Sports Links for August 17

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I decided with my tons of links to split off the sports ones in their own separate post.

Amazing Tailgating Trailer – Only 3 TVs included?

J-Roll’s Sportscenter commercial

Looking back at the Mariners’ futuristic night – You might forget about the original Turn Ahead the Clock game. All sorts of fun facts I wasn’t aware of.

Let’s Play The Feud: The WNBA Edition – The fight in the WNBA game. In case you are the one person that hasn’t seen it.

Please, I Beg You, Make It Stop – A post about the green sticker on the back of QB’s helmets in the NFL. This year they added a graphic.

Agent Aloha – Some great Philly shirts. The best of the bunch.

This year’s Penn State video

There is nothing worse than getting mocked by the Nationals – I hate the kiss cam, but this is funny.

Game of the century The story behind the 1912 Carlisle vs. Army battle

Rare cancer took Ruth, dentist says

Baseball star John Kruk one of many fooled by bank robber

Ticket Stumbler – Pulls together listings from the various ticket sites.

Passing the Torch: An Evolution of Form – The Olympic Torch over the years.

Skip Caray Tributes …
Baseball mourns loss of Skip Caray
Ernie Johnson And Turner Sports’ Tribute To Skip Caray

I’ve been getting sick of worthless baseball lists. Here are some decent ones …
Top 20 Baseball Quotes of All Time
The Worst Seats in the House
THN.com’s NHL Logo Rankings

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