NFL Week 10 Preview – Thursday

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Bears @ 49ers, Thursday 8:20pm
Matt: The 49ers have lost four in a row while the Bears have lost 3 of 4, with that win coming against the Cleveland “Pop Warner” Browns. The Bears have not been very competitive in their last two losses while the 49ers have lost some close, tough games to the Colts and Texans. Looking at the 49ers schedule, it looks like could make a legitimate playoff run, but I don’t see the same for the Bears. Their defense has regressed and they are relying too much on Jay Cutler. Pick: 49ers
Ahad: The Bears are leaking oil pretty bad. Cutler is turning the ball over a lot; Tommie Harris is punching people, what’s next? Their defense isn’t what it used to be. Gore should be able to run against them. Look for the 49ers to take advantage of the Bears problems and come out with a victory. Pick: 49ers
Mike: A few weeks ago this would have been a pretty attractive matchup. Between these two teams, they have won one game since Week 4 and that was just the Bears beating the Browns. The Bears have lost to better opponents the last few weeks: Falcons, Bengals, and Cardinals (on a good week). I’m glad the Bears are struggling but I still think they have more talent here. Cutler just needs to get the ball to Greg Olson, and that has nothing to do with him being the key to my fantasy team. Pick: Bears
Evan’s pick via txt: 49ers

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