Records in Weekend Series After 11 Weeks

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This past weekend was the 11th of the baseball season. For Baseball Series Picks on Ice Cream Helmet this season I decided to focus on just weekend series (and by I decided I mean Evan suggested the idea and I decided it was worth a shot). I was curious how teams had been doing in their weekend series. Partly out of curiosity, and also to help with future picks.

Picking these series has been more difficult than expected. I had to change the scoring to give more points to correct picks because just doing a net of picks was leading to a lot of negative scoring weekends. This weekend I tied my best yet, going 7-3 for 11 points. I’d done that once before. Evan holds the single weekend high with 12 points back in Week 3. He did so well he must have retired, he hasn’t made picks since.

The following table shows each team’s record in weekend series. I mentioned 11 weekends have passed, but it is possible to have a no decision in a weekend series due to 4 games series or rainouts. The lesson: go with the Dodgers. The Phillies have been bad this year but especially terrible on the weekends. Lucky for them the Padres and Cubs haven’t shown up for many weekend games.

Team Record
Dodgers 9-2
Yankees 8-2
Reds 8-3
Orioles 8-3
Rangers 8-3
Nationals 7-3
Giants 7-3
Braves 6-3
Rays 7-4
Tigers 6-4
Pirates 6-4
Blue Jays 5-4
Royals 5-4
Diamondbacks 6-5
Red Sox 6-5
Mets 6-5
Angels 5-5
Marlins 5-5
Indians 5-6
Mariners 5-6
White Sox 5-6
Cardinals 4-7
Twins 3-6
Rockies 3-8
Brewers 3-8
Astros 3-8
Phillies 2-7
Athletics 2-8
Padres 1-9
Cubs 1-9

Woot Air Mattress

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My Air Mattress is crazy. It top of the line and way too nice for the functionality I require out of an air mattress. For these reasons, I refer to it as the Cadillac. How crazy you ask? It has an air headboard. It pretty much looks like this:

Air Mattress

I didn’t think it could be topped until I saw my daily Woot email in my inbox this morning. An Air Hospital Bed???

Woot Air Mattress

My only question: You can’t also elevate the legs?

Sadly, it’s sold out. Or maybe good thing, so I didn’t wind up ordering one. At least I get to save my dollars until I come across an Air Recliner.


Playing with Ice Cream Helmet

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Working on web sites is one of my favorite hobbies. I never thought of it as a hobby but I do it in my spare time and enjoy it. I don’t make any money off of it and it costs me money. I think that’s the definition of a hobby. I spent this weekend working a lot on Ice Cream Helmet. Here is a summary of some of the changes and new things I worked on.

Local Storage
A few months ago I started reading about Local Storage. It seemed interesting but I didn’t have many ways to utilize it. Local Storage is client side and I’d have to do some major overhaul to switch from all my server side code.

I finally decided it could be helpful with friend lists. They don’t change constantly, there aren’t any calculations to be done, and for people who have Facebook connected to the site, it would save API calls to get their friends.

I think it’s simple enough, at least to describe:
1) You go to ICH and if you don’t have your friends stored in your browser or it hasn’t been updated in a little while, it will make the calls and download.
2) Every page load after that will load your friends from your browser storage and not have to make any calls to the web, besides to get your friends pictures.
3) When you add or remove a friend, it updates right away instead of waiting until your storage expires. It will be a little slower if someone accepts your friend request. Since that action takes place on someone else’s computer, your computer doesn’t know it has happened. It’s possible to work that out, but I didn’t do it this time around.

Right now it works on your friends page and the user box that appears on a lot of pages. There are a few other places where you see your friend list that I’d like to add it to soon.

Since this is a newer concept, it doesn’t work on old browsers. Your friends should still show up, it will just have to make the requests every time. If you run into a problem, let me know what browser you are using and I can see if it is a lost cause or not.

I also fixed up requesting, accepting, and deleting friends. Less chance of things breaking there now.

Your Card still looks mostly the same but it’s a little cleaned up. My card looks like this.

Ice Cream Helmet  Mike Janke

I’ve pulled out things like friends, favorite teams, and other profile details I used to ask for. Most people never set any of those things. I’ll prefer people connected with Facebook so all their friends are loaded in. Oh, and there is something new on the Card.

I wanted to have some sort of achievement system, so I setup a badge system and will continue to work out how best to do it. I don’t want to have a badge for every group you win, that seems excessive. Winning overall games, that is worth it, and I’ll be working on creating those. They are more achievements than trophies. Most things won’t be year specific. For example, winning the Daily Pick for a year is an achievement. I’ve one it every year, but I only have one badge. I’m also considering things such as creating 5 groups and things like that that promote doing things on the site.

Here are the badges I’ve created so far: Ice Cream Helmet  All Badges

So far you get a badge for joining and things related to the Daily Pick. I’m going to change up how the standings work for the Daily Pick, moving to show Monthly/Yearly/All Time lists. I’ve already gotten all the past calculated (and given badges for past streaks and wins), I just need to redesign the actual Daily Pick page.

The badge system is easy to for me to work with. The hardest part is actually creating the badges. As you can tell what a Photoshop wizard I am with these gems. Don’t worry, it’s also very easy to replace all of these with better looking versions when I get the time to spend on them.

What’s Next
There are probably some other new cleaned up things. Next up, I mentioned the Daily Pick page will be changing and I have a little bit to finish up with for the football games before I turn them on in a few weeks.

Ice Cream Helmet

ICH: Baseball Series Picks – Week 11

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What’s the most interesting series of the weekend? Yankees-Nats? Still a few hours to make your picks. Here is the pick distribution as of posting.

Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Series Picks
Pick Distribution – Week 11
Away Team Home Team First Game of Series
Yankees Nationals Fri Jun 15
Giants 100% 0% Mariners Fri Jun 15
Reds Mets Fri Jun 15
Brewers 100% 0% Twins Fri Jun 15
Red Sox 100% 0% Cubs Fri Jun 15
Rockies 0% 100% Tigers Fri Jun 15
Phillies Blue Jays Fri Jun 15
Marlins Rays Fri Jun 15
Royals 0% 100% Cardinals Fri Jun 15
Padres 0% 100% Athletics Fri Jun 15
White Sox 0% 100% Dodgers Fri Jun 15
Diamondbacks 0% 100% Angels Fri Jun 15
Orioles 0% 100% Braves Fri Jun 15
Pirates Indians Fri Jun 15
Astros 0% 100% Rangers Fri Jun 15


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When I saw this tweet

I knew when I watched the episode, there would be greatness. And here it is …

I hope no one in Sweden is even considering turning him down.

Ice Cream Helmet

ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

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ICH: Baseball Playoff Chances

A few weeks ago I updated the Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Standings page to include playoff chances. Right now it just makes predictions based on run differential so far and the future schedule.

Ice Cream Helmet  Baseball

It should update each morning as the scoreboard is updated. At some point I’ll work on some more complex predictions. I hope to have something similar for each sport.


My Menu Bar

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While I was looking for a weather app for my Menu Bar, I came across a site where people post their Menu Bars. As someone who likes to post my iPhone home screen (but always forget to do it), I was a huge fan of this site. And I wanted to share mine.


I’ll just go left to right.

Skitch – Not always open, only when I need to take a screen shot, like now. It’s great for taking a quick screen shot, editing it, drawing on it, and taking full page shots out of Safari. It’s free on the Mac App Store. Evernote bought them and made it free.

Dropbox – Shouldn’t need to explain Dropbox. Not sure it really needs an icon, it only lets me know if it’s updating. I didn’t see a setting to hide it.

Meteorologist – This is what I found to replace WeatherBug. It has tons of settings, so try everything out. The drop down can be setup to show the forecast for the next few days and quickly switch between cities. You can even have it rotate between cities (and display the city name).

Divvy – Saw this deal for $1.99 on the Mac App Store last week. It’s a quick way of sizing windows to a grid. Of course you can just resize your windows, but I’ve found this handy so far. Mac OS doesn’t handle switching between laptop and monitor modes and my windows wind up all over the place when I switch.

YouControl Tunes – Free
Skip Tunes – 99 cents
Yes, two of these. I’ll explain. I feel like I’ve had YouControl since I got my Mac. It let me control iTunes and rate tracks. I just recently removed the rating stars from the menu bar since I don’t listen to my music in iTunes anymore. I still use iTunes for podcasts (sadly), so I still wanted those controls (actually I only need Play/Pause, so I think I’ll remove ‘Next’).

I listen to all my music in Spotify. So I found Skip Tunes. It actually works with both Spotify and iTunes (and Rdio). However, it isn’t as easy to quickly flip between them, you have to go into the Preferences and it’s enough of a hassle that I’m keeping both of these until Skip Tunes gives me a way of quickly switching between apps.

Eye-Fi – You have an Eye-Fi, right? You should.

Time Machine – For some reason the ‘Back Up Now’ option is only available with this drop down. It also let’s me know if the disk is active. Otherwise, not much need for the icon.

The Rest – You have all of these. I keep the volume up there to easily see if the sound is muted. A very handy thing for when sitting in class. I also remember taking a lot of time to customize the time to the format I wanted.

That’s my Menu Bar. It doesn’t change very often but the WeatherBug issue had me thinking about it and led me to looking for something to control Spotify. Maybe I’ll do my Dock next.

WeatherBug Note: I had been using WeatherBug to show the temperature on my Menu Bar but found that a bug in the app was causing my Mac to take more than 30 seconds to go to sleep. As soon as I quit WeatherBug, sleeping took less than 3 seconds.


Now on Netflix Instant: Thor

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Such a big deal, that Netflix even made a blog post about it. Well, just that Thor is the first of a few super hero movies Netflix has lined up for the summer. That includes some Transformers, Captain America, Conan, and Immortals (which I haven’t heard of).


Don’t get too excited, I didn’t like Thor very much. I’m not recommending this for your Saturday night. This is all I had to say about it a little while after seeing it.

[tweet https://twitter.com/jankm/status/177073868803018754]


Cholly reads tweets

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Sometimes I think even older people pretend they don’t know what Twitter and Facebook are all about. I never put Charlie Manual in that category. Even with a bunch of his players tweeting all the time. I stopped following all of them, it was too much.

That means nothing about this video is surprising. Yet it is still so amazing.

Found on Awful Announcing


Try and resist being excited

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Breaking Bad Poster
I have to wait until July 15th. And then only 8 episodes. Then probably 10 months of waiting. Then 8 more episodes. Then it’s done. Already sad.

Found on HitFix


Cliff Lee is sooo coy

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I have a thing for smart baseball plays.

That’s right, he’s sooo coy. He’s also winless through 8 starts, 6 of them quality starts. Finally, tonight the Phillies scored 10 for him. Well, not for him. When Cliff left, it was tied at 3. The Phillies then scored 7 over the next two innings. It’s a win. Still in last place, but a win.