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NFL Week 12 Recap

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Super Bowl Thoughts
Evan: I’m rooting for a Jets-Packers Super Bowl. I don’t think it will happen, but I actually think the Jets have a better shot of getting there than Green Bay. The only team who could beat the Giants in the NFC is a healthy and drama free Dallas. There has been talk on sports radio this week of a possible Jets-Giants Super Bowl, which some think would be as bad as the Yankees and Mets in 2001. I disagree, what would save that Super Bowl from anti-NY sentiment is the Brett Favre factor and the fact that the Jets have been so terrible for a decade.
Matt: This matchup definitely won’t happen. The Packers are going to have a tough time making the playoffs alone, unless they end up winning their division. The recent prediction of a Jets-Giants Super Bowl is also very intriguing, if only because they would likely end up hosting their respective championship games in the same building, which are normally played on the same Sunday. I would like to see them figure that one out.
Ahad: I have no interest in a Giants-Jets Super Bowl. It won’t be as bad as the Mets-Yankees World Series, but it would be right up there with it. I don’t see either team making it to the Super Bowl.

Mike: I said last week that the Eagles looked like a bad team. They certainly proved it this week. I’m not sure I understand Reid’s thinking of throwing Kolb out there only to bring McNabb back this week. Has he decided to run a 2 QB system? My only guess is that he was resting McNabb for Thanksgiving night. That doesn’t make no sense, but you have to think well outside the box at this point with Reid.
Matt: I don’t know what is going on with Reid this year, but he seems to be making some odd decisions, especially with play calling, and now player personnel. McNabb has had a rough few weeks. I was thinking during the Week 2 Eagles-Cowboys matchup that McNabb looked great and rejuvenated. He was running around making plays everywhere. But I also thought during that game that he was expending so much energy. He got tired at the end of that game, and is now tiring as the season has progressed. I doubt he will be in Philadelphia next year.
Ahad: The Eagles are a bad team. I have a problem will Reid pulling McNabb against the Ravens. Your best chance to win is with McNabb. You can’t ask an unproven QB to come against that defense and do anything. The way Reid did it also proved that he has no class and no loyalty. I was shocked to learn that Reid didn’t even tell McNabb he was being pulled himself. He made the quarterbacks coach do it. These two guys have been together for 10 years. McNabb has always been a company man, never said anything negative about the team or Reid, and Reid turns around and treats him like that. That is just disgraceful. Going back to McNabb this week just proves that Reid isn’t confident in his decision. He saw how bad Kolb was and realizes that if he sends him out there again, he might be booed out of town. At this point, I think they both need to go and the team needs to start over. For all the McNabb haters out there, please name 5 qbs who you would rather have. For as bad as he has been this year, he is still capable of being an elite qb.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Matt Mike Ahad
Jets @ Titans Jets Titans Titans Titans
Patriots @ Dolphins Patriots Dolphins Patriots Patriots
Panthers @ Falcons Falcons Falcons Panthers Falcons
Giants @ Cardinals Giants Cardinals Giants Giants
Colts @ Chargers Colts Colts Colts Colts
Record (Last Week) 33-22 (5-0) 28-27 (2-3) 29-26 (3-2) 34-21 (4-1)

Scores from Week 12


NFL Week 12 Preview

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Jets @ Titans, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I’m sticking with my philosophy of picking against the Titans until they lose. Pick: Jets
Matt: Oh boy, I would love to pick the Jets here. They are playing well, but the Titans are tough, especially at home. I feel like the Titans will force at least one Favre turnover, and that will be the difference in the game. Pick: Titans
Mike: I’ve been very surprised by the Jets play this year. Still, the Titans haven’t lost yet. I have the opposite approach of Evan. Pick: Titans
Ahad: Titans

Patriots @ Dolphins, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Who would have thought this would be a must see game back in August? The Dolphins have had a nice run, but Belichek holds grudges. Pick: Pats
Matt: Matt Cassell has turned himself into a pretty good QB. This was the upset of the year when the Dolphins wildcatted all over the Patriots earlier this year. Miami has won 4 in a row, and should have the edge at home. Pick: Dolphins
Mike: I stayed on the Pats bandwagon as long as I could this year. They just let me down for the last time in that blowout at the hands of the Chargers. Now their offense is looking good and they’ve been in every game since that Chargers loss. The Dolphins have been barely getting by. Their last 2 games have been 2 point wins against Seattle and Oakland. I think the Pats offense is rolling now. If their defense gets on board they could be dangerous. Pick: Patriots
Ahad: Patriots

Panthers @ Falcons, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Big NFC South matchup. Matt Ryan has not been sacked at home, I also think his TD/Int ratio is 11-1 at home. Pick: Falcons
Matt: Both teams run the ball well, but I am not completely sold on the Panthers yet. Jake Delhomme has struggled these past few weeks, and only because of their running game were they able to win. The Falcons lost a tough one last week, but I think they will rebound with a win here. Pick: Falcons
Mike: Maybe I’ve been a bad NFL observer, but I know very little about the Panthers. Apparently they are 8-2. Those losses were at Minnesota and at Tampa Bay. Carolina won their Week 4 matchup 24-9. Matt Ryan has had a few more games and is playing at home this time, so things will get a little closer. Still, I like the Panthers to take control. Pick: Panthers
Ahad: Falcons

Giants @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Cards play very well at home. They must have enough film on Eli to come up with some kind of game plan, but it won’t matter because New York’s O-line is too good. Pick: New York
Matt: Can the Cardinals stop the run? If they can, and its a big IF, they will have a very good chance in this game. They have an active defense that gets after the passer, and that should cause Eli some problems. I don’t see the Giants defense slowing the Cardinals passing attack. I will go for the upset. Pick: Cardinals
Mike: No team has come into University of Phoenix Stadium this year and come out with a win. True fact. I also hear the Giants are a good road team. The Giants will continue to run the ball well and the d-line should be able to get to Warner. Pick: Giants
Ahad: Giants

Colts @ Chargers, Sunday 8:15pm
Evan: Chargers look cathartic. Pick: Colts
Matt: Will this be the nail in the coffin for the Chargers? The Colts have gotten back on track, somewhat. They aren’t blowing anybody out, but they are making enough plays to win. The Chargers, on the other hand, are not. They are at home, but I think Peyton gets some revenge. Pick: Colts
Mike: Are the Cots rolling now? 3 straight wins: New England, Pittsburgh, and Houston. All close games, but that’s ok, even against the Texans, who always seem to play the Colts well. Now the Chargers came across the country last week and, depending on who you ask, lost by 1 to the Steelers. I like the Colts to put up a lot of points, and the Chargers, not quite as many. Pick: Colts
Ahad: Colts


NFL Week 11 Recap

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Evan: I was following the Eagles on the computer. Do you think if McNabb knew the game could end in a tie, he would have pushed Reid to go for the touchdown at the end of the game instead of the field goal? The Eagles will miss the playoffs by 1 game and this will be the one that cost them. Disgusting.
Mike: During the second half I accepted the fact that the Eagles are a bad team this year. The game just looked like 2 bad teams going at it. I think it was last year where I had the feeling that they were a bad team and that they needed to miss the playoffs so that management got the message. They missed the playoffs, but not much changed.
Ahad: I can’t believe the players didn’t know the rules. Clearly the players don’t listen when the ref goes over the rules at the beginning of OT. The players are at fault for knowing the rules of the game they are handsomely paid to play, but the coaches are also to blame for not making sure the players know what is going on. I think the players sold Andy Reid out when they said they didn’t know the rules. Reid always covers for his players and never calls anyone out, except for George Hegamin. The Eagles radio broadcaster but it best when he said that neither one of these teams deserved to win the game.
Matt: Have we officially had confirmation that McNabb and the other Eagles players were serious when they said they did not know there could be ties in the NFL? That is ridiculous. I also can’t believe it had been 6 years since there was a tie in a game. I remember there was one season or a couple seasons in a row where there were at least 2 or 3 ties.

Evan: I got to see some of the Tampa game. That is not a brand of football that is fun to watch.
Matt: No Adrian Peterson in on the final Minnesota drive? They were doomed right there.

Mike: I’ve never been a fan of the NFL’s OT rules. At least I know the rules, as opposed to most of the players. McNabb seems to be taking the most heat for his comments, but if you watched the post-game interviews, nobody had a clue. I would much rather see a college style finish, only push the starting field position out to around the 40. Or do it tug-of-war style. This was a mini game in Madden. The ball starts at the 50 with the team that wins the coin flip on offense. Each team takes a play from the spot where the last play ended. Eventually one team will push their way to the end zone to win. Much more exciting. If you are going to OT in the NFL, odds are it’s been a boring game up to that point. I was watching ESPNews yesterday, I’m not sure who was on, but he said there were numerous things to do to fix OT. One of his suggestions was to only allow TDs in the 1st OT, but if it went to a 2nd OT, then allow FGs. That is messed up in so many ways.
Ahad: The OT rules in the NFL are brutal. They will not adopt the college system because many people view it is a gimmick. The NFL doesn’t want to remove the kick return from the game because of the “excitement”. The best OT rules are in the NHL playoffs.
Matt: I guess I am adverse to change as far as the NFL overtime goes. If the NFL were to implement the College overtime, I think all the rules should start being the same across both leagues. I don’t like that in College when you are down, you are down and you don’t need anyone to touch you down. There are others, for sure. I guess, maybe in the future, the rules could become more uniform across both leagues.

Last Week’s Picks

Mike Evan Matt Ahad
Bears @ Packers Packers Packers Bears Packers
Ravens @ Giants Giants Ravens Ravens Giants
Vikings @ Buccaneers Vikings Buccaneers Vikings Vikings
Chargers @ Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Cowboys @ Redskins Redskins Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Record (Last Week) 26-24 (3-2) 28-22 (4-1) 26-24 (2-3) 30-20 (4-1)

Scores from Week 11


NFL Week 11 Preview

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Bears @ Packers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Tough loss for the Packers last week. With the division so tight, this is a very important game for both teams. I think this is an even matchup if Orton plays, but I haven’t heard a final decision yet. I’ll go with the idea that Grossman or a banged up Orton won’t pull it off. Pick: Packers
Evan: Sexy Rexy and I have too much of a history. I am probably the only person who likes him, including his mother. At the same time, he’s not a good quarterback. Pick: Packers
Matt: The Packers are going to need to learn how to stop the run if they really want to win this one. It should be another one of those grind it out NFC North match ups. I just think the Bears’ ability to run the ball and play good defense puts them over the top in this game. Pick: Bears
Ahad: There is no way that Grossman has any confidence at all right now. Lovie said he can’t wait for Orton to get so he doesn’t have to worry about the QB situation. Rex is good for at least 2 turnovers. Pick: Packers

Ravens @ Giants, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Can you pick against the Giants straight up right now? Especially at home? There is still that bad loss to the Browns in their rear view mirror that should be some concern. How did that even happen? The Ravens come in ‘hot’ with 4 straight wins. Those wins being Miami, Oakland, Cleveland, and Houston. Hense the ‘hot’. The most that can be hoped for by the rest of the league is that the Ravens show how to slow down the Giants running game. Pick: Giants
Evan: I think the Ravens pull off a stunner here. I still think the Giants are the most mediocre 1 loss team I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t appear that they dominate any one facet of the game. I’m more or less just really hoping for a Ravens win here. Pick: Baltimore
Matt: This is shaping up to be a very, very good game. The only concern I would have is how Flacco fares against the Giants D. He has been playing beyond his years, but this will be a new test. If the Ravens D plays the way they have so far this season, I like the Ravens chances. It should be a low scoring affair. Pick: Baltimore
Ahad: The Giants are on a roll right now. I don’t like them, but they are winning games. They will have trouble running the ball against the Ravens, but the Ravens are banged up in the secondary and that could be the difference in the game. Flacco could be in some trouble against the blitzing Giants defense. Pick: Giants

Vikings @ Buccaneers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Tampa Bay has yet to lose at home this year. They also get Cadillac back this week. It looks like Dunn and Graham (the Bucs top 2 RBs) are questionable. I’m not sure Garcia can continue to carry the load. I like the Vikings here but look for the Bucs to be strong the rest of the way and make the playoffs.
Evan: Bucs home field advantage is one of the most underrated in the NFL. I’m not sure why they play better there, the fans are not super passionate, and the place does not get ridiculously loud. Still, Gruden finds a way. Pick: Bucs
Matt: This looks like another, tough, defensive game. Will the Bucs be able to bottle up Adrian Peterson? I am not so sure. I feel like he will be the difference. Pick: Minnesota
Ahad: I expect to see AP run wild in this one. Home field or not, I like the Vikes. Pick: Vikings

Chargers @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: I caught the end of both of these teams games last week. The Chargers won on a failed 2pt conversion attempt by the Chiefs. The Steelers continue to be banged up, which is why this game may even appear to be close on paper. There has been a lot of talk about west coast teams coming east. I haven’t seen any hard numbers. The Chargers are 1-4 on the road, the win being at Oakland. Pittsburgh is a long way to travel, and not friendly to opposing teams in general. Even if Roethlisberger’s shoulder falls off, I still think the Steelers can get it done. Pick: Steelers
Evan: I’m pretty sure I heard that west coast teams coming east are 1-12. Pick: Steelers
Matt: I don’t know what is up with the Chargers this year. They barely got by the Chiefs last week, and have been seriously struggling. I think the Steelers would win this one even if it were played in San Diego. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: The Steelers are pretty banged up but Parker is supposed to be back for this game. Evan mentioned how teams coming east don’t fare well. The Chargers aren’t as good as expected. Pick: Steelers

Cowboys @ Redskins, Sunday 8:15pm
Mike: Romo will be back. Felix Jones might be back. This is a tough game to jump back into, at Washington. I think the Cowboys were already beginning their struggles before Romo went down. The Redskins won the previous matchup in Dallas 26-24, and Romo was healthy in that game. As Dallas gets healthy they could be a threat later in the year, if they haven’t fallen too far already. Pick: Redskins
Evan: Romo comes out shooting so he can help out my fantasy team. Dallas needs to win to make the East’s wild card chances that much more complicated. Pick: Cowboys
Matt: Romo is back. This will help out the offense immensely. I think the key to this game is Clinton Portis’ absence more so than Romo’s return. Without Portis, I think the Redskins will struggle to run the ball, making them one dimensional. This gives the advantage to the Cowboys defense, and they need all the advantages they can get. The Cowboys really need to win this one to keep their postseason hopes alive. Pick: Dallas
Ahad: Romo or not, things aren’t going well for the Cowboys. If Portis doesn’t play, the Redskins are in trouble. I believe Jerry Jones guaranteed a playoff berth for his squad so they have to win this game. I expect TO to have about 15 touches in this game. Pick: Cowboys


NFL Week 10 Recap

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Ahad: This game was another disappointing one. I was still stung by the PSU loss, so this one really didn’t bother me that much. The Eagles aren’t a good team. They are decent, but they don’t appear to be a contender. But then again, that is all the ownership wants. The Eagles were helped out by the turnovers. If the Giants didn’t turn the ball over, this game would have been a blowout. The challenge of the play where Eli crossed the line of scrimmage was bs. That play changed the outcome of the game. Of course Reid’s play calling on the last drive was terrible. This team is incapable of running a hurry up offense. I don’t understand why Reid still thinks they can run the ball in short yardage situations. They haven’t been able to do it all season, why would you try on 3rd and 4th down at the end of the game.
Mike: I didn’t see much of this game. I was actually footballed out. Only took 11 weeks for that to happen. I’m with Ahad, this is just a decent team. They aren’t going to beat the very good teams, but they’ll make it close. If they play a bad team they will look as good as any team in the league.

Ahad: The Bears were able to completely shut down the Titans running game. Kerry Collins proved that he can still get the job done when called upon. This was the first time he threw for more than 200 yards in a long time. I still say the Titans are the best team in football.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Mike Matt Ahad
Saints @ Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Titans @ Bears Bears Titans Titans Titans
Bills @ Patriots Patriots Patriots Bills Patriots
Colts @ Steelers Colts Steelers Steelers Colts
Giants @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Giants Eagles
Record (Last Week) 24-21 (3-2) 23-22 (3-2) 24-21 (3-2) 26-19 (4-1)

Scores from Week 10


NFL Week 10 Preview

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Saints @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Two dome teams. Atlanta is the New Orleans of a couple years ago. A home game for the Falcons with a division rival. I gotta go with the hot QB. Pick: Atlanta
Mike: Pick: Falcons I’m going to start with the pick. The Saints haven’t shown me anything except a few big plays by Reggie Bush, who likely won’t be playing. At this point it looks like Matt Ryan will only have trouble with tough defensive fronts. I wouldn’t put the Saints on that list.
Matt: The Saints need a win to keep pace with the rest of the division. Their offense can move the ball but the questions remain about their defense. Meanwhile, Atlanta has been playing above expectations on both sides of the ball. I like Atlanta to continue to play well and win a close one. Pick: Atlanta
Ahad: The Saints defense has been a problem all season long. I don’t see them fixing their problems now. They won’t cause Matt Ryan and that running game any problems. Pick: Atlanta

Titans @ Bears, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I guess the Titans are pretty good. Sexy Rexy is back for the Bears, unless Orton pulls a Kirk Gibson. I’m going to continue to pick against the Titans until they lose. Pick: Bears
Mike: I knew Evan would be all over Sexy Rexy. I’m also concerned about Evan’s twisted logic of picking against the undefeated team until they lose. This game will be studied by future QBs for years to come. What is the over/under on TD passes? I’m going to say whichever team has the TD pass wins. It’s about time Collins gets one. Pick: Titans
Matt: If Orton were playing, I would be tempted to pick the upset. With Sexy Rexy, I don’t see them having as good of a chance. Grossman is turnover prone, and the Titans are great at taking the ball away. Both teams have good run games, and good defenses, so whoever can move the ball through the air better wins it. I think Collins protects the ball better than Grossman. Pick: Tennessee
Ahad: Orton or not, I like the Titans. Pick: Titans

Bills @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Bills have faltered lately, and Belichek rarely loses two in a row. Pick: Pats
Mike: Bellichek rarely loses 2 in a row, or Brady rarely loses 2 in a row? You also might say Dick Jauron doesn’t lose 3 in a row. I don’t know why you’d say that though, I have no proof if that is in any way factual. The Patriots impressed me by not getting blown out by the Colts. There is a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. Pick: Patriots
Matt: The Bills need a win badly, and they haven’t beaten a division opponent yet. Will their desperation for a win be enough? Belichick will have his team ready as usual, and this game has a field goal feel to it. I am gonna go with the Bills, just because they need the win more. Pick: Buffalo
Ahad: Pick: Patriots

Colts @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Steelers are hobbled all over the field. Colts looked good against New England. Pick: Indy
Mike: My plan for the Steelers is for them to lose to all the NFC East teams and beat everyone else. Then they went and lost to Washington and screwed that all up. This is not a 13 or 14 win team, so they can’t just lost to the NFC East now. I like the Steelers at home. Their pitfalls come in the next few weeks. Pick: Steelers
Matt: The way the Steelers attacked Campbell and the Redskins offensive line last week was downright scary. The current Colts offensive line is not as good, so I am fearing for Peyton Manning’s life. If anyone can solve the Dick LeBeau blitzes, it would be Manning, so I feel the Colts have a fighting shot in this game. But the Steelers at home, and having a good run game, not to mention their stout defense, will propel them to the win. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: Pick: Colts

Giants @ Eagles, Sunday 8:15pm
Evan: Much bigger game for the Eagles than it is for the Giants. I think Philly comes out more fired up then any game they’ve played so far. Pick: Eagles, in a squeaker
Mike: The Eagles have slowly been getting things together leading up to this game. I think the offense is clicking well enough. I think the key will be the Eagles D-line getting a little pressure on Eli Manning and the secondary, who should be pumped for this matchup, making a few plays. The Eagles will just need to shut down the Giants running game enough to keep the score low. Pick: Eagles
Matt: It is unlikely Dallas can win the division, so I just have to hope for the Giants to continue to beat everyone else. Philly/New York games are always a treat to watch. The Eagles keep it close, but the Giants run game will wear down the Eagles front and the Giants pull it out in the 4th. Pick: New York
Ahad: Pick: Eagles


NFL Week 9 Recap

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Mike: The Seahawks defense isn’t all that bad. The offense on the other hand, yikes. They scored on their first play after an Eagles defender slipped. After that, no points. The Eagles’ offense didn’t seem to dominate but got the job done. Next week is the big test for the Eagles against the Giants.
Matt: The Seahawks fans were ecstatic after that first play. Then it all went downhill from there. Holmgren’s last season is seeming like a lost cause.
Ahad: This was another ugly game to watch. The Seattle offense is bad. The defense would have put up more of a fight if they weren’t missing key pieces like Tatupu and Kearney. The next time Lito starts complaining about his contract all the Eagles need to do is show the clip of him getting toasted for that 90 yard TD. The Eagles offense was very streaky and will need to be more consistent against the Giants.

Arizona/St. Louis
Mike: I said this would be the closest game of the week. Oops. I guess the Cardinals are actually good and the Rams got confused for a few weeks. The Rams still might be ok. It was just that Kurt Warner is going to dominate the Rams every time out.
Ahad: I believe the Rams honored Vermeil at this game. Apparently Vermeil picked this game because he wanted to share the celebration with Warner. No one said the Rams would win the game, but it was a classy move on Vermeil’s part to include Warner.

Matt: I only really got to watch the 2nd half. Byron Leftwich looked really good in relief or Roethlisberger, and the Steelers defense just shut down the Redskins offense. The Redskins actually had a few chances to score some more points to make it closer at the end, but they couldn’t punch it in. Campbell also suffered his first interception of the season off a tipped ball. The outcome of the game again correctly picked the Presidential race.

Matt: The Cowboys hung in there for a little bit, but the QB play was just awful. Romo being out really has a trickle down effect to the rest of the team. They can’t run the offense properly and score enough points to win any games, and thus, their defense is out on the field too long and put in bad positions after turnovers. The Giants are the best team in the NFC right now, and maybe the NFL, but they aren’t as dominate as one would think. Several of the injured Cowboys that are returning after the bye week will help right the ship somewhat and hopefully make a strong push for the playoffs.

Last Week’s Picks

Mike Ahad Evan Matt
Packers @ Titans Packers Titans Titans Titans
Cowboys @ Giants Giants Giants Cowboys Giants
Dolphins @ Broncos Dolphins Dolphins Broncos Dolphins
Patriots @ Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts
Steelers @ Redskins Redskins Redskins Steelers Steelers
Record (Last Week) 20-20 (3-2) 22-18 (4-1) 21-19 (3-2) 21-19 (5-0)

Scores from Week 9


NFL Week 9 Preview

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Green Bay @ Tennessee, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Green Bay, are you any good? Sure, you beat the Colts. But remember those 3 straight losses? I know they were to Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta, but if you were good, you win one of them. The bigger question is if the Titans can get up again after the big MNF win over the Colts. I like Green Bay coming off the bye over Tennessee coming off the high. Pick: Packers
Ahad: Green Bay has the potential to pull off the upset but I just don’t see it happening. If the game was in Green Bay, I would like their chances even more. The Titans will ride the momentum of the win over the Colts and stay undefeated. Pick: Titans
Evan: I still know nothing about Tennessee. I think everyone is paying attention after they beat the Colts. Packers don’t have the stuff to dethrone them just yet. Pick: Titans
Matt: I think Green Bay has a very good shot of knocking off the Titans, but the Packers will have a tough time stopping what the Titans do best, and that’s run the ball. Should be a close game, but I still like the Titans. Pick: Titans

Dallas @ New York Giants, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Sounds like Brad Johnson is playing again. The Steelers game was just a sack warmup for the Giants. Pick: Giants
Ahad: At this point does it matter who is playing quarterback for the Cowboys? The choice between Johnson and Bollinger doesn’t look to appealing. The Giants defense should have a field day. I expect a plethora of blitzes from Giants. Pick: Giants
Evan: Dallas just wants to survive another week without getting anybody else injured. I think the G-Men come in a little too confident. Pick: Cowboys
Matt: I had a dream last night that the Cowboys were able to pull off this game. The defense needs to play like they did last week, but the offense needs to do more, whether that means more Brad Johnson or Brooks Bollinger. I just don’t see why they just don’t throw jump balls to Roy E. Williams all the time. He should come down with most of them. I don’t know…it’s hard to pick against my team. I just don’t think they have enough in this game to pull it out, but it will be close. Pick: Giants

Miami @ Denver, Sunday 4:05pm
Mike: I don’t like this matchup one bit. I have no strong feelings either way. The Dolphins had a good win against Buffalo last week while the Broncos had the week off. Not sure a week off is what was needed for the Broncos. Their defense needs more time on the field to figure things out, not less. Pick: Dolphins
Ahad: This game is a toss up. The Broncos play no defense and the Dolphins possess a ball control offense. I think Pennington will dink and dunk them down the field all day long. Pick: Dolphins
Evan: Time for this fantasy to end. I’m sick of the so-called Dolphins fans coming out of the woodwork around where I live just because they’ve won a few games. Pick: Broncos
Matt: Miami is playing well, but Denver is tough at home. If the Broncos didn’t get their defense fixed over the bye, I don’t think they have much of a chance in this game. Pick: Dolphins

New England @ Indianapolis, Sunday 8:15pm
Mike: New England is on my do not touch list. The Colts need this game badly. They have fallen 4 games behind the Titans. The Colts started to get on a roll but then ran into 2 good teams in the Packers and Titans. Pick: Colts
Ahad: These teams used to fight for the top stop in the AFC, but not this year. New England still has a legitimate shot at winning the division. The Colts need this game to keep pace in the division. Pick: Colts
Evan: Peyton is hungry, and the Pats just aren’t sexy without Tom Brady. Pick: Colts
Matt: I am not sold on the fact that Cassel is coming into his own. The Colts need this game bad. They had this game last year before they squandered the lead to Brady and gang. They don’t let it happen again. Pick: Colts

Pittsburgh @ Washington, Monday 8:30pm
Mike: I’m calling a sweep for NFC East teams against the Steelers. By the time the Cowboys come to town Week 14 they should be healthy and ready to complete the sweep. The plan to beat the Steelers was laid out by the Eagles, it just took a few weeks until the Giants took the opportunity to try it out. Pick: Redskins
Ahad: I like the call for the NFC East sweep of the Steelers. I’m sure that will enrage Dave. The Redskins have a solid defense, but they don’t blitz a lot which has to change this week. My only concern for this game is that Steelers defense might be able to confuse Campbell and force him into a turnover or two. Pick: Redskins
Evan: In the past 17 elections, if the Redskins win their final game before election day, the party that won the popular vote in the previous election has won the presidency. If the Redskins lose their last game before election day, the party that lost the popular vote the previous election wins the Presidency. Pick: Steelers
Matt: I am pretty sure the fact that Evan stated only relates to the last Redskin home game before the election, not just any game. Just thought I would clarify. Looks like a win for Obama. Pick: Steelers

Mike’s Last Thought for the Week
I don’t have a prediction and I won’t get to see it because it won’t be on TV here, but I think the best game of the weekend could be Arizona @ St. Louis. Let’s see if I’m right.


NFL Week 8 Recap

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Mike: Matt Ryan looked good but the Eagles did a great job keeping him out of the end zone. The key play was the blown call by the ref on the punt where the Falcon never touched the ball. I was more shocked that the Eagles were actually able to score than the blown call in our favor. The blown call showed me something I had never thought about: Saving timeouts in case of a challenge. I didn’t hear anything after the game so I’m not sure if Mike Smith thought about it at all. This is just another example of how the NFL should copy college, the first being OT. A similar review policy would be great in the NFL. Especially with the NFL having more cameras and the funds to have more people looking at the plays in real time.
Ahad: The Eagles got very lucky in this game. Who knows what would have happened if they didn’t get that gift of a “muffed” punt. Coach Smith is partly to blame for not holding onto a timeout, but it never should have gotten that far. Matt Ryan played well at times and was able to handle the blitz effectively. I don’t think the NFL will ever adopt the college replay policy because the league will say that the games would be too long with too many replays.
Matt: I did not get to see this game, but that blown call was just awful. You can probably expect some replay rule changes in the offseason because of that play. Matt Ryan looked like he played well from the highlights I saw, but I am sure he was challenged by the Eagles D.
Evan: Also did not get to see this game. I also have not seen any highlights. I was sick all weekend, so cut me some slack. Here is my analysis – I like that the Eagles won, and what all of you guys said sounds good.

Mike: The Steelers O-line can’t handle defensive fronts like the Giants and Eagles. Somehow they handle everyone else just fine. I’m curious over the next few weeks to see if everyone just ignored the Eagles gameplan and will now copy it or if it’s just the matchup problems those teams pose to the Steelers.
Ahad: The Steelers showed yet again that they have trouble with the blitz. I am not sure why more teams don’t use this strategy. Once Parker comes back, that will alleviate some of the pressure off the O-line. Right now, the team is trying to get by without him. The Giants continue to find ways to win and it is annoying to watch as an Eagles fan.
Matt: Missed this game as well, but it appeared Big Ben was under siege the entire game. Something else that would take the pressure off the Steelers offensive line would be Big Ben getting rid of the ball in a more timely fashion. He often holds onto the ball wayyy too long.
Evan: I did watch this game and was not impressed by either team. The Giants appear to be the most mediocre 1 loss team the NFL has seen in quite some time. A Giants-Titans Super Bowl might be the lowest rated one ever.

Who do you think is the best team in football right now?
Ahad: My vote has to go to the Titans. This team reminds me of the Ravens team that won the Super Bowl. This team relies on its defense and running game. The QB is basically asked to manage the game and not make mistakes and right now Collins is taking care of business. Didn’t everyone call him washed up years ago?
Matt: I think the Giants are the best team right now, as much as it pains me to say it. I like the Titans, too, but if they were to line up on a neutral field against the Giants, the Giants would come out with the win. They both have similar pressure defenses, but I think the Giants have just a little bit more offense.

Matt: Season saving win right there, at least for now. The defense stepped up in a big way. They needed to because Brad “check down” Johnson certainly wasn’t getting the job done on offense. The Buccaneers are a good defensive team, but Johnson was just pathetic. The team just needs to hold down the fort one more game and then welcome the bye week.
Evan: I predicted this mostly because of the predictable unpredictability of the NFL. The Cowboys are still a good team without Romo, it just took them a week to figure out how to play without him, although there are plenty of teams better than the Bucs that would have taken them down last week.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Mike Ahad Matt
Falcons @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Buccaneers @ Cowboys Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers
Bills @ Dolphins Bills Bills Bills Bills
Giants @ Steelers Giants Giants Steelers Steelers
Colts @ Titans Colts Titans Titans Titans
Record (Last Week) 18-17 (2-3) 17-18 (3-2) 18-17 (2-3) 16-19 (2-3)

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NFL Week 8 Preview

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Evan: I am moving to a mixed-use against my instincts pick strategy. Let’s see if anybody can figure it out. This will be very exciting.

Falcons @ Eagles, Sunday 1:00pm
Evan: Falcons have been overachieving, and they have been winning games they shouldn’t on paper. The Eagles should win this on paper, and they will. Pick: Eagles
Mike: I think the common analysis on this game is that the Eagles D will confuse Matt Ryan and the Eagles will win easily. Makes sense. I think if the Falcons win this game you learn that they are legit and the Eagles about as good as we thought they were. Pick: Eagles
Ahad: The Eagles record after a bye week speaks for itself. Andrews not playing doesn’t hurt them too much in this game. Pick: Eagles
Matt: Well the games aren’t played on paper, and I think the Falcons have a good chance in this game. They were able to go into Green Bay and come out with a win. If the Falcons can create running lanes for Turner, they could pull the upset. However, I think with an extra week to prepare, the Eagles win. Pick: Philly

Buccaneers @ Cowboys, 1:00pm
Evan: The sans-Romo Cowboys looked lost last week and the Bucs are a surprising 5-2. Instincts say Bucs but instincts also say that the Cowboys right the ship at home. Pick: Bucs, in OT
Mike: The Cowboys can’t possibly look as bad as they did last week, can they? Pick: Buccaneers
Ahad: The Cowboys are mess right now. There is a lot of talk going on about this team completely falling apart. Pick: Bucs
Matt: My team is in disarray right now, and they have a tough stretch coming up starting this weekend. The season can go down the drain pretty quickly if the team doesn’t come together and play better. They will need to be scrappy in this game and be the aggressor. I feel like the Bucs are lucky to be 5-2. Whichever defense plays better will determine the outcome. Pick: Buccaneers

Bills @ Dolphins, 1:00pm
Evan: I’m a Bills guy, always have been. If they make it to the Super Bowl, I’m getting a Trent Edwards jersey. Pick: Buffalo
Mike: Dolphins are not good. They got hot, beat the Pats and then beat the Chargers coming off a bye week. Everything else points to the fact that they are not good. Pick: Bills
Ahad: The Dolphins are playing better than a lot of people expected. The Bills have a legitimate shot at winning the division. Pick: Bills
Matt: The Dolphins should put up a good fight at home. Buffalo is clearly the better team, though. Pick: Buffalo

Giants @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: I like the Steelers at home, especially if they can get ahead early and force Eli to throw the ball to catch up. Pick: Giants
Mike: Now here is an interesting game. The Steelers were a popular Super Bowl pick, then the Eagles D tore them apart, now they are a popular pick again. The Giants have a chance to duplicate what the Eagles did. Pick: Giants
Ahad: I don’t know which team I dislike more. All the talk that has been going on about the Ravens putting bounties on Mendenhall and Ward is probably the most exciting things going on for these teams. Even with their 5th string running back, I think the Steelers pull this one at home. Pick: Steelers
Matt: Good matchup of tough defenses and (generally) good running games. The Steelers keep winning games they really have no business winning. Somehow, Big Ben, after being sacked 10 times in a game, finds a way to make the plays that count. He will need to because he probably will be sacked that many times by the Giants front seven. This battle of 2004 first round picks at QB should make for a very good ballgame. I like Jeff Reed’s ability to kick at Heinz Field where opposing kickers seem to struggle. Pick: Steelers by a FG.

Colts @ Titans, Monday 8:30pm
Evan: I know nothing about the Titans, accept they are good. I feel like they are not even a real football team, what does a Titan have to do with Tennessee? It’s similar to my feelings on the Astros, which is kind of odd given the Houston-Tennessee connection. Pick: Colts
Mike: Last week, I thought the Colts were back. They would roll through the rest of their schedule. Then the Packers took care of them no sweat. The Titans have a chance on MNF to show Evan (except he’ll probably be watching the World Series) and everyone else why they are good. Pick: Titans
Ahad: If Kerry Collins isn’t still hung-over from celebrating the PSU victory over Ohio State, the Titans have a really good chance. The Colts looked as if they were starting to get things going, but after that performance against Green Bay, things don’t look so good. This is the Titans first national game of the season I believe. Granted, I will be watching the World Series but the Titans can prove something to the non-baseball fans out there. Pick: Titans
Matt: Is it time for a changing of the guard atop the AFC South? The Colts can’t stop the run very well, and the Titans run it better than anyone. Can Manning keep his team afloat? He will try, but it won’t get the job done. Pick: Titans

Schedule for Week 8


NFL Week 7 Recap

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The Eagles had a bye and I think all of us took the bye with them. I only caught some of the 4th quarter and OT of the Raiders-Jets. I think CBS is trying to make up for lost time, since Fox got all those years to heap praise on Brett Favre.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Mike Matt Ahad
Vikings @ Bears Vikings Bears Bears Bears
Chargers @ Bills Chargers Bills Bills Chargers
Colts @ Packers Packers Colts Colts Colts
Browns @ Redskins Browns Redskins Browns Redskins
Broncos @ Patriots Patriots Broncos Broncos Patriots
Record (Last Week) 16-14 (2-3) 14-16 (3-2) 14-16 (2-3) 16-14 (3-2)

Scores from Week 7