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ICH College Football Picks – Week 10 Weekend

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Even after East Carolina giving everyone picking against the spread a loss there are still some unanimous picks for Saturday. Although tonight’s Boise St/LA Tech game is now only 86% in favor of Boise St. The Saturday 100% picks: Miami (-13.5) over UVA, GT (-15.5) over Wake, Houston (-1.5) over Tulsa, USC (-11.5) over Arizona St, and Cincy (-12.5) over UConn. That Houston game is the one that jumps out, but I don’t trust them. I went with Cincy, although UConn has lost their last two games by the exact same 28-24 score.

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
#24 Wisconsin 67% -11.5 33% Indiana 12:00pm
Northwestern 33% 16.5 67% #8 Iowa 12:00pm
UCF 33% 35.5 67% #2 Texas 12:00pm
Virginia 0% 13.5 100% #16 Miami (FL) 12:00pm
Syracuse 33% 21.5 67% #14 Pittsburgh 12:00pm
#25 BYU 83% -13.5 17% Wyoming 2:00pm
#7 Oregon 83% -5.5 17% Stanford 3:30pm
#15 Ohio State 17% 3.5 83% #11 Penn State 3:30pm
Washington State 50% 31.5 50% #21 Arizona 3:30pm
#18 Oklahoma State 83% -7.5 17% Iowa State 3:30pm
Wake Forest 0% 15.5 100% #10 Georgia Tech 3:30pm
#9 LSU 67% 9.5 33% #3 Alabama 3:30pm
#6 TCU 83% -24.5 17% San Diego State 4:00pm
New Mexico 17% 27.5 83% #17 Utah 6:00pm
Oregon State 67% 7.5 33% #23 California 7:00pm
Vanderbilt 17% 33.5 83% #1 Florida 7:15pm
#13 Houston 100% -1.5 0% Tulsa 7:30pm
#12 USC 100% -11.5 0% Arizona State 8:00pm
Connecticut 0% 12.5 100% #4 Cincinnati 8:00pm
#20 Oklahoma 83% -6.5 17% Nebraska 8:00pm

Pick % are against the spread.

Current Pick Distribution


College Football Week 10 Preview

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Purdue @ Michigan, Saturday 12pm
Ahad: Purdue is still riding high after beating OSU. Look for them to keep it going. Pick: Purdue
Mike: Ahad, did Purdue ride that high right through the 37-0 loss in Wisconsin last week? This one could break the scoreboard. Michigan has given up 25.11 points per game, Purdue has given up 28. At least Michigan is scoring more points per game than their opponents (31.56). Although, if you take away the Delaware St game, those numbers are close to even. I actually don’t think Michigan’s offense isn’t that bad. This is also likely their only shot at a bowl with Wisconsin and Ohio State to go. Pick: Michigan
Matt: Oh boy, this game probably will be high scoring. Michigan has only beaten one Big Ten opponent, that being Indiana, and they barely pulled that one off. Purdue somehow beat Ohio State at home (I say somehow, but all those turnovers definitely helped). Mike, I noted that in your sentence about Michigan’s offense, you used a double negative. I am not sure if that was a typo, or you actually do believe Michigan’s offense is bad, but you just didn’t know how to say it. I think Michigan will regroup and play well at home. Pick: Michigan
Evan: I hate Purdue and Michigan, but I hate Purdue more because my high school baseball coach went there. I like it when Michigan is winning a little bit. Pick: Michigan

South Carolina @ Arkansas, Saturday 12:21
Ahad: This “northern yankee” is going to go with his gut again. Pick: South Carolina
Mike: Hopefully Evan can clear up what looks like a toss up to me. South Carolina seems to be able to handle any offense that comes their way. My concern is that Tennessee loss last week. I really thought Arkansas was going to have a better season after keeping pace with Georgia. You can’t really fault them for any of their losses. They may just be a .500 team, which isn’t a bad thing in the SEC. Pick: South Carolina
Matt: What is up with the 12:21 start time? I think that both of these teams are pretty good teams, but they play in a tough conference, so their records don’t appear that great. South Carolina has not impressed me that much, and Arkansas has played their opponents pretty tough all season. Pick: Arkansas
Evan: My SEC knowledge was once again legitimized by my Auburn over Miss St pick last week. This is a really tough game, I have been inclined to pick both teams in toss-up games this year. I’m going to go with the hometown Hogs. Spurrier is already thinking about his game against the Gators next week. Pick: Arkansas

Ohio State @ Penn State, Saturday 3:30pm
Ahad: This game is going to feature two great defenses. Beaver Stadium will be fired up for this one. Look for the hostile crowd to impact Pryor. The big question for PSU will be the offensive line. They will have to give Clark time to go through his progessions and open some running lanes for Royester. If they are unable to do this, PSU will have to rely on the defense to put them in positions to score. For Ohio State, the big question is Pryor. He is getting a lot of heat in Buckeye land about the poor games he has had lately, especially in their most recent loss. I expect this game to be very similar to last season’s matchup. PSU will come through in a close one. Pick: PSU
Mike: Penn State hasn’t been jumping ahead early. With Northwestern, they just wore them down. Iowa didn’t wear down. Ohio State won’t wear down. The Penn State line and LBs need to contain Pryor, which they can, but need to do better than they did against Northwestern. Poor angles and poor tackling keep Northwestern in the game early. The Penn State secondary is improving and needs to take advantage of Pryor mistakes. I really think this is the game PSU focused on all year. They know what they need to do and should come out strong. Pick: Penn State
Matt: There was definitely some poor play last week on the defensive side of the ball in the first half for PSU. They corrected that in the second half, but they need to play strong all 4 quarters like they did last year in this matchup. I think Penn State has the better and more talented team, so they just need to play their game and not turn the ball over. Ohio State should look to exploit the PSU defense the way that Mike Kafka did last week. Pryor and Kafka are different types of runners though, and Kafka is smarter than Pryor, so the PSU D should keep him in check. Like Ahad said, the big question will be the PSU offensive line. They did not play well at all against Iowa but have been improving since. They just need to keep it up and the game should come out in PSU’s favor. Pick: Penn State
Evan: I defer to all of you for your knowledge of the Big 10. Losing would sting Penn State more than it would Ohio State. Pick: Penn State

LSU @ Alabama, Saturday 3:30pm
Ahad: In my eyes this is the second best game of the week. Go ahead and call me a Big 10 homer. Bama has had some struggles on the offensive side of the ball but the defense has been top notch. LSU will not be able to generate pressure with only the front four which will open things up in the passing game for Bama. Pick: Bama
Mike: Looking at the results thus far, you can’t really count LSU out. LSU’s lack of offense (ranked #100) could be a bit of a problem seeing as they are going against the Bama defense (ranked #4). I’m thinking of a game similar to the UF game. LSU doesn’t score but doesn’t let Bama get away from them. Making you think they could take the lead with each possession in the 4th quarter. Won’t happen, but it will make you think. Pick: Alabama
Matt: Look for a low scoring game in this one. Both defenses are very good. Alabama has a better offense, though. That combined with being at home will give Alabama the edge. Pick: Alabama
Evan: Ahad – you are a big 10 homer. This is THE biggest game of the week. This will be a very close game. Wouldn’t be surprised if no touchdowns were scored. I’m looking for something like a 16-12 win for Bama. Pick: Tide

Oregon State @ California, Saturday 7pm
Ahad: Look for Cal to score early and often. Best will have a big day. Pick: Cal
Mike: Out of the decent games this week, I think this could be the best (Purdue/Michigan doesn’t qualify as decent). Oregon State should do what they do and put points on the board. I think Oregon State can keep Best from running all over them and putting them in a decent position. Pick: Oregon State
Matt: Cal is favored in this game, but I like what I have been seeing from Oregon State. They came close to knocking out USC again a few weeks ago. Cal has underachieved. This should be a good matchup of little running backs between Best and Quizz. I like the Quizz. Pick: Oregon State
Evan: I make a habit of picking against Ahad whenever it seems plausible to do so. Pick: Oregon State

Average Games
Duke @ North Carolina – Too bad Duke didn’t keep Paulus around for just this game. Although then Duke would be worse and this wouldn’t even be an average game.
Washington @ UCLA – Sounds like Locker is playing, not that I knew he was hurt.
Florida St @ Clemson – Never know what FSU team will show.

Matt 30-15 (3-2)
Mike 27-18 (3-2)
Evan 25-20 (4-1)
Ahad 24-21 (1-4)


ICH College Football Picks – Week 10 – Thurs/Fri

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Seeing these unanimous picks rings the warning siren in my head. Let’s see if I can find any second thoughts.

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
#22 Virginia Tech 100% -13.5 0% East Carolina 7:30pm

VT leads the series, but only 9-5. East Carolina won this matchup last year 27-22, which snapped VTs streak of 6 wins in the series. ECU’s biggest loss this year is 15, at West Virginia. This game is home for East Carolina, which is in Greenville, NC. It’s also a night game and you never can trust pirates at night. Not that you can trust them all that much during the day either. In fact, during the night they are probably either drunk or passed out. That analogy fell apart quickly, but still, look out for a loud surly crowd.

Friday, November 6, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
#5 Boise State 100% -21.5 0% Louisiana Tech 8:00pm

The series is tight. Boise St leads 7-5. Of coures, its been lopsided of late as Boise St has won the last 7. LA Tech last won this game in 2001. Similar to East Carolina this is a home night game for LA Tech and it will be broadcast on ESPNU. In case you weren’t aware, LA Tech is in Ruston, LA. LA Tech is unbeaten at home with an average margin of victory of 31. On the other hand, all their decent opponents have been on the road where they are 0-5. LA Tech seems to start out strong and then let the game get away. Starting strong could keep the game from getting 3 TDs out of hand, right?

Pick % are against the spread.

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ICH College Football Picks – Week 9

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Friday, October 30, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
#20 West Virginia 86% -3.5 14% South Florida 8:00pm

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team Time
Indiana 67% 17.5 33% #7 Iowa 12:00pm
#5 Cincinnati 100% -15.5 0% Syracuse 12:00pm
New Mexico State 50% 40.5 50% #17 Ohio State 12:00pm
#24 Mississippi 83% -3.5 17% Auburn 12:21pm
Southern Miss 0% 6.5 100% #15 Houston 1:00pm
San Jose State 17% 35.5 83% #6 Boise State 3:00pm
Georgia 50% 16.5 50% #1 Florida 3:30pm
#18 Miami (FL) 100% -7.5 0% Wake Forest 3:30pm
UNLV 33% 33.5 67% #8 TCU 4:00pm
#12 Penn State 83% -14.5 17% Northwestern 4:30pm
Kansas State 33% 25.5 67% #22 Oklahoma 7:00pm
Washington State 80% 29.5 20% #25 Notre Dame 7:30pm
#11 Georgia Tech 67% -11.5 33% Vanderbilt 7:30pm
#21 South Carolina 83% 5.5 17% Tennessee 7:45pm
#4 USC 50% -3.5 50% #10 Oregon 8:00pm
Wyoming 17% 17.5 83% #19 Utah 8:00pm
#3 Texas 100% -9.5 0% #13 Oklahoma State 8:00pm
Tulane 33% 34.5 67% #9 LSU 8:00pm

Pick % are against the spread.

Current Pick Distribution

Make your picks!


College Football Week 9 Preview

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West Virginia @ South Florida, Friday 8pm
Ahad: Noel Devine will be the difference in this game. Pick: West Virginia
Evan: USF has burned me recently, but they hold a special place in my heart. Go Bulls. Pick: USF
Matt: West Virginia is coming off an emotional game with UConn and South Florida is coming off two straight losses to top 25 teams. Can West Virginia make it three in a row? I think so. Pick: West Virginia
Mike: Cincy has been getting all the chat in the Big East but teams like Pitt and WVU are putting together some solid seasons. Poor USF had to play all three right in a row. At the time the USF win over FSU seemed pretty impressive. Turns out FSU is just capable of being really terrible for stretches of time. Ahad hits it, Noel Devine is the player to watch. Pick: West Virginia

Mississippi @ Auburn, Saturday 12:21pm
Ahad: These SEC games are always tough to predict. I have to go with my gut on this one. Pick: Mississippi
Evan: These games are only tough to predict for you northern yankees. I’ve got the pulse of the south. Pick: Auburn
Matt: Auburn comes in having lost 3 straight. Can they right the ship at home? Doubt it. Pick: Mississippi
Mike: The midrange SEC games are hard to pick because they don’t get a lot of air time up here. Instead of the SEC Game of the Week, our local channels pick up the Big East game of the week. Ole Miss is a solid team that has tumbled a little too far in the rankings. Are they any worse than 2-loss Ohio St or Miami? I’d put them ahead of both teams. Pick: Mississippi

Duke @ Virginia, Saturday 3:30pm
Ahad: It will be a long time before Duke has a good football team. Virginia will take care of business. Pick: UVA
Evan: This is my upset special. Pick: Duke
Matt: Actually, Ahad, I think Duke already has a decent team. They played Va. Tech close at home and have beaten some other good teams and they have a better record than the Cavaliers. I think I am gonna go with Duke, who will win it with a 3 at the buzzer. Pick: Duke
Mike: Disappointed that a) I can’t put this in my average games of the week and b) this week’s slate of games is so weak that this is a game worth picking. I’m glad at least Matt knows what’s going on. Duke and Virginia are almost identical so far this year. I like Duke a little better, but it is a toss-up. PIck: Duke

USC @ Oregon, Saturday 8pm
Ahad: The biggest question about this game is which Oregon team will show up? The Trojan’s defense will be able to contain the running game of Oregon. USC will control this game from the start, but look for Oregon to keep it close. Pick: USC
Evan: Woohoo! I’d watch this game if I weren’t watching the World Series. Pick: USC
Matt: Can USC actually lose two conference games? I think there is a real possibility of it. They have not been as dominant this year and Oregon is on a roll. Pick: Oregon
Mike: Points! Take last week’s USC/OSU game and add more points for the team from Oregon. This will likely cause the 2nd TV to be setup. Pick: Oregon

Texas @ Oklahoma State, Saturday 8pm
Ahad: How will Ok State handle the news that Bryant is suspended for the rest of the season? Granted he hasn’t played for a few weeks, but now there is no chance he will be back. He is their most dynamic playmaker and the offense will struggle without him. Texas is still unbeaten, but has been on the ropes a few times most notably in the Red River Shoot-out. (I will not call the game by its new name). McCoy doesn’t look like the same player from last year either. Look for the Cowboys to keep it close, but in the end Texas will find a way to win. Pick: Texas
Evan: McCoy’s got to show up eventually. Pick: Texas
Matt: McCoy needs a big game here to vault himself to the top of the Heisman race. He has been steady, but not as dominant as last season. I think OK State will come out energized behind the home crowd and have the lead early. However, the McCoy to Shipley combo will prove to be too much in the end. Pick: Texas
Mike: Ok State doesn’t impress me in the weaker Big 12 this year. Texas should win this game big. Not because this is a breakout game, even though that’s what the talk will be, just because they are better than Ok State. Pick: Texas

Average Games
Purdue @ Wisconsin – Both teams are 2-2 in conference. Out of conference is a different story as Wisconsin is only a win away from bowl eligibility but Purdue needs 3 more.
Kansas @ Texas Tech – How will Texas Tech do this week after their joke of a game last week? Hopefully they avoided their fat little girlfriends this week.
Western Kentucky @ North Texas – Pointed to this game in this week’s The Winless. North Texas is not in the winless ranks, they have 1 whole win. WKU might be the winlessest. I wouldn’t be surprised North Texas wins this one big.

Matt 27-13 (5-0)
Mike 24-16 (4-1)
Ahad 23-17 (5-0)
Evan 21-19 (2-3)

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Oregon vs. USC

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Justin: Trojan Ducks
Daron: well, the big story in the MSM is the absence of USC’s defense from its previous two games. Namely against the other team from Oregon
Justin: right. one thing, however, is to note something about those defensive lapses: they were against extremely balanced teams
Daron: they were large and silly?
Justin: That tend even towards pass heavy. The Ducks: not so much. They are a run first team. Masoli, obvi, is a fullback, who throws occasionally
Daron: yeah
Justin: he’s got 905 yards, good for 8th in the Pac 10
Daron: which is, you know, not the greatest.
Justin: UCLA and Washington State’s QBs are the only one’s worse. And well, we know those issues. So i think that USC’s defense may not be as vulnerable to Oregon as they’ve looked recently
Daron: Reasonable
Justin: likewise, Oregon’s D has been nice (JF Note: Read that article and see how BAD Oregon’s D has been)
Daron: it’s been unreal
Justin: 10 picks in 7 games, pretty solid
Daron: it has sacked quite a few folk as well
Justin: yeah. They terrorized Locker: to the tune of 2 picks, 4 sacks and ~50% completions.
and 7 carries for -16 isn’t what he had in mind. They gave up 100 to Polk, which isn’t the best. USC’s defense, though against the run, has been ridic still. Less than 100 yards per game
Daron: yeah
Justin: Oregon is, btw, last in the PAC 10 in passing as a team
Daron: hahahahaI
Justin: and, somehow
Daron: I’m not seeing this as a USC loss, because it is just too obvious to pick
Justin: is scoring 34 points per game…yet, converting on just 32 % of 3rd downs
Daron: bahahaha
Justin: thanks partly to a 1-10 effort against Boise St, but still.
Daron: SoCal
Justin: score?
Daron: 31-20. Dunno how SC gets there
Justin: i’m going Oregon Duckaroos. I think they score enough…24-14
Daron: Nice! I want them to win
Justin: I think we see Mitch Mustain.  Chaosity (Justin edit, post conversation: I don’t actually think this anymore, I’m an idiot)
Daron: wow
Justin: this is the best defense they’ve seen not from Ohio
Daron: true
Justin: so yeah, that’s my story.

There’s no reason to put this here, I just wanted to.

Daron & Justin

Unbiased Picks – Texas vs. Oklahoma State

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Daron: Texas-OSU. Cowboys missing most of their ballers

Justin: yeah

Daron: but have been effective nonetheless

Justin: Where is Kendall Hunter, btw?   injured?

Daron: I believe so

Justin: ah yes.  Going into the season they had one of…scratch that the best return returning triad in the country

Daron: yeah,   it’s down to a triad of one

Justin: yeah

Daron: Kind of like the US Army used to be! Now it’s just Strong

Justin: to be fair, they don’t really lose a TON when they go to Toston

Daron: yeah, I mean, I think they’re gonna get some points

Justin: dude’s got 606 yards on 111 carries

Daron: It’s really a matter, to me, of how porous their defense decides to be

Justin: yeah, and how much Colt McCoy can get in the groove

Daron: yeah, and how open Shipley is or the newfound glory of Marquis Goodwin

Justin: OSU managed to give up 31 to A&M, but managed to contain mizzou pretty well

Daron: hey, A&M has an offense

Justin: Ok,Ok.

Daron: when not playing juggernaut’s like KSU

Justin: ill alter my arguments

Daron: <scoffs>

<vomits dinner>

Justin: Rice put up a season high against OSU, and not in garbage time.

Daron: well that’s just sad

Justin: yes, so.

Daron: As Vandy curbstomped Rice

Justin: OSU hasn’t not proven consistent


Justin: most people do


Justin: i can sense the anger

Daron: So, are you thinking a barnburner like the last few years? Texas hanging on by the skin of Bevo’s tail?

Justin: Texas turned on their biggest performance of the season last week

Daron: I think, p’raps

Justin: beating the figurative doodoo out of Missouri

Daron: hot

Justin: right?

Daron: now, Mizzou has looked impressive only in spells and Gabbert is a first year starter taking on the Muschamp defense

Justin: true

Daron: I just don’t buy the Tejas offense. Not yet

Justin: Robinson didn’t excel last year against Texas, but they were able to run, to the tune of 220 yards or so.  This is a run first spread, even when Bryant’s around.

Lesson: Dont Ever Talk to Primetime
Lesson: Don't Ever Talk to Primetime

Daron: yeah

Justin: but OSU gave up 400 yards to McCoy

Daron: who had more weapons (ie. a second receiver)

Justin: True. I just don’t see this happening, though

Daron: I don’t either

Justin: Oklahoma State’s gonna give up points

Daron: I just don’t like that everyone is gonna think Tejas is good because of it, though

Justin: and i’m not sure they’ll score enough. i hear you

Daron: nor I

Justin: This is Texas’s last chance (possibly even with the b12 title game) to put on a show and if they get up for any game, it’s this one. I sense something in the range of 42-24

Daron: you think? I’m thankin’ 31-37, 30-35

Justin: close huh

Daron: -ish.  May not seem that way.  A late score that is almost a come-ish back type scenario

but, you know, realistically there’s just not enough time, etc

Justin: gotcha, understood


The Winless – Week 9

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Everyone talks about the undefeated teams at the top of the rankings, what about the other side? It’s not easy going winless.

Five FBS teams remain winless. This week I’m going to look at the team offensive and defensive rankings to see if we can figure out what the problem is.

Rice (C-USA) (0-8)
This Week: Off
Best Chance: 11/14 @ Tulane (2-5)
According to Wikipedia, Rice is the 2nd smallest school in the FBS. (Tulsa is the smallest.)

Offense: Rushing (#111), Passing (#69), Total (#108), Turnovers (#113), Time of Possession (#87)
Defense: Rushing (#111), Passing (#109), Total (#116), Takeaways (#100)
I think I sense a problem. No defense gives the offense very little chance to climb the rankings. Although Time of Possession indicates they should be a little better. I need some sort of yards/minute stat.

Miami Ohio (MAC) (0-8)
This Week: Toledo (4-4)
Best Chance: 11/12 vs Bowling Green (3-5)

Offense: Rushing (#117), Passing (#36), Total (#103), Turnovers (#120), Time of Possession (#20)
Defense: Rushing (#95), Passing (#30), Total (#76), Takeaways (#117)
It’s very difficult to win if you give the ball away. 16 of their 26 turnovers are interceptions. Their passing game appears to move the ball down the field, only to have it eventually picked off. They also don’t take the ball away, -19 TO differential.

Eastern Michigan (MAC) (0-7)
This Week: @ Arkansas (3-4)
Best Chance: 11/27 @ Akron (1-7)

Offense: Rushing (#85), Passing (#115), Total (#119), Turnovers (#31), Time of Possession (#24)
Defense: Rushing (#120), Passing (#1), Total (#90), Takeaways (#71)
How many people would guess that EMU has the #1 passing defense? Of course, when you give up 275 yrds/game on the ground, who is going to even attempt a pass?

New Mexico (Mountain West) (0-7)
This Week: @ San Diego St (3-4)
Best Chance: This week.
New Mexico is in trouble. After this week they have Utah, BYU, Colorado St, and TCU.

Offense: Rushing (#109), Passing (#75), Total (#110), Turnovers (#92), Time of Possession (#118)
Defense: Rushing (#94), Passing (#105), Total (#109), Takeaways (#100)
Mediocre on both sides of the ball. At least it’s a team effort.

Western Kentucky (Sun Belt) (0-7)
This Week: @ North Texas (1-6)
Best Chance: This week.

Offense: Rushing (#97), Passing (#114), Total (#113), Turnovers (#107), Time of Possession (#99)
Defense: Rushing (#119), Passing (#94), Total (#120), Takeaways (#92)
Statistically the worst FBS team so far this year, by a little bit. Looking at Sagarin’s rankings, they are #178. There are only 120 teams in FBS. Not the worst though, Eastern Michigan is #181.


USC is overrated and a look at the standings

Mike, Sports No Comment

There are a lot of competitors for the title of worst college football announcing team, but after last night, Mike Patrick and Craig James are running away with it. Patrick’s biggest fault is not challenging James when he throws out points that make no sense. Although, last night Patrick said that he thinks Kelsey Grammar is the best comedic actor in the world. That puts his judgment into serious question.

I only watched the Oregon St/USC game for the 4th quarter, when ABC switched to it. All they seemed to want to talk about was how crazy it was that the computers had USC ranked 11th. I’m on the side that it’s crazy that the polls have USC ranked 4th. This shouldn’t be a surprise. On Gameday a few weeks ago they had on a pollster who tried to apply logic to how he voted. For some reason they had on Craig James who didn’t have much of an argument.

Something equally ridiculous happened last year during the USC/Oregon St game, I even posted about it. Chris Fowler made the case for PSU being #1 since they had won big over Oregon State. All Craig James wanted to talk about was Wisconsin.

I’m not going to go through making up my own rankings, but he’s a quick look. Remember, the BCS is supposed to be about wins and losses, that’s it.
0-losses (7): Alabama, Florida, Texas, Cincinnati, Iowa, Boise St, TCU.
1-loss (8): GT (Miami), OkSt (Houston), Pitt (NC State), WVU (Auburn), PSU (Iowa), Oregon (Boise St), USC (Washington), LSU (Florida)
I stuck to the BCS conferences for the 1-loss teams. The team the 1-loss team lost to is in parenthesis.

Wow, PSU, Oregon, and LSU have a Top 10 case. They all lost to undefeated teams. USC? If you are being generous, you could put them ahead of Pitt, in 14th. From this rough look, it’s hard to see how USC would deserve to be in the Top 10 right now, even if you are being very very generous. Not saying they can’t get there, but the rankings are not about predicting the future.

Average Games
Connecticut @ West Virginia – No one seemed to want this one. All I saw were missed FGs and interceptions. That’s exactly what I hope for in an average game. WVU won
Maryland @ Duke – Duke wins 17-13. I’m sure it was just that exciting.
Boston College @ Notre Dame – This one came down to the end. BC had 5 turnovers, ND had none. BC had no business being in this game.
Arizona State @ Stanford – Stanford won 33-14. Well, 3 out of 4 good games is pretty good.

The standings are starting to sort themselves out. I wanted to take a quick look at which teams might win their conference/division.

ACC Atlantic
Nobody really want this one. Everyone has 2 or 3 losses. Clemson might be the favorite, having beaten BC already. However BC only has Virginia, UNC, and Maryland left. I’m guessing no one wants to be the one to get beat in the ACC Championship.

ACC Coastal
GT at 5-1 is assumed to be in control. How many teams in the division have 1 loss? 4: GT, VT, Duke, and Virginia. VT’s and UVA’s loss are to GT. GT plays Duke 11/14.

Big 12 North
Not a pretty division this year. KSU leads at 3-1. I would have leaned toward Nebraska before the Iowa State loss.

Big 12 South
Texas or Oklahoma State. Which will be in Stillwater, Saturday in primetime. Oklahoma still lurks with only 1 conference loss.

Big East
Still 3 undefeated teams: Pitt, Cincy, and WVU. They will all play each other, but that’s a few weeks away. WVU heads to USF Friday night, which could start to sort things out.

Big 10
Since I’ve paid more attention to this it comes down to Iowa or Ohio State, who play each other 11/14. Iowa should win their other games, but if they keep playing tight games they could be knocked off. Ohio State just needs to win out. Penn State needs to win out (including beating Ohio State) and for Iowa to lose twice.

Pac 10
Oregon heads to USC this week, also in primetime. ABC/ESPN better not screw this up and show this game and UT/OkSt nationwide. Arizona also has 1 loss but still has Cal, Oregon, and USC on the schedule.

SEC East
UF has a 2 game lead. They have both the teams they lead (Georgia and South Carolina) left on their schedule. Florida/Georgia is this week.

SEC West
Bama/LSU in 2 weeks looks to be the decider. That game got a whole lot more interesting after Bama barely held on.

Conference USA East
Marshall, Southern Miss, and East Carolina all with 1 loss. Southern Miss has Houston this week. This division needs about 2 more weeks to get a better picture.

Conference USA West
4 1-loss teams: Houston, Tulsa, SMU, and UTEP. Houston is the obvious favorite. Except for UTEP. UTEP could win out and holds the tiebreaker since they beat Houston.

MAC East
Temple is 4-0! Ohio took their 1st loss this week to Kent St, who also has 1 loss. Temple finishes the season against those two.

MAC West

Central Michigan is undefeated. Their win over 1-loss Northern Illinois puts them in a comfortable position.

Mountain West
TCU and Utah are unbeaten after TCU’s win over BYU. Utah has yet to play TCU or BYU. That sounds like trouble for them.

Sun Belt
I don’t know if I like the Sun Belt or WAC more. They just put up points all over the place. Troy and UL-Monroe lead the way and they play each other on Saturday. I’m sure that will have wide television coverage.

Nevada and Boise St are the unbeatens. Nevada beat Idaho this week 70-45! The Nevada/Boise State game is 11/27.


Must Go: Provo

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This picture is on the front page of right now, for their hype for the TCU/BYU game tonight.

Lavell Edwards Stadium 3

I don’t remember seeing LaVell Edwards Stadium from this angle before. I think a trip to Provo has moved onto the must visit list and moved up pretty far into that list.

Source: BYU Athletics Photo Gallery


PSU Football Must Reads

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Dr. Saturday: Deconstructing: Penn State’s modern take on old-school defense – A great look at the PSU defense. It’s a little optimistic when you look at the Rose Bowl last year and other teams that have been able to exploit it with a strong passing game.

Joe Paterno Top Of The World, Pa! – The SI article I think every one of my friends linked on Facebook this week.