Some other music findings

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Punchline: Night Lights – Donate $6 and you get this album of unreleased songs. I saw Pretty Petty, Changing Lanes, and a bunch of acoustic versions and I didn’t hesitate. A quick listen to a few of the tracks and I’m in love with the acoustic version of Don’t Try This At Home. I couldn’t find a version on YouTube to do it justice. You need a clean version, not a cell phone camera version.

Gregory James – Posted a few songs from his new EP. Girl Next Door is pretty catchy. The EP is called Pop Rocks and Flip Flops. Honestly, that sets the catchy bar pretty high.

Ben Hammond – He has an EP coming out in January, that one’s called Garden Statement. 151 is the song I checked out that merited a link here.

I found this montage set to Punchline’s Pretty Petty …

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