NFL Week 6 Preview

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Giants @ Saints, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Battle of the unbeatens!  I hope my local carrier gets this game.  The assumption would be a lot of points will be scored here.  Since it is in New Orleans, I’m tempted to go with the Saints.  At the same time this is the kind of game I could see the Giants squeaking out.  I think New York uses its multi-faceted run game to run down the clock and keep the ball out of Drew Brees’s hands.  Pick: Giants
Ahad: The winner of this game has to be considered a favorite in the NFC.  The Giants will try and control the clock by running the ball in order to keep Brees off the field.  Between home field advantage and Sean Payton’s familiarity with the Giants, I am going with the Saints.  Pick:  Saints
Matt: It’s Eli versus his Dad’s old team, well one of them anyways. The Saints have been dominant at home, but the Giants have typically been good on the road. Like my esteemed colleagues said, I am sure the Giants will try to milk the clock with the run game and keep Brees and the Saints offense off the field. The Saints should try to do the same thing and get their run game going to open up the passing game. If the Saints defense keeps playing the way they have so far this season, they should come out on top. I am feeling the Saints at home. Pick: Saints
Mike: The Giants have been considered pretty dominate so far. They are 5-0. Whoa, big stuff. Who’d they have to dominate? Washington, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Oakland. Oops. Not their fault, but they haven’t been able to prove anything. However, now they have to travel to NOLA who is coming off a bye week. Ut oh. I’m looking at a tight, low scoring game that comes down to Eli having to win the game. Normally I wouldn’t lean on the side of Eli needing to do anything, but this game is in a dome and he should be able to handle the Saints. Pick: Giants

Ravens @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Ravens D sure didn’t show up last week, and they will be playing for pride this week.  I think Ray Lewis will be somewhat fired up.  Brett Favre says this is the best team he’s even been on, but they really haven’t played anyone.  I’m going to go along for the ride for one more week. Pick: Vikings
Ahad: The Ravens will come out fired up after last week’s loss.  This team knows how to get after the qb and Farve is going to be a sitting duck.  This isn’t the same old Raven’s defense, but they will get the job done.  Pick:  Ravens
Matt: The Ravens have faltered a bit the past few weeks, but both were close tough games. The Metrodome is a tough place to play and the Vikings are hot. Cedric Benson became the first back to rush for 100+ yards against the Ravens D is something like 40 games. Can Adrian Peterson do the same? If he does, the Vikings definitely win. I still like the Vikings, whether Peterson gets 100 or not. Pick: Vikings
Mike: I’ve been suspect about the Vikings and you have to be suspect about the Ravens after last week. The Ravens are finally a defense that can handle the Vikings. Forcing a bunch of always entertaining Favre turnovers. Pick: Ravens

Chiefs @ Redskins, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Battle of the politically incorrect team names.  Has anyone done less with more than the Redskins?  A culture of losing is taking shape there and their coach, I think, is in trouble.  Pick: Chiefs
Ahad: The Chiefs almost beat the Cowboys last week and the Redskins are just terrible.  The only good team they have played so far is the Giants.  This could very well be Zorn’s last game as head coach.  Pick:  KC
Matt: It is amazing that the Redskins have played a winless team every week of the season so far. And they are only 2-3! The Chiefs, well, they lost to the Raiders. The Skins need a win to save their coach’s job. I think they get the job done. Pick: Redskins
Mike: Oh my. There isn’t much of a home field advantage in Washington these days.The fans turned on the team weeks ago. The Chiefs have a few pieces on offense that apparently can sort of be put together. The Redskins appear to be hopeless. Pick: Chiefs

Bears @ Falcons, Sunday 8:20pm
Evan: Matt Ryan isn’t a golden boy anymore, but he’s not exactly a dud either.  Bears have yet to prove they are a consistent team.  Pick: Falcons
Ahad: Falcons at home usually means a victory.  The Bears haven’t exactly set the league on fire this year with Cutler.  Pick:  Falcons
Matt: I am still not sold on the Bears as of yet. They do have a quality win over the Steelers. What was more impressive to me was Atlanta’s dismantling of San Fran last week on the road. Now they are back at home and should continue to dominate. Pick: Falcons
Mike: Bears are boring, no? I really have no feelings toward them. The Falcons came off their bye after the Pats loss to dominate a solid 9ers team. Pick: Falcons

Broncos @ Chargers, Monday 8:30pm
Evan: I just can’t believe that the Broncos are as good as their record.  There’s a lot of luck and happenstance in their wins.  They will get shocked back to reality by the bolts. (you like that play on words?) Pick: Chargers
Ahad: I know I have said this before, but Denver isn’t as good as their record.  Their luck will run out eventually.  The Chargers need this game to keep pace in the division.  Look for Rivers to run his mouth and fire up his team.  Pick:  Chargers
Matt: Rivers has lost his buddy Cutler to the Bears. Do you think he will start up some smack talk with Orton now? My only question for this game is…will Ed Hochuli be refereeing? That really could be the difference. All joking aside, the Chargers really need this game, but I am a bit skeptical about them. They are always such slow starters and then turn it on later in the season. If their defense can hold Denver, they have a good chance of winning. I am gonna go with the Chargers, but with little confidence. Pick: Chargers
Mike: Ooo, a toss-up. I haven’t a clue how Denver is undefeated. Well, actually I have some clue. The Chargers just haven’t put things together yet. I think I said if the Broncos won one more they could coast to the playoffs. I didn’t pick them to win against the Pats, but they did. So coast on Broncos. Pick: Chargers

Ahad 18-8 (3-2)
Matt 16-10 (3-2)
Evan 16-10 (2-3)
Mike 13-13 (2-3)

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