Rewind the tape. Again.

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We had the chance to buy business cards for cheap (I guess, I don’t know what normal price is). I didn’t get any because I didn’t see the point. I did have a thought that I’d like to get business card stickers. Then I could just peel one off and stick it to a recruiter. I only hope this would catch on and a recruiter would leave campus with 20 business card stickers stuck all over his suit.

As much as I hate baby pictures on Facebook. If you just had a baby, might want to replace the picture of you and your pet with something involving the kid.

The Creamery should have a drive-thru. And delivery.

Fat people are considered lazy, but I’d like to think that in part thanks to my laziness, I’m not fat. Getting food is work, especially leaving the house to acquire food.

New Emo Track: It Hurts to Smile (Sunburn)

I’m so young. In the span of a week, the following things happened:
The barber asked me what grade I was in.
While discussing bad school ID pictures, the comment came in, ‘Yea, but you were a freshman in that picture’ which would have been 9 years ago. No, no. That was from a month ago.
My group was curious how old everyone was. I told them and they were angry with me, as if I were lying to them. I’m at least two years older than the next oldest in the group.

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