Some Daytrotter Sessions

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Seems like a bunch of the music links I’ve been coming across these days are for Daytrotter Sessions. They post a few songs from a band each day that were recorded in their studio in Rhode Island. They are not just up for streaming, download too. Very cool. I had two saved to share, but I like threes, so I looked for something that would fit.

Hellogoodbye – Was their last album out in 2006? Actually, yes, their only full-length came out then. Their first EP came out in 2004 and that’s the one that hooked me. 3 of the 4 songs here haven’t been released, although I’m pretty sure When We First Met was a single or EP last year. These tracks are especially cool because they usually sound very produced.

Fun – I got the album last week after finally listening to them. The lead singer’s voice doesn’t need any help when recording. So I think they just always sound amazing.

LIGHTS – I went down the list and this jumped out as a sound that would fit right in with the other bands. That was a guess as I’ve only heard a little of LIGHTS. I’m going to say it fits.

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