NFL Week 7 Preview

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49ers @ Texans, Sunday 1pm
Mike: San Fran had a bye to think over getting demolished by the Falcons. The Texans are coming off a big win against the Bengals. Interrrresting. I still don’t like this Texans D, as I said before, they like giving up points. The 9ers get Gore back for this game. It should be tight and a big Schaub pass late could win it. Pick: 49ers
Ahad: The Texans are riding high from last week but the 49ers will bring them back to reality. Gore should be back and will provide a huge boost to the offense. Crabtree makes his debut and better show up to play if he is going to get any respect from his teammates. Pick: 49ers
Matt: I mentioned two weeks ago that Houston has the alternating wins and losses pattern, and it is still continuing after their win last week. The 49ers are coming off a humiliating loss at home against the Falcons. They did not look good at all and the word is that Shaun Hill has regressed. I am sure Coach Singletary whipped the team back into shape this week and they should be ready to go. However, I am feeling like the Texans maybe finally getting things together. If the 49ers had trouble with Roddy White, wait til they have to cover Andre Johnson. Pick: Texans
Evan: Texans

Vikings @ Steelers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Yuck, I’m so sick of the Vikings I’m going to be rooting for the Steelers on Sunday? Yuck. Are the Vikings beatable or did they just get so far ahead of the Ravens that they hit the showers early? The Steelers are on a roll winning 3 straight. By my calculations, the combined record of the teams the Steelers have beaten is 4-19. The 2-win Chargers really screw with that record. It may not be the logical pick but this is about where the Steelers need to start to get things going. This is just the sort of ugly game they could take at home. Pick: Steelers
Ahad: This is supposed to be a good matchup, but with all the Farve hype I am starting to dislike the Vikings. Please note that I still and always will hate the Steelers. The Steelers should be getting Palomalu back which will help them try and lock up Peterson. The bad weather will play a factor in this game. Home field advantage will loom large as the Steelers tend to win ugly in these kinds of games. Pick: Steelers
Matt: The Steelers are favored by 4.5. Really? You guys are right though. If the weather is bad, the Steelers definitely have the advantage. The Steelers just haven’t put together a full 4 quarter game yet. They have played the Lions and Browns the past few weeks and those games were closer than they should have been. I just think that the Vikings are playing really well now on both sides of the ball. Brett Favre has lots of experience in these types of games, which with the potential bad weather could be a real slugfest. Favre and Peterson need to play ball control and put up points when they get down in the red zone. The Vikings may be a little vulnerable in the secondary against the Steelers passing attack. I think Peterson will be the difference. Pick: Vikings
Evan: Vikings

Bears @ Bengals, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: To me, this looks like a pretty important game. Which way will the season go for these two teams. Both are roughly in playoff spots now (the Bears are tied with a few teams). It’s really a toss-up. The Bears seem more balanced to me. Plus, I can’t help but expect the Bengals to fall apart, it’s just their nature. Pick: Bears
Ahad: Both teams need this game. The Bears offense is bad and the defense hasn’t looked good either. The Bengals should be able to run the ball; Benson is leading the league in rushing. Look for the Bengals to rebound from last week. Pick: Bengals
Matt: Both teams are coming off tough losses last week. Cedric Benson will be playing against the team that spurned him, so there is that story line in this game. I think the loss of Antwan Odom will definitely hurt the Bengals D. The Bears really need to get Forte going on the ground. He was a key for them last year and he has yet to get on track this season. Plus, he is really hurting my Fantasy team. If the Bears limit the turnovers that hurt them last week, they should come out on top. Pick: Bears
Evan: Bengals

Falcons @ Cowboys, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: The Cowboys schedule thus far has kept any talk about them being good or not has been quiet. Their losses are to the undefeated Broncos and oncefeated Giants. I don’t think they are very good, but I’m biased. After the Pats loss I was a little concerned with the Falcons, but that seemed unnecessary. It’s looking like with the Saints dominating the the Falcons playing so well there is really only one Wild Card spot up for grabs. Pick: Falcons
Ahad: The Cowboys are a mess right now. The bye week came at a good time for them but the Falcons are clearly the better team. Pick: Atlanta
Matt: These teams are fairly close talent-wise, but the Falcons have been a more disciplined team and are making plays that winning teams make. The Cowboys have been sloppy and inconsistent. Injuries have been a part of that. They struggled against KC two weeks ago, but at least they didn’t lose like another NFC East team did last week. The Cowboys need to get their run game going early and often to get a lead. However, I think Matt Ryan will outplay Tony Romo and will make some plays late that will be the difference. Pick: Falcons
Evan: Cowboys

Cardinals @ Giants, Sunday 8:20pm
Mike: The Cardinals are looking a little better and the Giants got waxed by the Saints. I think this game being here is a result of a weak week. (I didn’t mean for that to come out like that, weak week.) No need for further analysis. Pick: Giants
Ahad: The Cards are still struggling to put things together on both sides of the ball. The Giants were brought back to reality last week by the Saints and come out angry. Look for them to try and run up the score. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Cards top ranked rushing defense will be tested this week by the Giants running attack. The Giants are going to want to run the ball to keep the ball out of Warners hands. He should be able to pick apart the secondary just like Drew Brees did last week. This game will be close, but I like New York at home. Pick: Giants
Evan: Giants

Ahad 21-10 (3-2)
Matt 19-12 (3-2)
Evan 19-12 (3-2)
Mike 15-16 (2-3)

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