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New Tuesday

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Animaniacs Volume 3 and Pinky & the Brain Volume 3 – Animaniacs is my favorite cartoon ever. It was the show I would watch every day when I got home from school. Pinky & the Brain were so good they got their own spin-off. I still think of them all together as one big ball of greatness. A few years ago Toon Disney (I’m pretty sure that was the channel) started showing Animaniacs at 6pm. I caught a few shows and it was as great as I remembered. A lot of the shows I loved when I was younger are horrible to watch now. Saved By the Bell and Alf come to mind first. Animaniacs stands up to time unbelievably well. Freakazoid!, my 2nd favorite cartoon ever, might actually be better. Its been a few years since I’ve seen Freakazoid! In college we were able to track down the show online and it was fantastic. I haven’t had a chance to pick up the first two volumes of these shows, but I might have to grab at least one volume this week.
Reno 911: Miami – I have yet to watch the show. The movie trailer looked funny so I will be checking out the movie. If I like it, then I will start getting the seasons on DVD. If you think I will like it, you can try and persuade me to move it up in the Netflix queue.

Some albums I will be checking out, not necessarily buying but a lot of them have free streams this week.
Lifehouse – Who We Are
Straylight Run – The Needles The Space – I listened to this one and its very slow, which is too be expected. I heard the new single, Soon We’ll be Living in the Future, on Sirius and really like it. With Straylight Run I find that there are handful of songs that I love but the rest of the album I don’t care for.
The Junior Varsity – Cinematographic

SimCity DS – If I was in a position to play my DS a lot this would be a perfect game. I have loved every SimCity game.
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition – I didn’t play this one on GameCube but it got such high praise. This version sounding even better, plus its only $30.


The Past Week

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Headlines of the Day
Hiccup girl returns home after running away
Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3

John Mulaney

Check out these bands:
E for Explosion
Sick Puppies
Royal Bliss

Cartel – Lose It – The new single.
Kelly Clarkson – Sober – She canceled the tour so all we’ll have for the summer is the new album. That is likely to be a problem. At least if the rumors are true.
Mae – Brink of Disaster – I like Mae. A lot. They are usually a little to happy for me.
Brand New – Brothers – A B-Side.
Straylight Run – Stream the new album. It comes out this Tuesday.

Kimmel segment on Jake Byrd following Paris Hilton.
Triumph at the Tony’s.

Crossword – No clues, just some of the letters, you do the rest.

Other Links
Zooomr – A possible free alternative to flickr. I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with this.
Article about the company that made The Oregon Trail game.
Alumni buried on the Florida campus?


Summer Music: Now

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In the mood of summer music I’ve purchased a bunch of new CDs. So far two of them stand out, I will have a little something to say about them. The others are great but haven’t separated themselves from the crowd yet. I’m curious in a few years when I look at this list how many of them will still be around. Its very possible that all of these bands are at the top of my favorites at that time.

I categorize these as Popemo. They aren’t really pop-punk. Somewhere along the way this stuff transformed so far away from whatever punk roots they all sprouted from that there isn’t much in common anymore. I also don’t think of them as pure pop, just that the sound is very popular right now. A lot of people refer to it as emo. I don’t like that comparison. When I think Emo, I think The Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, and Dashboard Confessional. One other new album I bought was from Secondhand Serenade. The lead singer sounds almost exactly like Chris Carraba in some of the songs. I didn’t include them on this list because they don’t fit with the Popemo theme.

As for how I say Popemo … I don’t put a hyphen in the middle there. I go with pop-eh-mo, said very quickly. If I knew how to do that phoenic type spelling with all the accents, I would.

The top of the rotation right now. The album starts out reminding me of The Ataris and then throws a Cindi Lauper cover in there.
Pick: Maybe Misery

The Higher
Currently right behind Quietdrive in the pecking order.
Pick: Darkpop

Boys Like Girls
Pick: Heels Over Head

Permanent Me
Pick: Until You Leave

The Summer Obsession
Pick: Down For Whatever

The Rocket Summer
Very disappointed I missed out on this one. The most recent album is from 2005. The new album comes out in July. One guy plays all the instruments on the album. The whole thing is amazingly fun. He’s on a major label now and has a single out for the new album. I think you’ll be hearing from him.
Pick: Brat Pack (Possibly the catchiest song ever.)


New Tuesday

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New releases for June 12, 2007.

Paramore – Riot! – I enjoyed their last album and gave the stream of the new album a listen. I enjoyed it as well. However, it won’t make the purchase list this week. There is too much on the list for the next few weeks.
Cauterize – Disguises – I’ve always liked their sound. Take a listen on their MySpace.
Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur – Covers of John Lennon songs. I’m curious to hear the cover by Mick Fleetwood and Jack’s Mannequin.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii) – I haven’t played the DS version, I assume its nearly identical to Brain Age. How will this translate to the Wii?
Tenchu Z (Xbox 360) – Any game description that starts with ‘Become the ultimate ninja assasain’ has my instant attention. I checked Game Rankings and so far two reviews gave it an average of 87%. I need a little more than that but things look good so far.

Nothing very exciting this week.
Ghost Rider – I had no desire.
Breach – I don’t even remember it coming out.
Office Seasons 1&2 – Not really new, just selling them together. I think I saw you get a free ticket to Evan Almighty with it. If you don’t have these seasons yet then buy them with or without the free ticket.


The Past Week

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A weekly look at what I found plus what made its way to my inbox.

Headlines of the Day
Man in wheelchair stuck to semi, taken on 50-mph ride.

Shuffle – Marbles?

Braves minor league manager goes crazy. I especially like the army crawl behind the mound then using the rosin bag as a grenade. He even pulled the pin! Oh, he was suspended for three games. Seems reasonable.

The rest are a little older …

Denver the Last Dinosaur


New Radicals – You Get What You Give

Yellowcard – Five Becomes Four

3 new Straylight Run songs

Goo Goo Dolls – Before It’s Too Late. Its on the Transformers soundtrack.

Mayday Parade – When I Get Home You’re So Dead

Other Worthy Links
This guy really likes GOB. Oh, how I’ve missed Franklin.

A great look at expansion in the NHL.

Mmm, more soup.

When I need my tropical weather update, this is where I go.

If you want to see the videos, read more. (more…)


Summer Music: The College Years

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Last time I covered the early days of my pop-punk experience. This time around I’ll take a look at the bands I got into toward the end of my college career. During college I was introduced to tons of bands. The ones that follow have released a full length since and survived my constantly changing rotation this long. Once again I included a pick that is a solid example of why each of the bands is great for summer.

Almost two years after hearing Fall Out Boy and instatntly knowing they were going to be huge, I heard Cartel and felt the same way. That was just after hearing their EP. When I got their full length, I knew I was right, it was nearly perfect. They got some play but didn’t really get popular. Besides of course in my CD players where it was at the top of the rotation for a few months. Now they are in the bubble on MTV recording their new record. I watched the premiere on MTV and it was unwatchable. Its MTV’s fault that its terrible. They barely covered anything about the actual band. They just asked them dumb questions about going into the bubble and for some reason thought talking to the crowd would be interesting. I’m glad they are getting the exposure and I hope the new album is great.
Pick: Burn This City

Hit the Lights
Hit the Lights was my third pick after Fall Out Boy and Cartel, these things seem to come every two years. I put their sound near Simple Plan but their lyrics have just enough evil in them to make me like them so much.
Pick: Loose Lips Sink Ships

I could have gone to see them for free during my sophomore year. I wound up not going and thus did not realize what I was missing out on until my senior year. Action was the album that hooked me. 37 Everywhere came out last year. Another fun, incredibly catchy album. I have no idea why these guys aren’t huge. They have what it takes.
Pick: Not Afraid

All Time Low
This band doesn’t date back to college. However they fit better in with this group than my final installment. So far I just have an EP from them. I’ll give them time apparently they haven’t been out of high school for a year yet. They are just as good as the other bands on this list they just haven’t proven it over time yet. I need a least a full length.
Pick: Break Out! Break Out!

Next time, a look at my pile of recent purchases. They all fall under a genre I like to call Popemo.


The Past Week

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Some things I came across this week that I still liked when I went to write The Past Week.

Headlines of the Day
Study-Female Cheetahs Sleep Around

Yankees Litsch-slap Blue Jays

Steelers assistant sorry for e-mailing sex video

Other Links
Trying out MyBlogLog. The way I see it used best is that you join the community of the site. Then see what other sites members like to visit. You’ve already got one site in common, maybe you’ll find something new you like.

Great game if you’re looking to kill a few days. I hate these stupidly simple games that suck me in.

Favorite post of the week from my new favorite blog, at least when politics or global warming isn’t the topic. But that’s the whole point of these blogs. Write about want you want and if you come up with something brilliant or at the very least amusing every week or two then I’ll be a fan.

I need to study. Apparently I should have learned all these words six years ago.

Hawthorne Heights – New Song: Come Back Home

The Rocket Summer – New Single: So Much Love


Summer Music: 1st Generation

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The past few weeks I’ve found the music I listen to has shifted. I had been listening to more screamo and indie-type rock (my best way to describe Say Anything and The Hold Steady). I started listening to music a little more pop and a lot more fun. Its summer time and I didn’t even realize that I change my listening habits when summer comes around. It also seems like a lot of bands that I like or am starting to like are releasing new albums around this time.

It started by going back to some albums that I hadn’t listened to a whole lot recently. Once I gave them a listen I started to grab for them more often out of the CD case. Now they are in a solid rotation with all the stuff I’ve just bought recently. They bring me back to when I first got them, which for most of them was some point in college.

It doesn’t seem like I’ve been listening to all these groups for a few years now. It seems like yesterday when I first heard them. They all date back to high school and early on in college. I don’t even know what I listened to before all this besides Weezer and Green Day. Well, I guess you can’t forget Hootie & the Blowfish. Cracked Rear View is a masterpiece.

Here is what I’d call my first generation. Each band I have a pick of a song that is a quality summer tune. You can’t go wrong driving around all summer with these bands.



The Past Week

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The TV Seasons are done. I’m left with Sopranos, Entourage, and Studio 60. That should mean I fill my time with other things. Will those things lead to me having more to talk about? We’ll see. I might just play more video games in my freed up TV time. Anyway, here’s what I have from this week.

Headlines of the Day
Pigeons targeted for birth control

Keyshawn Johnson to retire, pursue TV career
Apparently no one at ESPN watched their own draft coverage.

Other Links
Eye of the Sports Guy with Paul Shirley
A great episode. It was weird hearing Paul Shirley talk for the first time. Although not as weird as hearing Bill Simmons talk for the first time. One item they discussed was why networks don’t pick people who get along to broadcast games together. This is similar to a discussion in IDM 6. Evan and I talked about how we’d probably great if we broadcasted games together.

The Penn State football team has been misbehaving again this off season. JoePa says he’s going to have them clean the stadium after games this year. Will this also apply to road games?

Quotes from The Office. Possibly every line ever spoken on the show.

The Dangerous Summer – Free mp3: The Permanent Rain

Smashing Pumpkins – Listen to the new single: Tarantula


Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet

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Gym Class Heroes’ Cupid’s Chokehold, their ‘new’ song, is getting pretty popular. I say ‘new’ because I first heard this song three years ago. I like it and I’m glad that they are getting attention, they just should have gotten in when the song first came out.

The song features Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. It was on their last CD and they also added it when the re-released their latest CD. It works better on the CD it was originally on because in Cupid’s Chokehold there is a reference to the last song, which comes a few tracks earlier and is called Make Out Club, it is essentially a list of all the women he’s been with.

One problem that I noticed when listening but never really took the time to think about … what is he talking about? He goes on and on about his girlfriend but then the chorus talks about how she’s not much of a girlfriend. After watching the video it all makes sense. Actually I still don’t think the lyrics work, but the video explains what they were going for. The chorus is talking about his old girlfriend and everything else is about how great the new girl is. The old one must have just been one of the girls from Make Out Club.

Interesting thing I found about the chorus when looking around: Its the chorus from Supertramp’s Breakfast In America.

The first song that I started hearing on the radio was New Friend Request. A song about meeting someone on MySpace.

They are really creative and catchy, even corny at times. But if you get corny right, then I’m going to be a big fan and they get it right.

Cupid’s Chokehold

Make Out Club

If you aren’t aware, Fueled By Ramen is my favorite label. Their bands: The Academy Is …, Cobra Starship, Cute is What We Aim For, Gym Class Heroes, Less Than Jake, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Punchline, and others that I haven’t listened to but I’m sure I’d like. Oh, and Jimmy Eat World and Yellowcard used to be on the label.


MTV Tr3s

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MTV en Espanol is now MTV 3, well actually its MTV Tres, if you really want to get specific its MTV Tr3s. From what I can tell its still Spanish music videos but the commercals and VJs are in English. They have this ad that seems to last 10 minutes where they take Amercian groups and show who you’d like in Spanish. Interesting, if, ya know, I could understand the band they are trying to recommend. Just go all Spanish. I’m not watching either way.

Now, MTV, if you are going to number the Spanish version of your channel, you might as well keep going. Besides the first 3 MTVs I also get MTV Hits and MTV Jams (those channls may actually end with z’s knowing MTV). That sounds a whole lot like MTV 4 and 5 to me. We won’t get into MHD and where that falls into the numbering. Its sort of a hybrid channel for MTV, VH1, and CMT. I think if I tried to number the VH1 channels I’d get a headache.

What they really need to do is just have MTV play music videos all the time. Then have your MTV Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. channels. One channel for each genre that shows videos and I’ll allow concerts and profiles of bands. Then you have a whole separate channel, one that doesn’t even have the word music in the title. Here you can put on all your Real Worlds, Road Rules, Date My Moms, and whatever else you please. MTV has so much of this content they could have two channels of this. I’d be in for older stuff such as Real World seasons, Sand Blast, Idiot Savant, and Remote Control. There is probably tons of gold hidden in the vault that came before my time. My only reservations with these two channels is that I would have to delete them immediately from my TV. As soon as I turned them on, I’d be hooked for the day.