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Records in Weekend Series After 11 Weeks

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This past weekend was the 11th of the baseball season. For Baseball Series Picks on Ice Cream Helmet this season I decided to focus on just weekend series (and by I decided I mean Evan suggested the idea and I decided it was worth a shot). I was curious how teams had been doing in their weekend series. Partly out of curiosity, and also to help with future picks.

Picking these series has been more difficult than expected. I had to change the scoring to give more points to correct picks because just doing a net of picks was leading to a lot of negative scoring weekends. This weekend I tied my best yet, going 7-3 for 11 points. I’d done that once before. Evan holds the single weekend high with 12 points back in Week 3. He did so well he must have retired, he hasn’t made picks since.

The following table shows each team’s record in weekend series. I mentioned 11 weekends have passed, but it is possible to have a no decision in a weekend series due to 4 games series or rainouts. The lesson: go with the Dodgers. The Phillies have been bad this year but especially terrible on the weekends. Lucky for them the Padres and Cubs haven’t shown up for many weekend games.

Team Record
Dodgers 9-2
Yankees 8-2
Reds 8-3
Orioles 8-3
Rangers 8-3
Nationals 7-3
Giants 7-3
Braves 6-3
Rays 7-4
Tigers 6-4
Pirates 6-4
Blue Jays 5-4
Royals 5-4
Diamondbacks 6-5
Red Sox 6-5
Mets 6-5
Angels 5-5
Marlins 5-5
Indians 5-6
Mariners 5-6
White Sox 5-6
Cardinals 4-7
Twins 3-6
Rockies 3-8
Brewers 3-8
Astros 3-8
Phillies 2-7
Athletics 2-8
Padres 1-9
Cubs 1-9
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ICH: Baseball Series Picks – Week 11

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What’s the most interesting series of the weekend? Yankees-Nats? Still a few hours to make your picks. Here is the pick distribution as of posting.

Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Series Picks
Pick Distribution – Week 11
Away Team Home Team First Game of Series
Yankees Nationals Fri Jun 15
Giants 100% 0% Mariners Fri Jun 15
Reds Mets Fri Jun 15
Brewers 100% 0% Twins Fri Jun 15
Red Sox 100% 0% Cubs Fri Jun 15
Rockies 0% 100% Tigers Fri Jun 15
Phillies Blue Jays Fri Jun 15
Marlins Rays Fri Jun 15
Royals 0% 100% Cardinals Fri Jun 15
Padres 0% 100% Athletics Fri Jun 15
White Sox 0% 100% Dodgers Fri Jun 15
Diamondbacks 0% 100% Angels Fri Jun 15
Orioles 0% 100% Braves Fri Jun 15
Pirates Indians Fri Jun 15
Astros 0% 100% Rangers Fri Jun 15
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ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

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ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

A few weeks ago I updated the Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Standings page to include playoff chances. Right now it just makes predictions based on run differential so far and the future schedule.

Ice Cream Helmet  Baseball

It should update each morning as the scoreboard is updated. At some point I’ll work on some more complex predictions. I hope to have something similar for each sport.


Cholly reads tweets

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Sometimes I think even older people pretend they don’t know what Twitter and Facebook are all about. I never put Charlie Manual in that category. Even with a bunch of his players tweeting all the time. I stopped following all of them, it was too much.

That means nothing about this video is surprising. Yet it is still so amazing.

Found on Awful Announcing


Cliff Lee is sooo coy

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I have a thing for smart baseball plays.

That’s right, he’s sooo coy. He’s also winless through 8 starts, 6 of them quality starts. Finally, tonight the Phillies scored 10 for him. Well, not for him. When Cliff left, it was tied at 3. The Phillies then scored 7 over the next two innings. It’s a win. Still in last place, but a win.


Suicide Squeeze

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IMG 0462

As I was taking some pictures in the 7th inning tonight, I took this slightly sideways one. As I was waiting to get the pitch, I thought Fontenot was awfully far down the line. It was a suicide squeeze!

This play put the Phillies up 3-0, more than enough for Cole Hamels, who was killing it, it wasn’t until the 6th until the Nats got a hit. I wasn’t aware of the pitch count at the game. Seeing the 114, I guess I’m ok with the Papelbon move.

This was my first Phillies game at CBP since the Home Opener in 2010. Last year I missed out due to school and being in California. I did manage to see the Phillies when they came west to play the Giants.

Last thing, Tuesday was Dollar Dog night. I think that helped the dog quality as the Dollar Dogs cleared out the stock. Although I’ve been to a few Dollar Dog nights and have strong feelings that they are not at all the same as the usual hot dogs.


J-Roll Sings Happy Birthday

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During the On Deck series, Phillies were all over the place. This video has all sorts of cool things: Ryan Howard selling tickets and Victorino doing Phanatic Run the Bases. Hunter Pence sang Happy Birthday, and so did J-Roll …

Amazing job by the Phillies. I haven’t been to an On Deck game in a while. I remember it was at the Vet against the Orioles. There was none of this.

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Opening Day Starters

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I’m fascinated by Opening Day starters. I think a team announcing its Opening Day starter should be a bigger deal with a grand unveiling. I guess the problem is that anyone worthy of a big show would already be the assumed Opening Day starter.

Imagine my excitement for a headline like this from Rob Neyer: Bruce Chen Tabbbed As Royals’ Opening-Day Starter This is the perfect example for the reason that my hopes of grand announcements is flawed. How many Royals fans want an event that tells the world their best pitcher is Bruce Chen?

Now, BC wasn’t exactly terrible last year at 12-8, 3.77. To me, his 2-ish seasons with the Phillies jump to mind first. In 31 whole games started, he piled up a 7-9, 4.28. In 2000/2001 that was average on average teams.

I was curious to see what Royals fans have had to put up with over the past few seasons. At least they had some Greinke, right? As always, Baseball Reference is awesome. We’ll start from 2000:

Jeff Suppan for 3 years, Runelvys Hernandez (haven’t thought about him in a while), Brian Anderson, Jose Lima, Scott Elarton, Gil Meche for 3 years, Zack Greinke, and Luke Hochevar last season. Poor KC.

Some other things …
Minor League Guy plays for the Cardinals. Well done by both the play-by-play guys for being funny but not too mean to the rookie. Also, an amazing job by the graphics guy to throw the graphic together.

Honus Wagner card up for auction. If I ever become rich, I’m not sure I’d waste money on flashy cars and boats. But probably will spend on houses and suites at sporting events. However, that one thing that money would not matter … this card.

Finally, 49 things you should know about Jamie Moyer.

Ice Cream Helmet
Gym Class Lineup – You can set your lineup now for the next game, April 4th, Cardinals in Miami. I’d have to go with OF being the closest matchup between Beltran and Morrison.



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These were back-to-back in my Twitter feed.

First, Nate Silver …

Then, MLB …

It’s like the same thing repeated. Obviously, teams are at different points in their signing process, so these shouldn’t be compared. But just the fact that they posted so close to each other, and the A’s would never have the chance to sign Price, makes it somewhat interesting.


Organ Donor Night at the Ballpark

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The Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals AAA) are having Organ Donor Night where they will wear these sweet jerseys:

If you are an organ donor, you are entered to win some prizes, including a keyboard organ (those crazy marketers).

Redbirds Info
Saw this on Uni Watch


Rod Beck Quote

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I saw part of a quote on SBNation and thought there must have been more to it. I found a more complete version here:

“I sure don’t think of myself as a fat person, just someone who carries extra weight. I’ve never seen anyone on the DL with pulled fat.” – Rod Beck

So simple. How is that not always the argument of heavy athletes? “I’d put on muscle, but all you hear about is guys pulling muscles.” Nice work Rod Beck on this quote that must be 20 years old that I just heard today. Sure hope RB knows about Google Alerts. He’ll be pretty excited today.