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Links for August 12

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Last week’s posting didn’t go as planned, so here is a whole load of links.

Odd News Items …

God accused of selling cocaine near Tampa church

Couple Launched 18-Month Egging Spree – This happened in my area, not exactly sure where it all took place.

British teen finds it pays to swear on exam

Little old ladies or criminal masterminds? Both!

More pop culture type news items …

The Muppets take the Smithsonian

Ken Burns new doc series for PBS – This time, its National Parks.


Living stars who you may think are dead – MSNBC must have been really bored. This is a really terrible thing to publish. I either didn’t know the person or knew that they were still alive.

The 10 oddest travel guides ever published.

Funny …

The O’Brien vs. Stewart vs. Colbert three-show throwdown – I realize these are very old. The link slipped through the cracks.

If Your Last Girlfriend Had an IMDb Page

The A-Team Van Rides to Montreal!

First, Circuit City Demands All Copies of Mad Magazine with Ad Parody Destroyed. Then, Circuit City Apologizes for Pulling Mad Magazine, Promises to Get a Sense of Humor.

Chinese restaurant called TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR

Colbert: Canton, KS Not Such a Shithole After All

Interesting/informative things that didn’t fit elsewhere …

Should you recycle an ex? After all, he’s already on the curb

Can’t sleep? Blame all those glowing gadgets

Wake n’ Bacon is most delicious alarm clock ever

Are Revolving Doors More Energy Efficient?

Governor’s Information for each state – Randomly came across this. All sorts of facts about the requirements and rules for the Governors of each state.

Free Coinstar – Apparently I was the only person who wasn’t aware of this. I always thought Coinstar was expenseive. However, there is no charge if you turn it into a gift card. They have places like Amazon and Circuit City. My bank is closer and has a coin machine in the lobby, but still good to know about this.

This week from NPR …

This American Life 361: Fear of Sleep – The first story this week was by Mike Birbiglia about his problems with sleep walking.


Catching up on Links

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The last time I posted links was June 23rd. I’ve been online since them, except for my almost two week break of visiting baseball stadiums on the East Coast and California. In order to avoid being over whelmed I’m going to split these into a few posts over the next few days.

Helpful tips …
Making security easier
Google has added a setting to that you always access your GMail over a secure connection. I’ve been access GMail via the secure site for a long time now and while I would hope everyone else does too, I highly doubt it. This security isn’t automatic so be sure to go in and change your settings.

Reducing Junk Mail
Yes, actual paper mail that comes in that box out front of your house. I still get tons of credit card offers. Oddly, most of the credit card offers are from companies I already have cards from. They have my email, why not just send me an email I can delete?

The usual LEGO links thanks to Gizmodo …
Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lego
Lego Beijing Olympics

More fun from Gizmodo …
BuzzBall Brings the Rollercoaster Experience to Your Backyard
Jet Skiing in a Jacuzzi Is Half Crazy Half Sad

Things you likely already heard but just in case …
Court: Girl can’t be called Talula Does The Hula
Borgata Gambler Asked To Leave Because Of Body Odor
World’s fastest man: Tyson Homosexual

Things I heard on NPR …
Cooking Up Characters From Old Grocery Lists
This person takes old grocery lists and concocts characters based on the items on their lists. She started doing them on stage and has now released a book.


Links for June 23

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Promo for The Cleveland Show – At first I thought this was a dumb idea but after the promo and getting back into American Dad I am now on board.

Be a star in our reasonably priced car – Try out the Top Gear track.

Wii Fit damage. I knew this was coming as soon as I set mine up. You need a bit of room to be moving about. I especially see issues at first for the unbalanced gamers.

WGN did a turn back the clock game. They covered the game as if it were 1948.

Uni Watch took over uniform duties for the Camden River Sharks. I wish I would have remembered, I would have gone.

Jim Caple on Page 2 ranks the best single sports years for a city. The winner? Philly in 1980-81. That’s right, I just missed the best sports year for any city ever.

Bob Uecker’s Yacht Wrecked By Freighter – A rule I have is anything I find mildly interesting that involves Bob Uecker, I share.

Fahrenheit – The new coaster at Hershey Park drops at 97 degrees. I haven’t been to Hershey in a few years, I think its time to go back.

If you’re dog and Roomba don’t get along, yell at your robot.

Top Five Roadkill Sites in North America
– Actually the list is for top sites where turtles are run over. I was surprised that roadkill was tracked. I’m even more surprised they keep track by animal. The #1 site wins with a score of 2070 turtles killed per mile. That seems like a lot.

Gizmodo loves their LEGO posts. Apparently there was some sort of convention.
LEGO Death Star video
Pictures of the LEGO Death Star
LEGO Business ‘Card’
LEGO Airbus A380

New video from Bo Burnham – i’m bo yo.


Triumph at The Belmont

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went to the Belmont Stakes. I post this because its great and to see how well Hulu embedded videos work.


Links for June 10

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Carolla did Made Up Movies again yesterday, Part 1 and Part 2. This continues to be my favorite segment on the show, which is really saying something.

David Sedaris on The Daily Show – Enjoyable interview. One of the few people who’s books I will go out and get, then actually read.

Bo Burnham – New Math – New YouTube Song from Bo. I saw him open for Joel McHale.

Chris Bosh on Leno
– He reports from the NBA Finals for Leno. The second thing I’ve found funny on Leno in a month, doubling my lifetime total.

Pool Pogo Stick – At first I thought it was funny and worthless. Now, I kind of want one.

Water Slide with Loop – You get started by dropping through a trap door. Something seems dangerous about this.

Pillow Rings – Someone must have gotten tired of having knuckles imprinted on their cheek.

Disney World in 3D – Travel to Disney World inside of Google Earth.

You’ve Been Left Behind – Worried that you won’t get to say good-bye to your loved ones after you’ve been raptured. This site will email what you have stored on the site to who you select within 6 days of the rapture. How do they know the rapture has occured? Here is what they say: “This occurs when 3 of our 5 team members scattered around the U.S fail to log in over a 3 day period. Another 3 days are given to fail safe any false triggering of the system.” Oh, and its not free. $40 for the first year but they expect a lot of signups so future years should be cheaper.


Links for June 4

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Obama Apologizes for messing up a reporter’s game – This is from 06. Obama called on a reporter and said he had a baby face. The reporter said this caused him to lose his shot with another reporter. Obama called him and appologized. The audio is in the link.

Dippin’ Dots lost its patent – This makes me feel better. I was worried there would be an ice cream monopoly in the future.

Trump Marina to become Margaritaville – When I think Margaritaville, I think tropical. When I think tropical, I think Atlantic City.

Storm Chasing Tours – I got the idea in my head that I wanted to go on a tornado chase. This is what I found. They are pricey and appear to fill up quick. Better hurry.

Drunk driver runs into bike race. The picture is unbelieveable.

????????Wale – The Mixtape About Nothing – I thought this was a joke and just listened to see how bad it would be. I wound up listening to the whole thing and it was good. Apparently I just wasn’t aware and Wale is very good and very popular.

Electronics Energy Costs – See how much some common electronics cost to use or just be plugged in.

How Guitar Hero DS Works – I thought it looked ridiculous. With these instructions they are purposely making it appear even more ridiculous.

Wii Fit Parody – Technically this isn’t far from the truth. I still like the Wii Fit.

1989 Upper Deck Griffey Card – I don’t have this one in my collection. Reading this made me look around eBay but I’m out of the loop on baseball card grading.

Top 10 Announcers in Sports Movies

Worst First Pitches of All Time

10 Worst Broadcasters in Sports – Hits all the important ones. Dick Vitale and Chip Carey are way too high on the list.


Tops for May

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1. Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – You can still play Baseball Picks!
2. Links for May 20 – Third of four Links posts this month.
3t. Boo Most Commercials, Hooray Some! – From last May. Not sure why this post was popular this month. A look at some commercials for ESPN, Emerald Nuts, and Red Stripe.
3t. Horse Racing Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – The Belmont is this weekend, so there is still a chance to participate this year.
3t. Links for May 1 – First of four Links posts this month.
3t. The Long Plane Ride Home – From this month, the story of my flights to and from Seattle. Including my plane having to turn around and return to Houston during my trip home.


Links for May 27

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Anatomy Of A Failure: Lessons Learned – An interesting post from the founder of Meetro, which was a location based IM client. I tried it out when it was first released. There were not many people in my area. I also thought it was a little strange talking to strangers nearby. I’d rather my strangers be far away. It was an interesting idea and worth a shot. Very interesting read about why it failed and the thoughts of someone behind the scenes.

The Simpsons Ride – Was there not a Simpsons ride before? Its the perfect recipe for a ride.

Mario Kart Wii Training Wheel – Having issues with the Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii? I’m not but some of my family had trouble with it as first. You can create your own training wheel and look ridiculous at the same time.

Super Mario World levels set to music – Someone spent a lot of time to create these levels to match up to music. I only got three minutes into it. Those three minutes were cool but I think I got the point.

Turn your soda can into a bottle. There must be some sort of resealable can that could be designed instead of this.

50 Ways to Help the Planet – Easy ways to do your part.

Lovers, Not Fighters by Doug Glanville – As far as I know Glanville is the best writer in baseball. Here he discusses brawls he’s been involved in.

Beckham’s 60-yard Goal – I happened to catch this live. I don’t watch soccer all that much but I was flipping through and saw the game on HDNet. Nothing else was on so I watched a few minutes. I like soccer but there aren’t enough hours in the day to be a fan.

The bracket for the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Possibly the most complicated playoff format outside of Baseketball. The 8 teams that emerge from this 64-team field head to Omaha for the College World Series.


Links for May 20

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I collected these over the past few weeks. I’ve been busy and traveling. I hope these are still relevant.

From the Dilbert Blog, a man was forced to give up his seat and sit in the bathroom.

Horse tramples car. I have no idea how the horse got onto this car and then how did it get out?

GUTS is sort of coming back. It will be a family version on during Nick at Nite. I wonder if Moe is available?

My current favorite Carolla segment is Made Up Movies where callers give the title and the hosts develop the plot of a movie.

Police Log: Someone set a port-a-potty on fire.

NCAA Football 09 is coming. I’m excited.

50 Most Memorable Movie Cars

10 Worst Entry-Level Tech Jobs

Awful Announcing is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Here are a few posts I enjoyed in the past weeks …
Apparently you just have to fill out a form to be eligible for the NBA Draft. Then you even get added to the watch lists.

Charles Barkley reads everything he sees on the prompter.


Links for May 1

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I saw Joel McHale last week. Bo Burnham opened for him. I thought he was very good. He sings lots of odd songs and is only 17.

I was browsing the iTunes Podcast Directory looking for some new ones to listen to. I wound up adding a bunch of NPR podcasts. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is the best of the bunch. Its weekly, on Saturdays, look at news items from the past week with a sense of humor.

New David Sedaris in The New Yorker. Not my favorite, its all about smoking. Still, its David Sedaris, so its worth reading.

A touching story of a balding penguin.

Photoshopping what each candidate would look like in 4 years.

Police Log from The Daily Collegian.
Always one of my favorite parts of the paper, this one doesn’t disappoint.

One of my softball teammates’ man cave was featured on a PSU blog this week.

Some Lists …
Philly is #1 place to live for new grads.

Pittsburgh gets a #1, but for sootiest. Here is the full list.

Top 50 comedy sketches. #50 is cowbell. So either the list is terrible or there are about 40 hilarious sketches I’ve never seen.

Top 50 TV Shows of All Time – See how far you get until you have to stop because you realize the list is worthless. I got to #49. Then I flipped to #48 and they redeemed themselves.


Popular in April

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Looks like I missed April. I posted on the last day of March and the first day of May. Since there were no posts I was curious as to what where the most viewed posts in April. Here are the Top 5:

Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet (You can still sign up!)
Links for March 27th
The Janke Chronicles – Episode 2
The Janke Chronicles – Episode 3
Top 5 Things I secretly miss about the 80s