SNL: Mick Jagger

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Mick Jagger was very good. No surprise, he’s a performer. Not just a musician. Note: actor does not always equal performer these days. However, none of the sketches stood out as good or bad.

The clip of the show is, no surprise, Stefon.

The Hulu Playlist.

I might lose your respect, but I didn’t know it was Kirsten Wiig’s last show. The good-bye segment was very sad. I’m not surprised, she’s a big deal now, even if I didn’t think Bridesmaids was very funny. I’m not sure how they replace her, she seemed to be able to do anything.

It’s getting close to time for a whole new cast. There seems to be a bunch who have been on for a while: Samberg (05), Hader (05), Sudeikis (05), Kenan (03), Armisen (02), Meyers (01). All of them have to be thinking about going. Except Kenan, I think he’d stay forever if they let him (but they shouldn’t much longer). I didn’t realize how long Seth Meyers has been around, how has he not written at least 3 hilarious movies during the last decade?

I still don’t know why SNL breaks for the summer as a traditional show. Spend the summer doing a few episodes with whatever cast is around. Showcase some potential new talent. Don’t waste the chance of the spotlight with all the news stories that break.

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