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BF Football Picks 2009 Regular Season Records

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Ahad 56-30
Matt 51-35
Evan 46-40
Mike 44-42

It wasn’t much of a competition this year. I managed to make a comeback and was tied with Evan going in to the final week but had a lousy 2-3 performance.

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NFL Preview – Wild Card

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Jets @ Bengals, Saturday 4:30pm
Ahad: The Bengals might as well have stayed home last week instead of going to New Jersey. They had nothing to gain in the game and pretty much gave it to the Jets to setup a rematch. The weather isn’t supposed to be good for this one, so look for the defenses and running games to dominate. The Jets defense is nasty and Revis is capable of shutting down any receiver one on one, but for some reason my gut feeling that you don’t win with rookie quarterbacks in the playoffs. At some point, Sanchez will have to make a play and will come up small. Pick: Bengals
Mike: Ahad mentioned my key point, but did it last. Sanchez is at QB. Pick: Bengals
Matt: Take 2. The Jets dominated last week but the Bengals didn’t really show up as they had nothing to play for really. The Bengals have lost 4 of their last 7 while the Jets come in winning 5 of their last 6. Both teams concern me on offense, but both defenses have been pretty stout throughout the season. With Ahad mentioning bad weather for this game, the team that can run the ball and play the best defense will win the game. Despite Sanchez’s inexperience, I am liking the Jets. The Bengals just don’t impress me all that much. Pick: Jets
Evan: The problem with the Bengals strategy last week is that it creates this culture of losing, that is not something you can just turn on and off. I think the Jets hear everyone saying how they are going to lose just because the Bengals actually want to win this week. I think the Jets running game wins this. Pick: Jets

Eagles @ Cowboys, Saturday 8pm
Ahad: Any momentum the Eagles had from their winning streak was crushed last week. The Cowboys dominated the game. The loss of Jackson at center was huge for the Eagles. The Eagles played poorly in all facets of the game and that is a huge reason for concern. There are a lot of problems that need to be fixed. I just don’t know how a team can fix all of those in a week. For the Eagles to win, they will have to be able to get lots of pressure on Romo and force him into turning the ball over. I just don’t know if that is going to happen. In 2 games this season against the Cowboys, the Eagles defense has not been able to get pressure. One would expect to see more blitzes, but quick hitting running plays can neutralize that. If the Eagles lose this game it might be the end of the McNabb era. The best scenario for the Eagles would be to get an early lead and then let the Cowboys beat themselves because of the pressure of not having won a playoff game since 1996. My head is telling me that Eagles cannot get things together in a week. Pick: Cowboys (Let’s make it clear that I am rooting for the Eagles).
Mike: Need to get Ahad talking? Bring up the Eagles. The hope is that they got a little behind and just gave up mentally. Right off the bat for the game last week I quickly was reminded that this Eagles D does not match up well with the Cowboys. The Eagles LBs are just weak against good TEs and it’s a concern when the RB gets to that second level. What surprised me last week was how much the Cowboys WRs got involved. The Eagles are still a good team overall and even terrible Eagles teams stood up to those Super Bowl winning Cowboys teams. I am going with Ahad’s thinking with the pick. Pick: Cowboys
Matt: Take 3. I am extremely nervous for this game. The fact that both of you picked the Cowboys makes even more nervous. All I know is that beating a team 3 times in one season is a tall task, even though history says otherwise. The game will be much more competitive than last week, so the Cowboys should be ready for the Eagles best shot. Obviously, there is the pressure of winning a playoff game for the Cowboys, but this team seems up to the task. I think it was clear this season, and particularly last week, that the Cowboys are a better team than the Eagles, and the Eagles just don’t match up well. The Cowboys just need to match the Eagles intensity and execute on both sides of the ball, and they should come out on top. Pick: Cowboys
Evan: Wow, somebody needs to pick the Eagles. I will fall on the sword: Pick: Eagles

Ravens @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Welker injury is huge. He is more important to that offense than Moss. This Patriots team is no where near as good as the ones from previous years. With that being said, they should be able to get by the Ravens who have struggled on offense. The only way the Ravens win is if Ray Rice goes crazy. Despite the Welker injury, the Pats survive this week. Pick: Pats
Mike: Brady back in the playoffs, it will be just like old times. Pick: Patriots
Matt: Take 2. The Ravens felt that they got robbed by the officials in the earlier matchup with the Patriots, so they are back for revenge. The injury to Welker is big as Ahad said, but apparently, Randy Moss has been hobbling around this week, too. It would seriously limit the Patriots passing game if he was less than 100 percent plus no Welker. I think the Ravens are the type of team that could pull off the upset here, but the Patriots and Tom Brady have been so tough at home. Ray Rice will get his yards, but Flacco will have to make a few plays in the passing game. I think the Ravens D will make a big play that will turn the game in their favor. Pick: Ravens
Evan: Pats will be firing on all cylinders. Flacco isn’t ready yet. Pick: Pats

Packers @ Cards, Sunday 4:40pm
Ahad: This Cardinals team is dangerous, especially at home. Warner is a proven playoff quarterback who will find a way to win this game. Green Bay has done nothing to impress me and I don’t like Rodgers. Pick: Cards
Mike: The Packers are going to get me but the Cards proved it last year and Warner has proved it plenty. Pick: Cardinals
Matt: Take 3 (they played in the preseason). Green Bay is a dangerous team, too. I think this may be the best game of the weekend. I think that Warner and Fitzgerald must play lights out to have a chance in this game. The Packers enter the postseason as possibly the 2nd hottest team in the league. They are clicking on all cylinders right now and are well balanced. The Cardinals have the experience from the playoffs last season, but I am having a hard time seeing them winning this game. The Packers take it and remain a darkhorse for the Super Bowl. Pick: Packers
Evan: I like Warner one more time, but this is it. Pick: Cardinals

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NFL Preview – Week 17

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Giants @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Vikings are leaking oil. They can finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th in the conference. The Giants have nothing to play for and I believe Jacobs is not playing. Look for the Vikings to try and get things in the right direction for the playoffs and pull this one out. Pick: Vikings
Matt: What a disappointing season for the Giants. They just fell apart defensively. The Vikings need to get back on the winning track heading into the playoffs. The Giants will play hard but I think the Vikings will get the win. Pick: Vikings
Mike: The Viks may be falling apart, but at least they aren’t the Giants. I think that Panthers loss ended the year for the Giants. Pick: Vikings
Evan: Vikings are better and have motivation X2 = seeding, and the fact they have played like shite for the past month. Pick: Vikings

Steelers @ Dolphins, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Steelers will keep their faint playoff hopes alive. Pick: Steelers
Matt: These two teams need a win and some help to make the playoffs. The Steelers have a better chance to get in if they get the win. The Dolphins are going in the opposite direction right now losing two in a row. I say both teams trends continue. Pick: Steelers
Mike: I’ve been with the Steelers for a few weeks now. They’ll probably come up a bit short for the playoffs, but miracles happen, look at last year for the Eagles. Pick: Steelers
Evan: I agree, pick: Steelers

Packers @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: Cards are playing for a shot at the 2 seed. I believe they can match up again next week in the first round of the playoffs. Either way, the Cards at home are tough to beat. Pick: Cards
Matt: These teams could play again next week, so it will be hard to pick based on who plays and just how much of their typical game plans they will show. I think both will play all out, though. I give Green Bay the slight edge. Pick: Packers
Mike: I’ve not been feeling the Packers this year and the Cards might just be getting hot again heading to the playoffs. Pick: Cardinals
Evan: This is a toss up for me. Do they both fight for the three seed, or take it easy and settle for the 4? I never thought I would say this – but I think the Cardinals experience beats the Pack. Pick: Arizona

Eagles @ Cowboys, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: The NFC East comes down to this and possibly the two seed in the NFC. The Eagles suffered a huge loss last week when Jackson went down with a torn ACL. He has been the anchor on the o-line all season. Cole is an adequate replacement, but the guards replacing Cole (Jean-Gilles and possibly Stacy Andrews) are definite downgrades. The Cowboys will look to take DeSean out of this game by taking away the deep ball and the possibility of the big play. They will have to get the ball into Celek and the running backs in the middle of field to open things up. The Cowboys defense has played well lately and will look to exploit the changes on the Eagles offensive line. This will be a close game that will probably be decided by turnovers. In that respect, the Eagles have had a lot more success than the Cowboys. Look for that trend to continue. Pick: Eagles
Matt: Nice write-up, Ahad. Should be another good one between these two. The Eagles just have to win to get the #2 seed. The Cowboys can get it with a win and some help. I almost prefer for Dallas to go on the road in the playoffs. They haven’t always been as dominant at home, but they do seem to get the job done on the road. I figured you 3 guys would probably end up going with the Eagles, so I will stick with my team. Pick: Cowboys
Mike: Ahad seems to be on top of things. At least Westbrook is back. McNabb just needs to keep his accuracy and not look like he did in the 2nd half last week. Matt knows us well enough. Pick: Eagles
Evan: I have to go back to picking the other team so as not to jinx the birds. I believe this has worked three weeks in a row. Pick: Cowboys

Bengals @ Jets, Sunday 8:20pm
Ahad: These teams could end up playing each other next also. The Jets are still fighting to get into the playoffs and need this victory a lot more than the Bengals do. For those reasons, the Bengals might keep things vanilla this week and rest some of their key players. Pick: Jets
Matt: The Jets just need to win to make the playoffs. That is kind of amazing to think about considering how inconsistent they were this year, mainly on the offensive side of the ball. They do a lot of things well that could give them the edge in a playoff game like play stout defense and run the ball well. The Bengals would like to get the #3 seed so they will be playing their main guys. It should be a low scoring game between two good defenses, but I like the Jets to come out on top. Pick: Jets
Mike: I’m confused how the Jets are in the hunt. I think they’ve just hit a lot of teams at the right time. That may be happening again with the Bengals. I just think the playoffs will be weakened by the Jets presence. Pick: Bengals
Evan: Bengals will run the 4 different plays all game. Pick: Jets

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NFL Preview – Week 16

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Chargers @ Titans, Friday 7:30pm
Evan: No one is playing better than San Diego. They saw what can happen when they play a team that is emotionally charged up, which Tennessee will be since they are technically still alive in the playoff hunt. I like the upset scenario here. Pick: Tennessee
Ahad: I am going to ride the hot hand and stick with the Chargers. Pick: Chargers
Mike: The Chargers December streak concerns me a bit after the Cowboys seemed to turn their December struggles last week. I’d like to not have to hear about the Titans anymore. Pick: Chargers
Matt: Both teams are playing well, but Tennessee needs this game to stay in the playoff hunt. You can run the ball on the Chargers, so Chris Johnson should have a big day. The key will be if the Titans D can slow the Chargers passing game. Hard to pick against the Chargers, but I will go with the upset. Pick: Titans

Ravens @ Steelers, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Ravens are looking like they’re in good shape for the playoffs, but it’s not a done deal. Pitt is on life support. I think Baltimore puts it away. Pick: Baltimore
Ahad: Despite the last second win last week, the Steelers are still in trouble. The Ravens will take care of business. Pick: Ravens
Mike: The Steelers are making their push. They are going to need a lot of help but they need to get the wins for themselves first. Pick: Steelers
Matt: Yikes, can the Pittsburgh D stop anyone? What happened to them this year? Are they really that dependent on Polamalu? Tough call here. The Ravens barely beat the Steelers at home when they had Dennis Dixon at QB. I’ll be rooting for the Ravens, but I think the Steelers will make things interesting. Don’t count out the defending champs yet. Pick: Steelers

Jaguars @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Jags always play the Pats tough, but not tough enough in New England in December. Pick: Pats
Ahad: The Patriots need to start playing better before the playoffs. Pick: Pats
Mike: Patriots clinch the division. Pick: Patriots
Matt: After 3 straight home games, the Jags go on the road to a tough place to play but maybe not as tough as it used to be. The Pats have not been playing well of late, and the Jaguars need this game to stay in the playoff hunt. The Jags keep the game close, but the Pats will win it. Pick: Patriots

Raiders @ Browns, Sunday 1pm
Evan: If you lived in Cleveland and had free tickets to this game, would you go? (it will be 33 degrees at kickoff). I would not. Pick: Oakland
Ahad: The answer to Evan’s question is no. The Browns have been playing better football as of late (it couldn’t get much worse). Most of these guys are looking to make an impression on the new boss. Pick: Browns
Mike: The Raiders: The most exciting team in the final minute. Their D is keeping them close and then they keep seem to come up with miracle wins. It’s time for a convincing win. Pick: Raiders
Matt: Both teams have turned their fortunes around the past few weeks. It is crazy to think that both these teams have beaten Pittsburgh. I think the Raiders are playing better right now. Pick: Raiders

Jets @ Colts, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: The Colts want to run the table, especially now that the Saints are out of the picture. Pick: Indy
Ahad: Colts stay perfect. Pick: Indy
Mike: One of the rare times I’ll mention fantasy. I have Manning and Addai. The Colts giving up gives me no chance at winning. Even if they do start, the Jets aren’t very good. The Colts should only need a half to take care of them. Pick: Colts
Matt: This is a hard game to predict. How long will the Colts starters play? If I were Jim Caldwell, I would let them play out the season. The Colts have had several dominating regular seasons in a row, but only one Super Bowl win and a few other playoff victories to their name. They need to keep the momentum rolling into the playoffs. The Jets defense will give the Colts trouble, but their offense doesn’t really scare anybody. The Colts squeak by, again. Pick: Colts

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NFL Preview – Week 15

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Cowboys @ Saints, Saturday 8:20pm
Mike: Did you hear NFL Net has both undefeated teams on this week? Oh, sorry, I forgot you had ears. The Cowboys need this game. They follow this up with the newly pesky Skins and Eagles to finish the year. The Saints just aren’t going to slow down just yet. Pick: Saints
Evan: Saints will dominate. It’s December and it’s the Cowboys
Ahad: I must agree with the rest of the crew. Pick: Saints
Matt: Oh boy, it’s rough being a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys do need this game in the worst way. Can they do it? The fan inside of me says they can, but the reasonable analyst inside of me says probably not. The Saints at home are tough. Their closest game in the Superdome was an 8 point win against Atlanta. The Cowboys need to score touchdowns when they are in the red zone and the defense needs to limit the big play. The analyst says the Saints will win but not cover the spread. The fan says the Cowboys will step up with their backs against the wall and give the Saints their first loss. What do I have to lose? Pick: Cowboys

49ers @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm
Mike: People are still pumped about the Eagles from the Sunday Night game. They weren’t that far from losing that game and having the complete opposite reaction all week. The defense was not good. At least they were smacked with that news in a win so they can start to figure things out. The 9ers held on to their hopes with a win last week. My memories of these games the past few years is the Eagles running the 9ers off the field. In there last 3 matchups the Eagles have won each by at least 14. Pick: Eagles
Evan: My worst fear is that this is a let-down game after the Giants. 49ers have shown up recently. I have a bad feeling and I am going to go with the same strategy as I did last week. Sacrificing my own personal record in order to secure an Eagles victory. Pick: 49ers
Ahad: The Eagles will win this one, but it won’t be pretty. Pick: Eagles
Matt: The Eagles were explosive on offense last week, but the Giants are pretty porous against the pass. The 49ers upended Arizona last week, but they are inconsistent, having lost to Seattle the previous week. I just don’t see the 49ers being able to pull this one out. Pick: Eagles

Dolphins @ Titans, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Is Chris Johnson getting better every week? These Dolphins are a secretly solid team. At least a secret to me, I haven’t seen much of them. I’m guessing the Titans only goal was to get back to .500. I’ll give them that. Not sure what I give them after that. Pick: Titans
Evan: I’m on board the fishwagon. Pick: Fins
Ahad: CJ is too much for the Dolphins. Pick: Titans
Matt: These teams are battling for the same wild card spot. Both have been playing pretty well, but the Titans are better. Tony Sparano is 6-0 in December, but I think they will struggle to stop Chris Johnson. Pick: Titans

Bengals @ Chargers, Sunday 4:05pm
Mike: This game turned into a complete wild card. I don’t think the Bengals have it in them this week. The next few weeks I think they can get the ‘Win this for Henry’ mentality. Right now it’s just too soon. Pick: Chargers
Evan: I agree with Janke, I would pick the Bengals against a lot of teams this week, but the Chargers are too good and it’s in San Diego. Pick: Chargers
Ahad: Right now the Chargers are playing like the best team in the league. Pick: Chargers
Matt: The Bengals have had 2 tough road games in a row now. They just don’t do enough on offense to scare anybody. I think they will be able to run the ball and that should be their game plan to keep Rivers and company off the field. It won’t be enough, though. The Chargers keep rolling. Pick: Chargers

Packers @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Am I on record not liking the Packers? This one is all up to the Steelers. Have they really given up on the season? They’ve lost five straight, but there are just a whole mess of teams with similar records in the AFC. I’m blindly going with a team going through a championship letdown. Pick: Steelers
Evan: The Steelers have given up. Pick: Packers
Ahad: The Steelers are finished. Pick: Packers
Matt: I don’t think the Steelers are finished or have given up. That wouldn’t sound like them at all. They need this game to have a chance at the playoffs. The Packers are locked into that #5 wild card spot. Should be a tough game between two good defenses. I think the Packers have the better offense, however. The Steelers will be finished after this game. Pick: Packers

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ICH NFL Picks – Week 14

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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Miami 75% 2.5 25% Jacksonville 1:00pm
Green Bay 100% -3.5 0% Chicago 1:00pm
Seattle 0% 6.5 100% Houston 1:00pm
Denver 0% 7.5 100% Indianapolis 1:00pm
Carolina 25% 13.5 75% New England 1:00pm
New York Jets 100% -3.5 0% Tampa Bay 1:00pm
New Orleans 100% -9.5 0% Atlanta 1:00pm
Detroit 0% 13.5 100% Baltimore 1:00pm
Cincinnati 50% 6.5 50% Minnesota 1:00pm
Buffalo 25% 0 75% Kansas City 1:00pm
St. Louis 0% 13.5 100% Tennessee 4:05pm
Washington 50% -1.5 50% Oakland 4:05pm
San Diego 50% 3.5 50% Dallas 4:15pm
Philadelphia 100% 1.5 0% New York Giants 8:20pm
Monday, December 14, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Arizona 75% -3.5 25% San Francisco 8:30pm

Pick % are against the spread.

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NFL Preview – Week 14

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Bengals @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I think the Vikings will be mad they lost last week. Pick: Vikings
Matt: The Vikings have been dominating opponents at home while their only two losses have been on the road. The last three weeks, the Bengals have played Oakland, Cleveland, and Detroit. The combined score from those games is 56-40 in favor of Cincinnati as they have gone 2-1 in that stretch. They are going to need to play better than that to beat the Vikings. Both defenses are pretty good, but the Vikings struggled last week defending the pass. That is where the Bengals could end up hurting them. Regardless, I like the Vikings at home in a close one. Pick: Vikings
Ahad: Maybe the Vikings will actually start giving the ball the AP. I agree with Evan in that they will be looking to avenge last week’s loss. Pick: Vikings
Mike: I’m not currently on the Bengals bandwagon. They lost to the Raiders then had to face Cleveland and Detroit, you can learn anything there. Even with the Vikings loss to the Cardinals I don’t think you can make a case to pick the Bengals. Pick: Vikings

Broncos @ Colts, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Colts stay undefeated. Pick: Colts
Matt: Can anyone beat the Colts this year? I mean, seriously, it has been unreal. The same thing goes for New Orleans. They keep surviving close games. I think the Broncos defense can somewhat contain the Colts offense. The problem is that’s not enough. They don’t have enough offense to keep up. Pick: Colts
Ahad: I don’t like this Broncos team and the Colts are rolling right now. Pick: Colts
Mike: Broncos seemed to have clawed their way back to respectability. But these are the Colts. Pick: Colts

Dolphins @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Is this all of a sudden a good game? I’m not sure. Normally I curse these two teams because I always get stuck watching them on regional CBS coverage. The way they are playing lately though, I might tune in. Pick: Fish
Matt: Game of the weekend maybe? Both are playing for their playoff lives. The Dolphins could still win their division, but the Jags will have to go the wild card route. The Dolphins will have to be able to stop the run to have a chance. I like the way they are playing and I am still not a believer in the Jaguars. Pick: Dolphins
Ahad: Dolphins are coming off a big win and will look to keep the momentum going. Pick: Dolphins
Mike: The Jags have been messing with me. I haven’t a clue what to do with them. The Dolphins win over the Pats gives me no choice. Pick: Dolphins

Chargers @ Cowboys, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: I heard on the radio the other day that the Chargers were playing the best football in the AFC. That’s good enough for me. Pick: Chargers
Matt: The Cowboys should take a page out of the Chargers book on playing well in late season games. They have won a NFL record 15 straight games in the month of December. And we all know about the Cowboys December woes, blah, blah, blah. The Cowboys are at home and desperate. That should count for something, right? It makes for a closer game, but I still like the Chargers. Pick: Chargers
Ahad: I am going to be different on this one. The Cowboys need this game in order to shed that reputation of being losers in December. Pick: Cowboys
Mike: Romo. December. Pick: Chargers

Eagles @ Giants, Sunday 8:20pm
Evan: Giants got a big win last week against Dallas. Eagles got an expected win, although maybe the ease with which they dominated was a surprise. This is too important a game for me to jinx it. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Giants are favored in this game? Say what? The Eagles handled the Giants easily in their earlier matchup this season, and the Giants certainly have not improved their pass defense. They are at home, and probably still desperate, so they have that going for them. If they get the big plays they did last week against Dallas, then I could maybe see them pulling it out. I doubt they do that two weeks in a row. I am pulling for a Giants loss in the event the Cowboys have to go the wild card route to get into the playoffs. The Giants have the tie breaker should they have the same record because they swept the season series. Pick: Eagles
Ahad: The Eagles are finally getting healthy and will take care of business. Pick: Eagles
Mike: Yikes. I’ve been waiting for the Giants to prove they have a team this year and they finally did. Now I’m nervous for this game and its a lousy Sunday Night game (I hate these night games). The Eagles have been playing well and they are getting healthier (and less suspended) each week. Pick: Eagles


ICH NFL Picks – Week 13

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Sunday, December 6, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Tampa Bay 50% 6.5 50% Carolina 1:00pm
New England 100% -5.5 0% Miami 1:00pm
St. Louis 25% 8.5 75% Chicago 1:00pm
Oakland 0% 6.5 100% Pittsburgh 1:00pm
Tennessee 50% 6.5 50% Indianapolis 1:00pm
New Orleans 75% -9.5 25% Washington 1:00pm
Philadelphia 50% -6.5 50% Atlanta 1:00pm
Houston 75% 0 25% Jacksonville 1:00pm
Detroit 0% 13.5 100% Cincinnati 1:00pm
Denver 100% -4.5 0% Kansas City 1:00pm
San Diego 100% -12.5 0% Cleveland 4:05pm
San Francisco 75% 0 25% Seattle 4:15pm
Dallas 100% -2.5 0% New York Giants 4:15pm
Minnesota 100% -3.5 0% Arizona 8:20pm
Monday, December 7, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Baltimore 100% 3.5 0% Green Bay 8:30pm

Pick % are against the spread.
Current Pick Distribution

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NFL Preview – Week 13

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Texans @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: Going with my gut on this one. Pick: Texans
Mike: Good gut Ahad. The Jags did with the first matchup but the Texans have had a rough go of it lately. Who scheduled them to play the Colts twice in four weeks? That’s just not right. I still think they are a much better team than the Jags. Pick: Texans
Evan: Any Jags fans that there are will be up in Atlanta this weekend watching the Gators Pick: (Mike: I’m pretty sure Evan was picking the Texans based on his point.)
Matt: Did Evan pick the Texans as well? Houston needs a win really bad having dropped their last 3 albeit against two teams that are on hot streaks. The Jags having been squeaking by in their wins against weaker competition. The Jags have a slight advantage at home, but the Houston aerial attack should overwhelm them. Pick: Texans

Eagles @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Eagles are still battling a lot of injuries, but so are the Falcons. This game will be missing some firepower without Westbrook, Jackson, Ryan and possibly Turner. The big story line however is going to be Vick’s return Atlanta. Vick won’t have much of an impact on this game. The biggest concern for the Eagles is going to be covering Gonzalez. Tight ends always give the Eagles problems and I think the Falcons will lean on him. Either way, I think the Eagles keep up their success with a balanced offensive attack. Pick: Eagles
Mike: No Ryan, no win. The Eagles can plug the Desean hole. Maclin will be a big target. Also, Avant should finally get his chance to show he has starting ability. Pick: Eagles
Evan: Is Matt Ryan not playing? That’s what I implied from Janke’s comment. If he was, I was thinking about going with the Eagles, especially without Westbrook and Jackson. If Ryan is out, however, I like the birds. Pick: Eagles
Matt: The Falcons have been dominant at home over the last 2 seasons, losing only one game. With Ryan out though, I don’t really give them much of a chance in this game unless Chris Redman plays lights out and Michael Turner puts up some yards. Heck, even Ryan hasn’t played that well this season, so maybe Redman will be a difference maker. I doubt it. McNabb will need to play well to get the win. Eagles by a FG. Pick: Eagles

Cowboys @ Giants, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: The Giants have been struggling and losing Pierce is a big injury. Eli is also banged up and that doesn’t help the Giants cause. This team looks like they are in disarray right now. Look for the Cowboys to establish the run and take control of the game. Pick: Cowboys
Mike: I hate this Giants team. I mean when it comes to picking their games. I always hate both teams generally. I still feel like the Giants have some game in them. I’ve had that feeling for a few weeks and keep getting burned. I also don’t feel comfortable picking the Cowboys, but they are winning. So I have to go with logic. Pick: Cowboys
Evan: I feel like the Giants do not have any game in them. However, it is December and Romo historically plays terrible this month. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Giants are in desperation mode, but so too are the Cowboys in a way. The Giants need a win to keep in playoff contention, and the Cowboys need a win to start off December on the right foot. The Cowboys put up 250 yards rushing in their earlier matchup, so I look for them to get the run going early to establish some play action throws downfield to Austin. The Giants want to do the same thing, but they haven’t been successful in running the ball lately. I look for that to continue as the Cowboys roll. Pick: Cowboys

Vikings @ Cardinals, Sunday 8:20pm
Ahad: Is Warner going to play in this game? The Cardinals are not the same team with Leinart running the show. Either way, it won’t matter because the Vikings are a better team. Pick: Vikings
Mike: That was quite a trip Ahad just took us on. Reading his first point about Warner had me thinking, ‘what difference is Warner going to make?’ Then he answered his question. I am still rooting for the Vikings breakdown. I’ll be watching something else while rooting for that. Peterson is just too fast. Pick: Vikings
Evan: No doubt – Vikings.
Matt: I think Warner will be playing, so that will make it the battle of the QB geezers. The Cardinals have not been real dominating of late against weaker competition while the Vikings have been blowing people out. The real question here is, do you think Adrian Peterson has some added motivation? A lot of people are saying Chris Johnson has overtaken Peterson as the league’s best back. This season anyway, it is true. But I am sure Peterson saw what Johnson did last week against the Cards defense. Can he go for more yards? We will see. The Cards should be scared. Pick: Vikings

Ravens @ Packers, Monday 8:30pm
Ahad: This Ravens team can do some damage and the Packers don’t impress me. Pick: Ravens
Mike: Yawn. I don’t like this Packers team at all. Ravens are very good. I’m pointing to a weak week of games. Pick: Ravens
Evan: I actually enjoyed watching the Ravens last week. I like this Rice kid. I recall picking him out of oblivion as a Heisman candidate a few years ago when no one (not even Janke) knew who he was. Pick: Ravens
Matt: Wow, I am surprised you all picked the Ravens. The Packers are favored and mostly everyone is picking them to win. I am with you guys though. I think the Ravens will pressure Rodgers a lot, and they will need to to protect their weak secondary. I like Ray Rice a lot too. That is why I scooped him a few weeks ago for my fantasy team. He’s had 8 straight games with over 100 yards from scrimmage. He dominates again. Pick: Ravens


ICH NFL Picks – Week 12 – Weekend

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Sunday, November 29, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Seattle 67% -3.5 33% St. Louis 1:00pm
Carolina 33% 3.5 67% New York Jets 1:00pm
Miami 100% -3.5 0% Buffalo 1:00pm
Indianapolis 67% -3.5 33% Houston 1:00pm
Tampa Bay 33% 12.5 67% Atlanta 1:00pm
Washington 33% 9.5 67% Philadelphia 1:00pm
Cleveland 33% 14.5 67% Cincinnati 1:00pm
Jacksonville 33% 3.5 67% San Francisco 4:05pm
Kansas City 0% 13.5 100% San Diego 4:05pm
Arizona 67% 2.5 33% Tennessee 4:15pm
Chicago 0% 11.5 100% Minnesota 4:15pm
Pittsburgh 0% 1.5 100% Baltimore 8:20pm
Monday, November 30, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
New England 67% 3.5 33% New Orleans 8:30pm

Pick % are against the spread.
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