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Emmy Pickem

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I just put together Emmy Pickem over on Ice Cream Helmet. This is the first time I’m doing an award show other than the Oscars.

I picked the major categories and if you create your own group, you can set point values for each category.

The nominees were announced this morning. The awards are announced on September 18th.

Make ICH Picks or head on over to the site to create a group and invite your friends.

I’d love suggestions of other award shows to consider doing on ICH.


Ice Cream Helmets have a home

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My Ice Cream Helmets have never had a home. They were displayed on a shelf with my hats in my old room. I don’t even think they made the trip to my first apartment. Here at my current apartment, they found a shelf of their own next to my TV, but it was more of a pile than a display. I hadn’t really thought about it too hard, but my mom had.

She was talking to a patient of hers who does woodwork and somehow they hatched a plan for a project. My mom had originally wanted some sort of enclosed case that could be hung on the wall so that I didn’t have to worry about my helmets getting dusty. These aren’t the most high quality items. The logos come off pretty easily on some of them.

The guy thought about that idea, but thought it might be too heavy. He came up with his own design and made it out of a really light wood so they could be easily hung on the wall.

On Christmas morning, I was down to my last present. I hadn’t asked for too much and I had already opened those. So I was extra curious what could possibly be in my last box that was saved for after everyone else was done and mom had the camera ready.

My first question was how many could each one hold. Each has 16, he couldn’t come up with a good design to have 14 on the AL one and 16 on the NL one. Probably good. If there is another expansion, it should be to have 16 in each league. Any more than that and I’m in trouble, but I think I have some time.

I sent a picture over to Evan on Christmas morning and it was forwarded to his mom letting her know she should get in contact with my mom to place an order.

After being back to school for a week I finally had a chance to hang them up.

As for the helmets, I obviously have some work to do in the AL. If you consider the two fewer teams, they aren’t that far behind. It just looks more obvious because the corner spots aren’t filled yet.

I’m currently missing four helmets of places I have been:
Orioles – I’ve been to Camden Yards, but it was before I had started collecting the helmets. I’ve already looked at the schedule and found two promising weekends in April.
Giants, A’s, Dodgers – Something about California. The Padres were the only stadium to have helmets on the trip. We didn’t go to Anaheim, so I can’t speak for them. The A’s had helmets for popcorn and french fries. I have one of those larger helmets, but will not be putting it on this display. The Dodgers may have had them, but Evan bought the tickets for the outfield seats and you aren’t allowed to leave that section.

Ice Cream Helmet

Kentucky Derby Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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The post positions were set today, so you can now make your picks.

Make ICH Picks

You pick how you expect all 20 horses to finish. The default scoring is as follows (you can change any of these values if you create your own group):

Correct Pick: 2 points
Correct Win: 20 points
Correct Place: 10 points
Correct Show: 5 points
Correct Last: 1 point
1 Finish Position off: 1 point
Each Finish Position off by more than 1: -0.2 points (If you pick a horse to finish 5th and it finished 7th, that is 2 positions off, so you would get 0.8 points)

Perhaps a little complicated, but I wanted something more than just Win, Place, Show. It’s so difficult to get finish positions exactly right, so I wanted some value in being close. Create your groups with whatever settings you like. If you have some suggestions to improve the default scoring, leave a comment.


Baseball Picks on ICH – Week 1

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It’s Opening Night. Baseball Picks is back on Ice Cream Helmet again this season. Here are the top 10 rated series that can be picked for Week 1. No surprise, tonight’s Yankees/Red Sox game is on the list. Make your picks!

Top 10 Rated Series for Week 1
Yankees @ Red Sox Sun Apr 4
Marlins @ Mets Mon Apr 5
Cubs @ Braves Mon Apr 5
Padres @ Diamondbacks Mon Apr 5
Mariners @ Athletics Mon Apr 5
Mariners @ Rangers Fri Apr 9
Cubs @ Reds Fri Apr 9
Dodgers @ Marlins Fri Apr 9
Twins @ White Sox Fri Apr 9
Braves @ Giants Fri Apr 9
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ICH Football Picks Final Standings

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With the Super Bowl over, here are the final standings for picks for this season. The scores here are for correct picks during the regular season and playoffs.

Rank Name Score
1 mattorix 140
2 Mike 130
3 evan05 105
4 Ahad 85
5 beast235 73
Ice Cream Helmet

Winter Olympics on Ice Cream Helmet

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Olympic Pickem, if that’s what you want to call it, is here and ready for you to make your picks.

I’d wanted to do something for the last Olympics but I couldn’t wrap my head around a decent idea. The Winter Games has a lot fewer events. So I started with something simple. Just pick a country in each of the 86 events. If that country wins a medal, you get points. Simple enough. No dealing with individual athletes, that would get confusing in half a second.

Olympics Picks Site – Go here to sign-up or create your own group. If you have your own group, you can set the point values for different medals. Maybe to you, silver is just one of the losers.

Make Your ICH Picks – Open to everyone, just need an ICH account.

If you have suggestions for next time around, leave them in the comments.

Some things I thought of that I’d like feedback on …
I didn’t include any sort of wager or confidence points.
The country list is the same for every event. I didn’t have time to research what countries had participants in each event.
Perhaps a subset of the most popular events would be a better option.
Maybe each country can only be selected once (or a set number of times). I’d imagine some people would just pick the USA in every event.
Deadlines before each event. This year all picks have to be in before the 1st event starts on the morning of February 12th.


ICH College Football Final Bowl Standings

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Remember, for Bowl Picks, picks were not made against the spread and each game was ranked 1-34 based on confidence.

2009-2010 ICH Bowl

Rank Name Score
1 Gregg 403
2 Justin Franks 370
3 mattorix 363
4 evan05 349
5 Ramji 328
6 Mike 308

Final Regular Season Standings


Basketball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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We’re a week away from tip-off of the NBA season. Once again this year you can play NBA Pickem on Ice Cream Helmet. Just like last year you can make your picks on the Top 10 rated games each week or create your own group and customize how many you wish for your group to pick. Making picks on the Top 10 will add to your ICH Score.

Last year I had the highest ICH Score for Basketball Picks with 23. Yea, 23. That topped the second place person by 23. Yea, I guess no one else made any picks.

Basketball Picks


Hockey Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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The NHL season starts in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I put together this years pickem for hockey. Similar to last year, you can either do the ICH Picks for the Top 10 rated games each week or create your own group and add wager points and more or less games each week.

Hockey Picks
Make Your Picks!


College Football & NFL Picks on Ice Cream Helmet

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College Football Picks
NFL Picks

Now that the AP Poll is out for College Football both games are now all set to go.

Most of the features available in both games are pretty similar. In both, the ICH Picks are based on the spread. For created groups there are options for using the spread, wager points, weeks dropped, and pick deadline (before 1st game or each game).

College Football offers a bunch of additional options for which games are picked. You can choose to include any combination of Top 25 games, individual conferences, or individual teams. You can also choose if games against FCS teams should be included.

Changed for this year to make things easier, all your picks are the same across groups based on if the group uses the spread or not. Any picks in groups that use the spread will automatically be registered as your ICH Picks. That should help people compete with me, I won both last year. Wager Points will need to be set for each group. On my to-do list is a single page to make all your picks and Wager Points.

Make College Football Picks
Make NFL Picks


Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Picks 2009

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Baseball Pickem is all set to go. Some changes for this year. Picking every series was a bit overwhelming. Instead I am going to come up with 10 series to pick each week. If you create a custom group, you can adjust that number. Also for custom groups you can select to use wager points as in all the other pickem games. Get over there and make your picks!

Here are the 10 top rated series for the first week:

Top 10 Rated Series for Week 1
Indians @ Rangers Mon Apr 6
Twins @ White Sox Fri Apr 10
Giants @ Padres Fri Apr 10
Cubs @ Brewers Fri Apr 10
Mets @ Marlins Fri Apr 10
Dodgers @ Diamondbacks Fri Apr 10
Red Sox @ Angels Fri Apr 10
Rangers @ Tigers Fri Apr 10
Blue Jays @ Indians Fri Apr 10
Astros @ Cardinals Fri Apr 10