SNL: Taylor Swift

Mike, TV No Comment

I think this was the best SNL of the season thus far. Perhaps because I just didn’t have high expectations for Taylor Swift. Not that I thought she would be bad, I’ve just never seen her do anything but sing and the few interviews I’d seen she was always fairly quiet. On SNL they really made her do all sorts of characters. She pulled them all off. In some skits where I thought she might crack up she kept a straight face.

My favorite of the night was the Digital Short Twilight spoof with Frankensteins. With this idea it would be just about impossible to screw up.

The other clip I wanted to post was Amy Poehler appearing on Weekend Update to do Really?!? about Goldman Sachs getting supply of Swine Flu vaccine. I didn’t see it on Hulu, I’ll have to keep looking.

Instead, here is Scared Straight this week. Something about this bit always gets me. It might be the one good things Keenan does on the show. Taylor Swift played an inmate with cornrows. Stick around to the end as a couple of the guys broke up.

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