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This Week on TV

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To save myself from Summer TV withdraw I’ve decided to plan my week’s in advance. I’m going to do some research to make sure I don’t miss any specials that tend to sneak by in the Summer. Oh, and Sports.

This week will be especially difficult with all the talk shows on break.


Stanley Cup Finals: Monday (Versus), Wednesday (Versus), Saturday (NBC)

French Open: ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel – Comcast is giving us The Tennis Channel for free for this. Trying to tempt me into purchasing the Sports Package. Little do they know I’m planning on getting it when the college football season starts. That is, if I can hold old during the college baseball regionals.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out the whole week … (more…)


Boo Most Commercials, Hooray Some!

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I’m no fan of commercials. The #1 reason for purchasing a ReplayTV all those years ago was to easily record things so I could skip the commercials. Turned out the real beauty of DVRs is not being tied to the TV schedule, but that’s off topic.

Still, I’m always intrigued by good commercials. Its just they are so few and far between. Even less often is there a campaign that I just love. I discovered a new one this week. Off the top of my head here are two of my favorite ad campaigns ever, plus a new favorite that I think has a ton of potential.

I don’t even need to really talk about these. There have been so many classics over the years. Even now they will still bust out a solid one. I loved the one with Jorge Posada and David Ortiz where Ortiz puts on the Yankees hat (even though it may have been against the rules).

EPSN Commercial Archive

Emerald Nuts
These were just off the wall when they first came out. It was during the 2004 World Series. This is pre-Goulet, those debuted during the 2007 Super Bowl. There were a bunch of them so you didn’t get tired of any and they were available online so I could show people I wasn’t insane.

From the first set: Encouraging Norwegians (also includes Evil Navigators). If I remember correctly, Egomaniacal Normans was my favorite of this group, but I couldn’t find a video.

Then the came back with the really long phrases that spelled out Emerald Nuts.
My favorite from this group: Engrossed Manicurists Eventually Relay Advice Like Do Not Untie That String

Red Stripe
Finally caught these this week during PTI. First I saw the Sweater one and was impressed. What put me over the top was the evil room. I found some of the others online and this campaign only has the ceiling of the number of places Red Stripe is advertised, which I’ve only ever seen during PTI. This one is good enough to be on everywhere.

iFilm page of Red Stripe Commercials

See some that I’ve mentioned after the jump. (more…)


A PI and a Vampire?

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CBS announced a new show for the fall called Moonlight. Its about a Private Investigator who is also a Vampire. I’m not sure which came first or if one led to the other. It would make sense if he was on the case of a vampire and got bit. Then even though he’s now a vampire he still wants to continue his PI career.

Why is this a show? What makes the PI/Vampire combination so intriguing? Does being a vampire help his investigating? I can’t imagine its easy not being able to go out in the light. The only suggestions I’ve heard so far are that maybe he can become a bat and sneak around, he may have a heightened sense of hearing, or that he can smell blood and find the bodies.

Some plot points I found on TV Squad: “The story will revolve around his struggles with immortality, feuds with adversaries in the vampire world, and a romance with a mortal.” I’m most curious about the feuding with other vampires. Maybe he’s investigating other vampires, making him an outcast in the vampire community. Come to think of it, I’d be interested to see how vampires interact day to day. You only think of them doing bad things, biting people, and on occasion, selling cereal. I want to see how they get their shopping done or send their kids to school if they can’t go out in daylight.

I’d talk about the cast but the only person I know (after looking him up) is Rade Serbedzija. He played Dmitri Gredenko on 24 this season and was Boris in Snatch. Most importantly he was the guy in Bratislava in Eurotrip (“Miami Wice is number one new show.”).

It will be on Fridays at 9. You will want to catch it quickly since who knows how long it will be around. I’ll be watching, cause at this point I just have to find out what’s going on.


My DVR loves Andy Barker, P.I.

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A week or two ago I had my DVR all set to tape NBC’s Thursday night lineup. I’ve finally gone all in for the comedies after catching a 30 Rock promo I decided to give it another chance. So on this particular night it was some combination of My Name Is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, and Andy Barker, P.I. They seem to change it every week. I wonder why they are 3rd in the ratings. My lineup of choice for the night would be: The Office, Scrubs, My Name Is Earl, 30 Rock. Actually it can be any order, as long as The Office is up first.

I’ve been DVRing Andy Barker, P.I. since it started. I try to give new comedies at least one shot and anything Andy Richter is guaranteed a chance. This night my DVR must have really liked the episode. It taped it for eight hours. It was still recording it when I got up in the morning and I told it to stop. Who knows how long it would have gone on without my intervention. My recordings list had it split into three parts. It was interrupted for some reason, twice. The DVR held strong and started right back up. Sadly the episode was only a half hour long. The extra seven plus were just there to make sure whatever I had been keeping around to watch on a rainy day was lost. That probably included some random movies from HBO or Starz and a couple of the Planet Earth episodes from Discovery.

I’ve enjoyed Andy Barker, not quite as much as Andy Richter Controls the Universe, but still worth watching. I don’t expect it to get renewed. I get a very similar feeling from both Andy Barker and Knights of Prosperity. Both have odd premises. They both have the ability to be hysterically funny. Which isn’t a surprise since Andy Barker comes from Conan’s crew and Knights of Prosperity comes from Ed (which came from Letterman’s crew). With each I feel like something is missing.

I had the thought that these two should have been combined. Andy could have been Mick Jagger’s Private Investigator who tracked what the Knights of Prosperity were up to. I think that would have provided enough material to fill in the down periods in both shows.

I’m just trying to figure out why the DVR enjoyed it so much. I didn’t notice anything DVR references in the show that it might have liked. I’ll have to keep an eye out for its future habits. Maybe I’ll record something just for it every once in a while.



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Tuesday was the 4th Season Premiere of Last Comic Standing. Same thing happens on this show every year. Except for Season 3, but that was different, it was a competition between seasons 1&2.

It starts by going around to a few cities where people wait in line for hours in order to audition. Each person performs in front of 2 judges. The judges’ day job is booking comics for The Tonight Show. Right there’s your problem, connecting Leno with comedy. I’m not sure what their purpose is on the show. They don’t really critique anything. The one guy never shows any emotion. This part really bothers me. Makes me wonder why I watch the show. Also to be like American Idol they cut in really horrible performances that aren’t needed because they are so funny. I think they forgot that the funny part of the show is the good comics.

Slowly the show starts to pick up. I think it starts off so horribly because they start in LA where the comics are generally weak and there are a lot of people with no talent who think this is their shot to make it big. So there is an excess amount of really bad. Also, just in LA, there were three comics I had seen before on different things. Including Theo from Road Rules, who wasn’t very good but somehow made it. The other two also made it. The one guy has been on tons of commercials and I think hosted a sports trivia show on FSN a few years ago. They move on to some other cities and start to hit their stride when they get to NYC. There are more quality comics there than they can invite.

When they start to show a lot of quality comics I get the same feeling every year. Why can’t I do this? Oh, right, cause I have no material. I just don’t know what decent material is. I could probably come up with something. I don’t have any concern that I couldn’t control a room if I was comfortable with my material. I’ll get over this in a few days.

Next week on the show they go to Hollywood where the 40 comics they picked will perform a longer set and it will be narrowed down to the finalists who get to live together. That’s usually my favorite part, when they have to put up with each other all day long. Each week they are given a task to get immunity. Then someone is picked to be kicked out. BUT … and this is why this show is so great. That person gets to pick someone else in the house to go against. Each person does a set and the audience votes on who is better. The loser leaves. So sometimes really popular people get sent home early. That actually stinks because sometimes horrible people who get ‘kicked out’ get to stay. However the idea of earning your place is acceptable, they just need to get audiences that aren’t so dumb.

The show has a bit of almost every different reality show all mashed together. However it all makes sense. Plus, there is tons of stand up. This might be my favorite reality show. To make it complete they need to add some traveling and someone who lies that they are really rich.