Suicide Squeeze

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IMG 0462

As I was taking some pictures in the 7th inning tonight, I took this slightly sideways one. As I was waiting to get the pitch, I thought Fontenot was awfully far down the line. It was a suicide squeeze!

This play put the Phillies up 3-0, more than enough for Cole Hamels, who was killing it, it wasn’t until the 6th until the Nats got a hit. I wasn’t aware of the pitch count at the game. Seeing the 114, I guess I’m ok with the Papelbon move.

This was my first Phillies game at CBP since the Home Opener in 2010. Last year I missed out due to school and being in California. I did manage to see the Phillies when they came west to play the Giants.

Last thing, Tuesday was Dollar Dog night. I think that helped the dog quality as the Dollar Dogs cleared out the stock. Although I’ve been to a few Dollar Dog nights and have strong feelings that they are not at all the same as the usual hot dogs.

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