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Dog steals golf ball

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Favorite story from the weekend.

This happened in Scotland at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship, which looks to be an event on the European Tour. So this wasn’t just a random country club occurrence. It may have been during a Pro-Am since the story mentions the golfer being partnered with Michael Phelps. The golfer was Paul Casey and he was lining up for an eagle putt when a dog ran onto the green and took the ball!

A spectator stopped the dog and got the ball back. There was no penalty.

A dogs often hanging around major events? Casey said this one showed up at the tee and followed them to the green before it saw an opening on the green to get the ball.

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Bear beats camera

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Guy rents some equipment to shoot in Yellowstone. Bear attack. Cameraman uses his other equipment to capture the bear messing with the rental stuff.

He’s just curious. I bet he wanted to be a photographer and his mama bear didn’t let him.
The photographer’s post and pictures.

He had insurance on the rentals and the company shipped him out more equipment and even posted on their blog.

Awesome shots and great post by the company. I imagine this company will get a lot more business after this. Especially in the nature photography segment. I imagine their insurance claims will also go up. So win/lose.

I’ve avoided this problem by never going any place there might be bears roaming around.

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Somoa Moves West

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Not really, but they are moving the date line. They are skipping a day this week so they can move to the other side. They are doing this because they trade primarily with Australia and New Zealand.

This is similar to my problem with time zones. The dates and times are meaningless. If your country is trading so much with countries that have a slightly different schedule, then you can adjust. Who declared that Saturday and Sunday are the weekend? If you need to adjust and make Monday and Tuesday the weekend, what is the difference?

Besides that rant, I find this really interesting that a county (or territory, whatever Samoa is) realized there was a problem and agreed to skip a day on the calendar. So much fun information in the article …

Hotel guests won’t have to pay for an extra night, but employers will be required to pay workers for Friday. “For the business community, it’s very difficult,” Lesa said, “They’ll be paying for a day that doesn’t exist.”

As for folks born on Dec. 30 … well, this year they’re in the same boat as Feb. 29 birthday babies.

Two years ago, drivers were ordered to switch from right-side to left-side driving — to reduce the cost of converting cars brought in from Australia and New Zealand.

It’s also not the first time Samoa has switched sides on the calendar: Back in 1892, Samoans gained an extra day when they went from the west side of the imaginary Date Line to the east side. The king made the switch to please U.S. traders — and to celebrate, he gave his subjects a double dose of the Fourth of July that year.

Cool move by the King on that last one. If you are going to do this, have fun with it. They should have skipped a Friday that fell on the 13th.

Also, Samoa is different than American Samoa.

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Phanatic Visits Home

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Favorite Story of the Day.

I probably don’t need to tell you but the Phillie Phanatic was born in the Galapagos Islands.

I didn’t see much about the details of the trip, but based on the pictures this appears to be a book tour as he is trying to sell his book about his adventures in the Galapagos Islands.

So many great pictures, this has to be my favorite:

What that little sea lion must be thinking. Check out all the pictures.


25,000 Stuffed Animals on the Ice

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Favorite story of the day. (Actually yesterday, but I didn’t get to it.)

How much fun is that?!? This is a yearly tradition, after the first goal of the game, everyone tosses their stuffed animals onto the ice. Not sure what happens if the home team gets shut out, but it is minor league hockey and in my experience, that doesn’t happen very often.

The home team is the Calgary Hitmen. What are the chances that a team called the hitmen survives in the US?

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WWII Bombs in Germany

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Favorite Story of the Day.

Ok, from reading the story it’s a mine, but when I heard it on the news this morning they said bomb. I mean, they both blow up.

45,000 people had to be evacuated from Koblenz. Apparently they find bombs and mines here from that period somewhat often, but this is the largest evacuation since the war.

They found the mines because the river is very low due to lack of rain. They expect to find even more while the river is low. It doesn’t answer my main question: How long are the people evacuated for?

Info: HuffPost