Sporcle: US Newspapers

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My Sporcle activity really took a dive after I stopped working. It should have been more popular during grad school, but oddly only came up a few times. Those days it did come up meant all productivity for the day was hopeless. I found in my Pocket List an old link to one I really liked: US Newspapers.

I’m not sure why but city newspaper names stick in my head. It could be because I usually prefer to get the local story of big news so I’d wind up on their sites more often than most.

I did this one over a year ago. I got 19 of the 30, which I was pretty ok with. There are only 3 that I didn’t get that I look at now and have a small kick of myself (but not a big kick). Try it out, let me know how you did.

What do you think, more Sprocle talk on BF?

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