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I started DVR’ing CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago. I know, when did I get so old? My parents have DVR’d it for a while and I’d usually catch an interesting story or two each week and then just burn through the other stuff.

I wasn’t aware of this guy, Steve Hartman, who threw darts at a map of the US, then would travel to that city, get a phone book, and randomly point to a name and do a story on this person. It’s very cool and disappointing at the same time. I had this almost exact idea not too long ago. It had been a while since he did that, this time around he had NASA find spots on the globe and he did the same thing all over the world. He went to three places: India, Latvia, and Oman. All three were amazing stories. I guess this proves his theory is true all over the world.

I wanted to mention how it doesn’t make any sense that I can easily find the clip I want from CBS Sunday Morning, but when I see something hilarious on Letterman that I want to share it’s no where to be found. Wouldn’t want people to easily promote The Late Show.

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