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Why Ice Cream Helmet?

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I originally created Ice Cream Helmet two years ago for Baseball Picks. I had some extra time and decided to do the Tourney. I’d been disappointed by the options to customize the experience and I wanted to make it more social.

It hasn’t been as easy or successful as I had hoped. Although I’m pretty sure the other sites have more resources to throw at the game than I do. From what I have seen, the other sites have improved over the past two years.

Now that Ice Cream Helmet has so many different games, the competition can run throughout all of them. The only issue is making sure that people do their ICH Picks. At first, that required making a different set of picks. I’m simplified that over time. If the group has the same type of settings as the ICH settings, then the picked will carry over. Situations where the settings are different are things like football groups choosing to not use spreads.

Using the ICH Picks can spread into all sorts of rankings. You could compare yourself against your ICH Friends. Compare with other fans of a particular team or school. Compare against members of ‘teams’ (sort of like groups but they aren’t tied to one specific game). Really, rankings could be made based on any sort of information a member provided. Not much of this has been implemented. My hope was to slowly work out these features as membership grew. If the only people playing are in my group, then there isn’t much use in these additional features.

So sign up and make your picks for the Tourny on ICH.

Today I added the pick distribution so you can get an idea of what people are picking. Right now only Pitt, UNC, and UConn are getting any love to win it all.


Oscar Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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Back for its 2nd year. Oscar Picks on ICH! Just like last year, make your picks in all the categories. You can create a group and have your friends join. If you create a group you can choose the point values for each category. Maybe you want to heavily weight the art direction and costume categories. Or maybe you don’t want them to count at all.

Make your picks!


Daily Pick back on Ice Cream Helmet

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The Daily Pick went on a bit of an unexpected hiatus. Looks like prior to this weekend the last one was on September 4th. I made some changes so that hopefully I can keep up.

It will take a while to catch up to my 159 correct picks but the rankings are based on the past month or so of results. So you can climb the rankings quickly if you keep up.

Today’s Matchup: Texas @ Oklahoma (College Basketball)


NFL Playoff Pickem

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I decided I wasn’t through making picks for the NFL season. So I decided to add playoff games to the mix.

You can either make ICH Picks or create a group and invite your friends.

Saturday, January 3, 2009
Favorite Line Underdog Time
Atlanta 2.5 ARIZONA 4:30pm
Indianapolis 1.5 SAN DIEGO 8:00pm
Sunday, January 4, 2009
Favorite Line Underdog Time
Baltimore 3.5 MIAMI 1:00pm
Philadelphia 3.5 MINNESOTA 4:30pm

Home team in CAPS. Spreads are from time of this posting and may change before kickoff.


College Basketball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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Ice Cream Helmet started with the NCAA Basketball Tournament in 2007. For this season, I’ve added College Basketball Picks.

The season will start on Week 3 of the season, which is November 24th. I looked at the games for the first 2 weeks and saw that a total of 5 games qualified, based on my ratings, to be picked.

There are 2 problems with the first few weeks of the season. First, even more than college football, good basketball teams warm up with cupcakes. Second, most of the good games this early in the season come in early season tournaments. Those matchups are only known a day or 2 in advance. So there would be no way to pick those games. The easiest way to handle things was to just say that picks would begin in Week 3.

I mentioned that some early games didn’t qualify for my ratings. These are the ratings I use to determine which games will be picked each week. The ratings mostly use the rankings. I tried to find the best matchups with the better teams in Division 1. This comes out to about 10 games per week for Weeks 3-8 and about 20 games per week the rest of the season. These estimates came from the ratings at the end of last season, using this season’s schedule. The numbers for this year should wind up being just about the same.

You can choose to just make picks that will count toward your ICH Score or create your own group. Creating your own group will let you add things like wager points or drop lowest scoring weeks.

The first set of picks should be ready to go mid-next week. Get started creating your groups and getting your friends to sign up now!

College Basketball Picks

I’ve also created the following pages to help you follow college basketball. These pages include my favorite feature, the team info pop-ups. They will show the team’s record as well as recent and upcoming schedule.

Also, if you click on any of the schools, it will take you to the school’s page. These are still being worked on. Right now it will show you the basketball schedule and football schedule, if that school has a D1A team.


Top NHL Games Week 1

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I’m not sure how much hockey coverage you’ll find on here this season. I love the Flyers but I don’t have a ton of time to keep on top of the entire NHL during the regular season. As a start, each week I’ll post the top 10 games according to Ice Cream Helmet. ICH picks are made on the top 10 games each week. You can join in and make picks, or create your own group and pick up to 25 games per week.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Calgary @ Vancouver 10:30pm
Friday, October 10, 2008
Chicago @ New York 7:00pm
Montreal @ Buffalo 7:30pm
Washington @ Atlanta 7:30pm
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Chicago @ Washington 7:00pm WGN
Montreal @ Toronto 7:00pm NHLN
New York @ Philadelphia 7:00pm
Dallas @ Nashville 8:00pm
Vancouver @ Calgary 10:00pm NHLN
Sunday, October 12, 2008
Colorado @ Edmonton 8:00pm

Make picks on Ice Cream Helmet


NHL Pickem on Ice Cream Helmet

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This year, for the first time, Ice Cream Helmet will feature Hockey Picks. The standard ICH game will feature 10 games per week to pick from. They are the top 10 rated games as rated by ICH. Each correct pick is worth 1 point. Your rank will go toward your Overall ICH Score.

You can choose to create your own group and have up to 25 games per week available to be picked. Custom groups also feature the option to use wager points as in most other Ice Cream Helmet games. Wager points allow you to get extra points if you are correct on your most confident selections but subtract from your total if you are incorrect.

You can get started now, games for Week 1 are all set to pick.

The first four games of the season take place on Oct. 4th and 5th in Europe. The rest of the league gets started on Oct. 9th. The deadline to make ICH picks is before each individual game, the first being the Flames/Canucks game on Oct. 9th. Custom gropus have the option of having a similar deadline of before each game or having a single weekly deadline before the first game of the week (weeks start on Monday).

Ice Cream Helmet Hockey Picks


Good at Pickem, Bad at Wager Points

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When I created College Football Pickem last year I wanted something more than just one point per game. Confidence points were a little too much. I came up with the idea of Wager Points. Each person has the option each week to wager points on one game or split it up any way they wish. The risk being that if that pick is wrong, those points are subtracted from your total. For my group I went with 10 points.

I still think its a great idea, except for the fact that I’m terrible at it. For college football, through Week 4, which was this weekend, I have been wrong on every pick I’ve put wager points on. That’s -40 points. My total score for the season stands at -4. You might think I’m terrible at making picks in general, not so. My group has 9 members. The most correct picks in the group (just picks, not counting wagers) is 37. Two people have that total. Their scores counting wager points: 41 (1st Place) and 29 (5th Place). Me? I have 36 correct picks. I just have no idea which ones of them are going to be right beforehand. So while I’m only 1 pick behind the most in the group, I’m 45 points behind. If I would be even on my wager points so far, or just decided not to ever use them, I’d be in 2nd place.

I should either stay away from Vegas or go and bet every game. I think betting every game is the wiser idea. My win percentage is just over 50% and it would be more fun than not doing anything.

My method for using my wager points is to pick the two games I’m most confident in and then wager 5 points on each. I’d rather give myself a chance to come out even in the week than wind up losing 10 points off of one game. People in my groups seem to have come up with their own method. Some do the all in on one game, others wager 2-3 points at a time. I haven’t seen anyone go 1 point on 10 different games yet. Actually, that might not be a terrible idea for me.

For NFL Pickem I have the same setup. For some reason I’m a little better at that. Through Week 3, the games I put wager points on were both early games and I got those correct. That puts me at +10 for the season.


College Football Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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This week I launched College Football Picks for the 2008 season. It’s a College Football Pickem game that I started last season. Similar to last year you have the option of competing against all ICH members or in a group.

ICH picks includes games featuring Top 25 teams against the spread. Your score will rank you against the other people making ICH picks. It will also add to your Overall ICH Score where you can see where you rank against everyone in all sports.

Groups can be customized in a number of ways so that your group will only pick the games you want. You can select from Top 25, conferences, or individual teams. Any combination you wish. Groups can choose to pick against the spread or straight up. Wager Points allow your group members to place points on games they are confident in. The risk is that an incorrect pick will result in the amount wagered being subtracted from your total.

If you are ready, the rankings for Week 1 are up and you can start making your picks now!

Ice Cream Helmet College Football Picks


ICH Reminder: Belmont Stakes

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Don’t forget to make your picks for Ice Cream Helmet Horse Racing Picks. The Belmont is on Saturday. Pick the order you think the 10 horses will finish. You don’t have to had made picks in either of the other races to make picks for the Belmont.

Make your picks! (After you log in you will be able to make picks.)


ICH Reminder: Preakness Stakes

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Don’t forget to make your picks for Ice Cream Helmet Horse Racing Picks. The Preakness is on Saturday. Pick the order you think the 13 horses will finish.

Make your picks! (After you log in you will be able to make picks.)