NFL Week 5 Preview

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Same deal as college football picks, Evan made his picks via text.

Redskins @ Panthers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Can anyone win this game? Won’t both teams be TRYING to lose? Actually, the Panthers have had it rough. They’ve had the Eagles, Falcons, and Cowboys. Now they get a team that isn’t really trying. Pick: Panthers
Ahad: Both teams have been bad this year but the Panthers have played better teams. The Redskins are just a bad team. The Panthers have the better running game and will keep it simple to try and prevent Jake’s turnovers. Pick: Panthers
Matt: Carolina is finally back at home, so now their fans can boo Delhomme. Carolina is coming off their bye week, so hopefully they have been able to heal their wounds, both physical and mental. The Redskins’ two wins have been by a combined 5 points over two 0-4 teams. I like Carolina to get their first win and maybe you will hear a few cheers for Jake. Pick: Panthers
Evan: Panthers

Falcons @ 49ers, Sunday 4:05pm
Mike: The 9ers are a Greg Lewis miracle catch from being undefeated. Still, I think the Falcons are better than the Vikings. I’m in toss up mode in this one, which between decent teams means Game of the Week. Since it was windy on the east coast this week, I think that was a sign that I should pick the 9ers. (Poor logic?) Pick: 49ers
Ahad: Falcons off the bye should be strong this week. The most interesting thing for the 9ers this week has been the signing of Crabtree. Not sure how much of an impact he will have this season. Pick: Falcons
Matt: It would certainly seem that Crabtree will have a greater impact than Heyward-Bey in Oakland so far (2 catches). Then again, how does anyone make an impact on the Raiders? Even though they are coming off their bye week, I think this will be a tough trip for the Falcons. The 49ers should be able to move the ball on the Falcons. It comes down to their defense and slowing Matty Ice and Michael Turner Overdrive. I think they get the job done. Pick: 49ers
Evan: Falcons

Patriots @ Broncos, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Thanks for playing the unbeaten game Broncos. As a consolation prize I think you only need 1 more win to clinch the AFC West. Pick: Patriots
Ahad: Broncos are not as good as their record shows. Things always tend to work themselves out and this is an example of that. Patriots take care of business on the road. Pick: Patriots
Matt: I am kind of a believer in the Broncos after watching them last week. Their offense has been mediocre at best, but their defense is for real. McDaniels seems to be getting the best out of his bunch, but now he is facing his mentor. Belichick typically gets the best of his former staff members in head to head matchups, but I think it will be tough playing in Denver where the crowd is loud and the air is thin. It will be low scoring, but I think the Broncos pull it out with a late FG. Pick: Broncos
Evan: Pats

Texans @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: The Texans just love to give up points. The Cardinals used to love to score them. The Texans should help them to find their lost love. Pick: Cardinals
Ahad: Both of these teams confuse me. Everyone always thinks they will be better than they actually are. In this case, I think the Cards will be better. Pick: Cards
Matt: The Cards have had two weeks to stew over the spanking they took at the hands of the Colts. They should be more focused and ready to execute. Houston just seems to be a perennial 8-8 team. They win one, lose one, win one, lose one. There is never any consistency. They won last week, so it looks like a loss this week. Pick: Cardinals
Evan: Texans

Jets @ Dolphins, Monday 8:30pm
Mike: The Jets finally lost. Will that rattle Sanchez? Maybe a little. Good thing they are playing the Dolphins. Pick: Jets
Ahad: The Jets will load the box and force the Dolphins to pass the ball. The Miami offense wasn’t that good before Pennington got hurt and is worse with Henne in there. Pick: Jets
Matt: The Fish finally got off the schneid last week. The Bills will help with that. I actually think this game will be really close. However, I think the Jets are playing too well on defense and will harass Henne into several mistakes. That will be the difference in the game. Pick: Jets
Evan: Jets

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