NFL Week 6 Recap

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Cowboys and Injuries
Mike: Is anybody left to play for them? I say they don’t fall off much because of Brad Johnson. I think losing Felix Jones for a few weeks will be a bigger deal.
Matt: Losing Felix is a pretty big deal, even though he still doesn’t get enough touches over the course of the game. But don’t discount Romo’s value to this team. Brad Johnson will be a serviceable replacement, and his experience is valuable, but he just can’t do some of the things Romo does to make this offense go. Ball security will be better most likely, but I just hope the offensive line blocks better because if Romo can barely escape, Johnson certainly won’t. Pacman is now suspended at least 4 games, so this further depletes the secondary with injuries to Roy Williams and Terence Newman. I must say, I was kind of hoping something like this would happen to the team during this season, but maybe not quite to this magnitude. They were highly touted as being the best team and obvious Super Bowl contender, but I knew they needed some serious adversity during the season, and boy, did they ever get some. I just hope they can hold it together until they get everyone (mostly) back after the bye in 4 weeks.
Ahad: The offensive line is going to have to step it up. Johnson is a solid backup QB but I doubt he will single-handedly win any games. This information has just come across my desk … Cowboys acquire Roy Williams. How are they going to work that with the names on the jerseys? Are they going to use middle initials? The bye week can’t come soon enough for this team.
Matt: I saw that a little after my initial response. It will be interesting to see how he fits in with the team. Will TO embrace him? Or will he not like another receiver taking his touches? And Ahad, they are just going to have their last names on their jerseys. Adam Jones and Felix Jones just have Jones on the back of each of their jerseys.
Evan: Romo’s injury kills my fantasy team. I’m forced to choose between picking up Brad Johnson or starting Eli. The younger Manning’s performance on Monday night has me leaning towards Johnson.

Madden skipping next week’s game
Mike: NBC couldn’t just drug him and stick him on a plane? I want to see an E:60 on Madden, Kornheiser, and Blackledge. I want to know why they don’t fly and I want tours of their RVs.
Matt: I hardly watched any of the Sunday Night game, so I was not aware Madden was skipping a game. Is it the London game? I didn’t realize neither Kornheiser or Blackledge liked to fly. Ahad, you fit right in with these guys. When you get your RV?
Ahad: What else does Madden have to do during the week that he can’t have someone drive him across the country? Is it really that big a deal? I don’t like to fly, mostly because of the bad experiences that I have had on planes.
Mike: Madden will be missing this week’s game, I believe. Sunday he did the game in San Diego, the week before he was in Jacksonville. This week’s game is in Tampa Bay. Too many trips across the country. Chris Collinsworth will be filling in. What I don’t get is why he couldn’t stick it out one more week. There is no Sunday night game the week after, that is Game 4 of the World Series. Also, I’m not sure about Kornheiser and Blackledge having a problem with flying. I just know they both have RVs to travel to games.
Matt: Is traveling back and forth across the country really that taxing for Madden? It’s not like he is doing the driving. And why would NBC schedule games like that, unless the game was flexed? I don’t mind the use of Collinsworth. He is one of the best announcers out there.
Evan: This is a poor showing by Madden. What’s the point of having a pimped out RV if you’re not gonna throw some miles on it?

Matt: This team is actually a pretty good team. You could see how their defense got after the Romo, but if you can protect the QB, their secondary is quite lacking. I think they win the NFC West.
Ahad: The Cardinals seems to be putting it together this year. It really helps that the division is really bad. Once Boldin comes back the offense will be even better.

Matt: I know DeSean Jackson is having a great rookie season, as are Chris Johnson and Felix Jones, but if Matt Ryan doesn’t win Rookie of the Year, it will be a travesty.
Mike: I don’t think DeSean Jackson has much of a case for ROTY and Felix Jones is going to miss a few games. Matt Ryan is the clear favorite.

Evan in Love
I loved how there were 3 game winning kicks within 6 minutes of each other. I love how I was cursing the Eagles for 2.5 hours as I was watching the ticker until they remembered they were playing San Francisco and decided to score some points. I love how the Pats suck. I love how Steve Breaston is coming into his own, I never minded him at Michigan, he was much more appealing than that Mario Manningham fellow. Most of all, I love how both the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants lost.

Last Week’s Picks

Ahad Evan Mike Matt
Panthers @ Buccaneers Panthers Buccaneers Buccaneers Panthers
Ravens @ Colts Ravens Colts Ravens Ravens
Bears @ Falcons Bears Falcons Bears Bears
Jaguars @ Broncos Broncos Jaguars Broncos Jaguars
Patriots @ Chargers Chargers Patriots Patriots Chargers
Record (Last Week) 13-12 (1-4) 14-11 (4-1) 11-14 (1-4) 12-13 (2-3)

Scores from Week 6

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