Olympics Day 5: Norway

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NBC opened their afternoon coverage talking about how terribly Norway was doing. Great. I’m not sure if Norway is rubbing off on me or we were both meant to be miserable this week.

I decided I want to visit Vancouver. That isn’t new, I’ve wanted to go to Vancouver for a while. Now I want to go there in two weeks. Right after the Olympics. With Spring Training starting up I’m growing concerned that winter is going to be over soon. I want to take a trip, but unlike normal people going south for Spring Break, I want to go north. Although, Vancouver is warmer than it is here, it’s still wintery if for no other reason than it hosted the Winter Olympics.

I’m disliking figure skating more and more each day. NBC seems to love it. They love it enough that they show almost everyone live and push speed skating to late night. Here is my idea to move things along. With widescreen I think you could show 6 skaters going at the same time. As each one stumbles or falls, they get dropped from the screen. By the end, you only have 1 or 2 on the screen. How much time would this save? Would you miss anything?

Biathlon – Women’s 10k Pursuit
Are there any other olympic events where you are rewarded by your finish in a previous event? I feel like the second medal should only be worth half as much.
5. BERGER Tora – Started 33rd, made up almost a minute.
8. FLATLAND Ann Kristin Aafedt – Started 10th.

Biathlon – Men’s 12.k Pursuit
7. BJOERNDALEN Ole Einar – Started 17th. Made up 50 seconds.
8. SVENDSEN Emil Hegle – Started 2nd but struggled in the standing shooting.
17. HANEVOLD Halvard – Started 24th.
23. BERGER Lars – Started 46th.

Boarder X
4. Helene Olafsen – She made it to the finals and was getting a lot of chatter. In typical Norway fashion, she slipped up and fell and finished last in the finals. No medal.

Men lost 7-6 to Canada but in the late session, beat the USA 6-5. To top things off, have you seen their curling pants? http://www.ctvolympics.ca/news-centre/newsid=41700.html

Trouble against Canada, losing 8-0.

Day 6 has 7 medal events scheduled:
Women’s Downhill
Cross-Country – Women’s Individual Sprint
Cross-Country – Men’s Individual Sprint
Speed Skating – Men’s 1000m
Luge – Doubles
Short Track – Women’s 500m
Snowboard – Men’s Halfpipe

Thankfully, Norway does not have any team events.

Today is going to be difficult. I need to avoid finding out about the Downhill. Then the Halfpipe finals don’t start until 10:15.

538 has been doing medal projections. They expect 17.4 more medals for Norway, which would be good enough for 4th.

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