Style Girlfriend answers my question!

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Style Girlfriend – Back to School

Back a month or two ago, as I was preparing to head back to school, I sent a note to the Style Girlfriend asking what sort of bag I should get for school. I figure this is the biggest statement you could make. My school started extra early, so I wasn’t able to take her advice.

I wound up buying, this bag, which I had my eye on and Google knew it. It’s worked out great so far. I love having the laptop sleeve. I don’t have to worry about a case for my laptop. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have easy storage for a water bottle.

The one issue I have is that it’s a bit much for when I only need to take my laptop and maybe a notebook with me. That’s why SG’s advice has been eying that Crumpler bag she pointed out.

I’m putting laptop bags in league with shoes. If I were to start buying them, I might not stop. So it’s best to not think any harder and move on.

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