better Off Ted is on Netflix!

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The reason I was so excited about this is because the last two episodes that never aired are there, in addition to the all the episodes from the only two seasons. I just wanted them and they are just as fantastic as the rest of the show. I’m still so disappointed that no one watched this show. I’m upset that it got canceled, but I can’t really be. I don’t know anyone who watched that did so without me telling them to. Now’s your chance if you have Netflix. With 26 total episodes, you’ll burn through this is no time.

I think Scrubs had some unaired episodes this past season. I look forward to seeing them as well. I actually liked the new cast. I thought starting the season with Zach Braff still around really screwed up things. After he was gone, it actually got good, but everyone had already given up.