No Deal

Rants No Comment

The most popular gift in the house this year was a handheld version of Deal or No Deal. Everyone has been playing it: the family, the relatives, any friends or visitors, I think I even saw the dogs playing it. One person hasn’t touched it: Me. What’s the point?

The game itself on TV is pointless, I’ll admit to watching an episode or two. It has that reality show appeal that if you watch a few minutes you need to follow through to the end. There is an element of drama, however there is no skill. It’s pure luck.

So who would want to play the home game where there isn’t anything at stake? Why would you ever take the Bankers offer? Just play to the end to see what was in the case you selected. Better yet, save yourself the time of having to open all the other cases. Write all the possible amounts on paper, put them in a hat, and pick one. Not only is it much quicker, you didn’t have to buy the game or even leave the house.

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