Oh, those kids

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Can I pull off a themed links day?

LEGO’s 50th Anniversary was this week. Gizmodo posted a bunch of the most popular ones. I was able to find all that made up my LEGO town. Yes, I had a LEGO town, with streets and all. Not many real towns were as lucky as mine to have an airport and shuttle launch pad. The tradeoff? Alien attacks.

Hershey has some candy and apparently its packaging is similar to drugs. Crack, cocaine, and heroin are all mentioned. They are actually Ice Breakers, which I wouldn’t call candy. Anyway, I didn’t think they looked like drugs from looking at them. I don’t think any kids would thought so either, before now. If there was some sort of mixup between this candy and drugs, I think you are buying your candy from the wrong store …

Like perhaps this Pizza Place at Penn State where the most popular pizza was the Marijuana Lovers.He may be 21, but I think he grabbed the drugs instead of the candy. I don’t know where

Shaun White is how old now? Says here he’s 21. I think he’s won about 300 X Games Golds. Here he is pulling off a 1260. If he wasn’t so good at everything, then I’d hate him less.

Most hockey players are kids these days, at least the good ones. Here are some Penguins doing an ad for a car dealership. I respect the dealership for using artistic license and going with the non-English speaking players.

Sick of these kids yet? How many can you beat up?

Penguins Car Commercial:

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