Olympics Day 4: Norway

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I tried avoiding results yesterday, which is nearly impossible. I would go to MSNBC and see a picture that looked like the olympics and panic before letting it sink in. In my panic, I’d go to my homepage, which is SI. So I’d have to panic again. I made it through work but while I was at home I managed to see the USA finishes for the two events I cared about (Downhill and Boarder X) before I got to watch. I should have made it to the Downhill but NBC didn’t put that on until primetime, even though it started at 1:30. Hopefully today will be better. I think NBC only has 2 hours of coverage this afternoon. I imagine that will cover Biathlon and Boarder X Qualifiers.

Cross-Country – Women’s 10k Individual
The announcers kept talking about the disappointing day for Norway.
3. BJOERGEN Marit – 3rd Olympics. Silver in this even in 06. Also a Silver in the 4x5k Relay in 02.
8. STEIRA Kristin Stoermer – In 06, had 3 4th places and a 5th. So close. Hopefully a medal for her this year.
22. SKOFTERUD Vibeke W

Cross-Country – Men’s 15k Individual
What a disappointing day for Norway in Cross-Country. They have the #1 in the world, and the best finish was 28. It wasn’t even him!
28. GJERDALEN Tord Asle
41. NORTHUG Petter – #1 in the world.
42. HAFSAS Ronny

Men’s Downhill
A 2nd Silver for Norway.
2. SVINDAL Aksel Lund – Competed in 06. Best finish was 5th. Finished 21st in Downhill.
These two tied for 31st. Kind of crazy for two from the same country to tie. The top 3 were a record for how close they are, so ties can happen.
31. JANSRUD Kjetil
31. MYHRE Lars Elton
46. KARLSEN Truls Ove

Boarder X
I will continue to call this Boarder X. Norway had 2 qualify for the quarters, but it doesn’t look like they made it out of that.

No Norway in Speed Skating or Pairs. Speed Skating got all screwed up because of the ice yesterday. Pairs wound up being the first event I skipped over most of. Figure Skating is looking to be my least favorite event. I don’t think I’ll watch any Ice Dancing. We’ll see about the singles.

Norway Totals: 2 Silver 1 Bronze

Day 5
Norway’s Men’s Curling debuts with a morning match with Canada and a night match with the USA. They also start up Men’s hockey, facing Canada this afternoon. Norway has 0 NHL players. Ole-Kristian Tollefsen was traded by the Flyers last week to the Red Wings. The Red Wings put him on waivers and no one picked him up. So he’s in the AHL now. I don’t feel a good day coming on for Norway’s team sports.

6 medal events scheduled for the day:
Biathlon – Women’s 10k Pursuit
Women’s Boarder X
Biathlon – Men’s 12.5k Pursuit
Men’s Super Combined
Women’s Luge
Speed Skating – Women’s 500m

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